trouble started with faulty tail light assembly which I replaced but continued even after briefly working. no code was set.

Runs great for a few days. Then out of the blue, just dies. Does this when warming up. And also when driving down highway. Ready to go crazy. It has been in the shop more than I have drove it.

I think my shocks are gone but I'm not looking to replace them. Sound comes from the back.

P0320. New cam and crank. Goes into limp mode after 15 mins driving

is saying Internal Failure and finding metal shavings in bottom of transmission pan. 20,000 miles on truck. Rated at 10,000 lbs towing capacity. I tow a 5,500 lb. trailer, loaded with water and propane (and stuff) not over 7,500 lbs. They said towing should have nothing to do with it. Are others having any problems with same problems?

Hi There!
My name is Kaelyn and I drive a 2001 Dodge Durango. Normally I let my car warm up first before driving it, unfortunately I did not today. As soon as I drove off the check engine light came on and the truck kept stalling all day. It only stalls when im at a stop sign and my foot is not also on the gas pedal as well as the brake. I had AutoZone run a diagnostic on the truck and the only code that popped up was P0121. It said the sensor did not "agree" with MAP. How do I get my truck to change its mind... -.-?

it normally does this when it is raining or snowing, they don't stay on....they just take a couple of swipes and then go off

My 1998 Durango seems to be stuck in 3rd gear. Will not go into overdrive. Will only reach top speed of 65 and struggles. Fluid and filter changed with no resolve. One band adjusted but not the other. Could 4-wheel drive still be engaged without knowing. Do I need a new transmission? Help, I love my durango!

All my Windows stopped working none of them want to go down and i dont know how to fix them

Check engine light is on and running sluggish when going up hills

What cause my check gauges light to come on and my alternator to overcharge,my engine to idle up and my gauges to fail?I replace all new alternator, battery,purge siloniod valve,purge canister,purge wiring,Oxegen (O2)sensors and ignition coil and spark plugs and wires

Im driving and when I take my foot off the gas pedal and go to break it shuts off what causes it

Hum in the transfer case when driving in 4x4 high just started. The hum seems to be getting louder. Only makes humming noise when you accelerate.

Air conditioner has not been working for last few months, has enough free on in it. Now the windows are fogging up? do smell a sweet smell but see not wetness on floor.

I just had the head gasket replaced and the heads machined. Now I am getting this code just 2 days after picking my truck up from the shop. What will cause this to happen? If the heads were not machines correctly....could that cause the Tramsmission Control System Malfunction?

this second one change since I got beginning of the month

after a long run, stop go back wont start,
sit awhile then starts

where is air conditioner drain?