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If I keep water in it its OK but needs water every couple weeks. A/C blows air but not cold.
On 'Starting', Motor turns the starter, not activation of bendix gear. the gear is not extend to engage with the flywheel.
We opened the fob and cleaned out the battery compartment, and replaced the battery, but the fob still does not work, and we cannot even start the car. Fortunately, the car was unlocked so we could get in, when we di...
Sometimes when attempting to start the van nothing happens. Power is on (lights, radio, etc work) but nothing happens. No noises at all. It will start after several attempts by turning the ignition on and off. Does...
Silver Grand Dodge Caravan..Plain and simple my ignition will not shut off the key will not turn in the off position what can i do to fix thr problem.. #singlemom
After i changed th fuse on my dodge it still did not start and the lights were flashing on and of do to a bad fab how do i get it fixed?
I have a Dodge Caravan that will start up and run and quit. Then after i start it up i have to accelerate it to get it to run at idle. Now, i start it and put it in drive gear and it hesitates and stalls out, quits ru...
Even when trying to turn it on, I have to push the stick in place to let the car start..even when moving the stick from park to drive position, it is not smooth.. Any advice? Thanks
This it has shut off. After I turn key off and try to start it it starts right back up. I have added fuel injector to it twice but it continues to happen. Could I possibly need a purge valve?
The air bag light has just started turning on and off, I have heard of water intrusion, wondering if going through the car wash has caused this issue?
Seems like the brakes engage when putting it into reverse or drive, the vehicle should Creep forward or backwards but you really have to give it gas to get going and shutters bad at first. could it be a bad solenoid v...
thump when shift, does not find / decide on gear
Just got back from a long road trip from Florida in as soon as we got home I know this this knocking noise sounds like it's coming from the intake but it only does it when I am sitting there at idle and doesn't do it ...
That's about it its a 3.3 litre V6 rear seats are out
When the car is turned off the lights reset and are not on when I restart the car until I drive about 12mph. Any suggestions?
Other than that it runs great and this only happens in the morning.
When I accessed my hands free nothing but static came through now no sound at all through anything speakers radio or dvd