My son hit a curb. Took it in for a wheel alignment and they told him that a pinion was broken on the rack

the entire moonroof and track needs repair after it flew off. Took it to a dodge dealer but I do not want to be overcharged

Motor blown need to replace

It make a noise as if somethings loose. I put three quarts of oil in my saturday. It was working fine til the end of the day. It was makjng more noise. Help me please. I can't afford another car nor afford for new motor.

How long should it take

How long should it take to change.

On both sides on the lower part edges, a few of them are barely lit. My car just 2 years old and very disappointed.

My 2006 dodge charger was fine until one day i went to the grocery store and came out, it wouldn't crank . had it towed home the next day tried to crank it it made a weird rattling noise,one mechanic told me it needed spark plugs so i had them replaced it stopped rattling and crunk but now it has blue or whit smoke coming from the tailpipe(lots of it) it never ran hot nor was the oil low it has a little over 170,000 miles on it.motor is not knocking.please help

Took my car the Auto Zone for inspection and error codes P0944,
P0846, P1790, P0732 appeared. What exactly is does loss of hydraulic pump prime means and possible costs?

RPM's wont go pass 1500 to 2000. I removed the ETC without disconnecting battery to get to a bolt on my valve cover. now the car wont go above 200 rpm and ETC light on dash blinks. can this be corrected easily?

Frost with ice but not blowing thru vents. What's wrong????

My car will not stay charged. Replaced battery,ignition switch, and keys and still having the same problem.

when making right turns stearing wheel hardens and is harder to turn what needs fixed

i have a 2006 dodge charger and about a week ago on my way home from work in matter of seconds my car turns off but when i try to start car back on it turns back on and able to drive but today my car started making a very loud knocking noise

car starts then minutes later it will not start then next day starts right away now when i try and start it i hear a clicking noise and when i turn it off i stilll here clicking help

I just replaced the battery.

There is a rattling noise when I hit bumps at low and high speeds my steering is not effected there is no swaying at highway speeds and when I hit bumps I don't bottom out and it doesn't hit hard either I've been told by one person it sounds like a sway bar link or bushing and told by another it's sounds like struts

I had to install a lock on my pro master van and to get the back door lock to fit you have to cut the center rubber seal and there is a orange wire and a chrome strip is this for the lights in side or for strength

I have a 2013 charger r/t. The hose between the radiator, and the engine is spraying coolant. I was told that to fix the problem i needed to replace the entire radiator. I'm feeling like i am being scammed. Is this true?