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I recently got an oil change like 2 weeks ago and now it has been having trouble starting up. It hesitates and feels like there's low power at first i thought it was just my alternator but I found out it wasn't and now it wont go passed 20mph

It will not unlock and the alarm comes on

Once it starts it misses a little then turns off

I have a hole in my break line

There same gear. Ratio

is there a relay or master contact that controls the window switchs

I had a tune up 2 weeks ago and a tranny flush & new filter w/in last 6 months. when I picked up car it made a ticking noise. they said it could be lifters, or 2 other things but not sure. 6 days ago I threw a rod into block. wondering if during tune up they should have noticed perhaps the rocker arms or valve condition since check engine light had been on.. is there more they could have done to help prevent this from happening?

It worked fine till a few months ago. It's closed now but I would like to be able to use the tailgate again to put things in the back, wondering how expensive it would be to fix and if it's worth it or just keep it locked??

What is the cost tp fix problem

Started with occasional dying, then occasional no start .. full tank but now gauge rests on empty. Security light flashes, abs break and low gas light comes on occasionally with no start. Third time Mechanic said it's fine only to have symptoms return almost immediately. Have put in New fuel pump and map sensor, and battery cables. Different results each time I attempt to start the truck including no bus in odometer space, check engine, gas and security lights... sometimes it starts then dies. Sometimes runs great for days.. This is an 01 durango 5.9 L ..

My vehicle want start? It cranks, but isn't getting fuel.

timing chains were loose, I need to replace them. To do that, I need to remove cam shaft, how do I do that?

car drive fine but the noise sounds as thro something is broke or loose the noise is so loud unable to drive, don't know if axle or ball joints

My hub went out and the wheel went sideways I replaced the hub but notice the caliper looked bent back but was told they cannot bend so I put the tire back on and it grinds really bad when I put it drive or reverse ?

Driver side rear on driver side was hit by a driver and my whole rear suspension is shifting to left side only need rear pullback in place and out. How much will this cost.

Turned off and on several times. Did it one more time and it worked. Also from time to time the alarm will go off when I am driving and I have to push in the Key and it goes off. Is it a Trany Issue or.... Iv owned the truck for 6 years (NO payments) and it has 130k on it, bought NEW... should I bag it and get a new car or put the MOney into it. I keep it very well kept...

this is a 1999 Dodge Durango, SLT,. 5.9 V8. Has no patern to the hick-ups. shows no codes.

Put it on cumputer it said internal Trans,torque converter crank shaft sensor..but trans. Feels strong yhr idle eill start jumping and will die at a stop acasonaly when it starts missing..but when its not missing it runs stroung