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the handle works but doesn't feel like its engaging anything.. the key won't make its full turn when inserted. tried prying it open some but didn't want to damage it. what is causing this ? how can i fix it ?
Vehicle was in an accident...another repair shop 'fixed' to discover that they blew my engine. Vehicle would need to be towed to shop as it is non functional but have engine in entirety
I applied the brakes at 35mph and nothing happened, no matter how many times I pumped the pedal. I have read this is a problem with other Durangos but they deny my model year has the problem. Big BS. The only solution...
Wasbin accident abs was fixed then abs light stayed on check engine light and the speedometer and odometer stopped working..then abs went off and speedo worked but not odometer until slid on black ice and hit gaurdrail
stuck in down position if moving along you can put your foot on the brake to stop it
I have a code flashing on my dashwhere the low tire indicator is & it flashes 60X's. I removed all the sensors from the wheels and it stayed on,which I understand is normal, But I recently replaced my battery, the lig...
brake pedal stuck, will go down does not come back up
The first thing that happens is the interior lights start to flash when I open the door then the fob quits working, service 4x4 lite comes on, the intermittent wipers won't work and head lights won't work. If i ta...
I have a noise when i go straight or turn left popping
The Engine turns on then turns off and turns back on. Code P000D Camshaft position slow response
I can not get fire out of the coil. I rebuilt the engine with all new parts and still can not get fire1 Please help!
whats the easiest way to get to the egr valve seeing as its all the way in back against the firewall. going to try clean and checking electrical connection just covering all bases i dont see a way of getting to it wit...
ok i changed the cps and the cmps it ran good but i taking for a drive and it still stalled and it will not start i let go for like two hr and it started i drive a littie bit and it stalls again and will not start.
Replaced both sensors cam/shaft checked fuel power to all acc. but will not fire all relays checked and tested no spark from COP at all where do you go next ecm was replaced and still same problem.... HELP....
my Durango keeps stalling i changed the cps and the fuel pump and now it will not start and my fuel gauge reads empty and there is a 1/2 TANK of gas
have a 4 wheel drive when i go forward and backward it drives fine .when i turn a sharp corner it acts like the back brakes lock up until it goes straight again what is wrong
I've been into the fuse box at left end of dashboard - but where is the one under the hood at?
i replaced the crankshaft sensor but now the codes i get is p0340,p1391,p1767 it only started stilling three day ago
I currently have it taped shut but it still slowly falls down - have to lift by hand and slide up into place. Is there an easy way to get into the door panel to resolve inside issue?
how much does the rear axle bearing cost?