Door was a pain to open and close and found the power door chain and motor beyond repair. removed the gear as suggested and door opens and closes real easy and it still locked until an idiot slammed the sliding door. Now have to manually lock it. In my neighborhood this is a problem :(

My engine light came on and I replaced the Ignition Coil. Came on again and I replaced plugs and wires. Engine light is off, but car still runs rough and hesitant. Can you HELP?

they just do and only 46,000 miles on it

I had shuddering issue with caravan it's a 2013 when it rained it happened more often so I'm driving down the highway in rain hit a moderate puddle on passenger side van starts to shudder again get home and van dies. I find out the air intake is about 18 inches from the ground facing the ground not enclosed. So I found out I got water in my engine now it has to be replaced. There are other people with exact issue and dodge won't admit their design issue. I just want to warn others that the dealership changed every part on my engine and could not figure it out. Also the dodge dealership got the ok to change engine then 2 days later the supervisor gets a email asking to get pics of air box air intake etc. He had never been asked to do this for a blown engine before. Even he agrees dodge knows it's an issue but won't admit it because they knew exactly where to look for the problem if you guys can do anything please help me on this matter thankyou

I know that the code is PO-440 but this can be confusing because the code can also indicate a Bad Gas Cap and several other things associated with the Gas Evap System. Just what do I exactly replace and does this code seem to be leading me in the direction of why my CK. Engine Light is on ? Thanks for any and all the help you can offer because I can't renew my tags til this is fixed !!!! Thanks

I have failed my inspection due to P0404 which Google website states is a cleaning or sensitive issue. I dont have much money and want to know how do I clean it or fix it?

coolant leaking from the bottom left side under radiator near two hoses coming from engine -

engine chugs as I drive like it wants to stall but doesn't. throttle cables seem looser than normal/

I can't find it on the passenger side near muffler.

Vichle low in water do I start engine before adding water

Is there something high tech and pricey about a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan seatbelt that I can't see or is Dodge screwing me over? Pretensioner? Is there a less costly source for good new parts? I don't want to die soon but I'd like to think I'm getting something substantial to potentially save my life.

checking out this

The van and it moves. What could be the problem

owned this van for about 4 years bought it a ticking noise and been driving it for all these years with it abot 40000 miles now went to a bunch of repair shops when purchased and wanted to get the ticking fixed all sayd not to worry the nature of the beast and just put heavy oil in it ...well did that still there oil run synthetic in it and no change ... ive flushed ,put additive in it everything and still there ...i read it is the rocker arm shaft pin in your blog is that the direction to go or should i do the lifters and are they common love the van does a great job had one before with 280k on it and wish i never got rid of it but it was getting there any help thank you

I first bought the van cc worked. I replaced the dash cluster cc worked 1 time. has not worked since

It reads slower than the driving speed

The return line leaks

The leak is coming fromxthe hide of the line.
Is there a valve core inside like the low side of the unit

And I see no water

This vehicle steering column has an annoying squeak when turned in any direction, and what is needed to fix it and the difficulty level? Thank You

I have an ABS Light on, and I need to pull the code off this vehicle, I have an Innova 3130 and 3160D, neither will do the job. Thank You

I need to replace the front passenger door on my 1991 Dodge Grand Caravan.

At the salvage yard they told me the 91 has doors which are unique to that year.
Is this correct, or where would I find this info?

Will a door from a 92/93/94 Caravan fit a 91?


Prior to the problem the car started to lose power or reacted slower when trying to pass speedup

checked codes twice nothing ran wire from sylinode turned starter did not crank ghanged electonice eginiton did not work dose not have chip in key

I'm wanting to know what all I need to replace my A/C pump

Some Dash lights come on, gas, speedometer, and temp stop working, wipers come on, but drives fine?

So my '97 is over heating unless we run the heaters at full blast at all times. We're pretty sure it's the thermostat, but are wondering if there could be a different cause.

What do you think, I can't afford to replace the van, and really want to be able to travel further than 15 minutes one way some time soon.

Thanks in advance.