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The air bag light has just started turning on and off, I have heard of water intrusion, wondering if going through the car wash has caused this issue?
Seems like the brakes engage when putting it into reverse or drive, the vehicle should Creep forward or backwards but you really have to give it gas to get going and shutters bad at first. could it be a bad solenoid v...
thump when shift, does not find / decide on gear
Just got back from a long road trip from Florida in as soon as we got home I know this this knocking noise sounds like it's coming from the intake but it only does it when I am sitting there at idle and doesn't do it ...
That's about it its a 3.3 litre V6 rear seats are out
When the car is turned off the lights reset and are not on when I restart the car until I drive about 12mph. Any suggestions?
Other than that it runs great and this only happens in the morning.
When I accessed my hands free nothing but static came through now no sound at all through anything speakers radio or dvd
now that i can think of that something has broken off an is in the way now i have taken apart the starter the best way i can but i still cant get it out
We have had it in for repair. The plastic part of the ignition was replaced, but it did not fix it. No one seems to know what is wrong.
I discovered over the summer that my van seems to be loosing oil with no noticeable leaks when it's parked. I'm not seeing anything around the head gasket either. I'm told Dodge knows of this issue and is trying to ...
started to putter and come to a stop ..we tried to retsart the van but it only failed to start ..checked the spark plugs coulnt tell if they were sparking due to went back to try to start again(it has ...
fuel cap light comes on after I put a new gas cap. I want to know where the canister purge valve is and the vaper canester are.
so I changed coil pack wires plugs crank and cam sensor twice same code cam sensor malfunction van will start and run when it wants 171,000 mi
Scan tool says with engine warmed FF Fuel System Closed Loop Calculated load 16.8% Coolant Temp 206F STFT Bank 1 0.0% LTFT Bank 15.4% Intake Manifold Press 15,0 in.hg Eng RPM 1504 Veh speed 36 MPH If the ban...