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was letting van warm up heard a noise but it stopped when I went out to leave my power steering fluid was on the ground under the van I couldn't even turn the steering wheel
i had my transmission rebuilt,changed speed sensor and still when when i drive about 3to4 miles it down shift hard to first gear when i get to a stop light then wont shift anymore untill i turn the van off then back o...
Van sat for too long while I had heart surgery and battery required charging. Now I cannot have it smog tested because OBD EVAP and OXY SNSR HEAT monitors won't reset. License tag expires Feb.2. Any help appreciated!
A friend of mine has a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and those dreadful lights are on (ABS/ESP/BAS) and when driving the brakes wants to engage. With this loud grinding noise and the truck almost coming to a stop. Note: la...
We have a dodge grand caravan 2014 we have had it a little over a year now, and I was wondering why the two front tires are comply bald ONLY on the outside part of the tires?
Trying to figure out why and where coolant leak coming from that soaking driver side floor and fogging up the windows. We flushed out radiator which seem to stop stinky steam but we are losing coolant still on to the ...
My 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan was an issue with the right-hand (RH) side tail light. When the lights are turned on, the RH tail light does not illuminate; however, when the breaks are depressed, that light does illumin...
i hooked a code scanner and its not giveing any codes but it will start then die and wont start no fire
Ive replaced the headlight switch, the relays and the bulbs but still have no low beams or marker lamps, any ideas?
My high milage (195,000) Grand Caravan Sport runs great but now I have an abs light, no cruise control and no horn. No codes come up on normal obd2 but my innova shows abs code 004. I can clear the code and the horn w...
Winter & Summer, hot air blows on driver's gas pedal. 'tried to find a damper to lubricate, but no luck so far. Worst in the summer with A/C on.
We have to be careful with small kids in the back seats. HOT back there.
We have an estimate for approx $1400.00 with "cylinder head machining". Should these be new heads?
Having a parasitic draw from this fuse and car not starting every couple days.Airbag light stays on.
dont have owners manual. my lights will not go off and come on with out help