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i replaced the crankshaft sensor but now the codes i get is p0340,p1391,p1767 it only started stilling three day ago
I currently have it taped shut but it still slowly falls down - have to lift by hand and slide up into place. Is there an easy way to get into the door panel to resolve inside issue?
how much does the rear axle bearing cost?
when I went to go start it there was a really bad knocking noise and it died it won't stay started for more then 10 seconds. It's not leaking any fluid and my check engine light never came on. I lost my steering and b...
Having problems pumping gas.sometimes leakage. Please give me some information on this problem, and estimation
Going down the road my Durango will just shut off as if I turned it off. When it is doing this, it will turn over, but won't start, and all the dash will go out, except the trip meter and it will show NO BUS in the w...
My Durango starts the ticking noise on the right side loudest at start up, can barely hear it while you drive , sometimes you can't hear it at all while driving. Doesn't seem to effect rpms, or driving function abilit...
shifts from 1st to 2nd fine but when it goes to 3rd acts like its in nuetral any ideas.. is it the speed sensor?
bought bosch 15580 upstream my harness has no plug only 4 dif color tan/blue black and tan/yellowo2 has blue white black and black.
My truck is loosing antifreeze a new water pump a week ago and it's still leaking antifreeze underneath. The water pump
spark and fuel won't start how do i check timing chain and head gaskets
This caused vehicle to run hot and leak. No sign of undercarriage damage.
Also, every time I turn my ignition on, the wipers will come on . the interior and exterior lights will flash sometimes after I start my durango
It has also started to like skip when I am trying to accelerate but then will kick back in and take off. Aslo does a chugging.
I was driving and got some heavy rain on my way home when my car started shaking. Then I stopped and tried to make a u-turn when my tires locked. Luckily I was able to go straight where I stopped and turned of the car...
Recently my 04 Durango battery drains after about 8-10 hrs. I replaced the battery but the same thing keeps happening. I took a tester light and disconnected the negative lead to post then clipped on tester clip to n...
1, is there a way I can manually put transfer back into 2wd, other then fuses what would cause Tcase position switch to not work?
the transmission oil and filter was change recently so the oil level is proper and no any massage or warning code so please guid me now im try to start at 2ed gear manual thanks, Amer,
I also have the problem of water leaking around the cowl area into the engine area. What is the best solution. I can see that some of the molding around the cowl is deteriorated. Should I just have a windshield sho...
The has began to stutter a little while in park and just after I turn it off.
rpms surge up and down only at idle sometimes happens sometimes doesnt completly random but only at idle usually after driving like at stop light or red light then goes away. hasnt shut of yet but gets close have a co...
My durango just started having a whining noise coming from the rear end. When I press on the gas it gets a little louder but not alot. At idle speed I do not hear the noise. What could this be? It is 2WD.
This issue happens whenever I get to a certain speed or I have to kind of ride my brakes because of rush hour traffic.