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i just changed out my plugs and cleaned the throttle body

Someone know why did this happened ? Is there any recall related to this problem? It is an R/T model 5.7 engine.

I want it to be the exact same door, it was in a wreck and it all dented etc.

Have had problems with my 06 dodge Daytona since I got it. Had to have sunroof replaced, tie rods replaced, battery in trunk replaced. Ebs light stayed on. Gear shifter stuck had to have that replaced ,gas, filled up n car stalled constantly till I wasted 1/4 of my gas. Airbags replaced. This was all out of my pocket cause they claim there was no recalls on any of the problems I have had. Now the alternator....

I hear a knocking in the right rear of my vehicle as I'm driving

got car in non starting condition. code 0340, 1101, 1110? replaced spark plugs, csm sensor, timing belt. set tdc. turns over, wont start. now no codes. all fuses good.

replaced radiator, water pump, timing chain, battery. Was running fine. Had built up oil in oil pan. cleaned oil pan and pick-up tool. Now she acts like she wants to crank but won't

Old occurance what other problems could this cause to other parts and how much would a rough fix be around found one with crank shaft broke asking around 1k for it and the known problem is the crank shaft but could there be worse to fix is it worth the time and money?

I have replaced both fuel pumps for this charger. I have fixed the grounding port underneith the driver side seat where the fuel pumps are grounded. I have tested the grounding point it reads 1. I have tested the fuel pump harness ground where it gets 1. The code that keep showing up before I replaced both fuel pumps was low voltage due to ground. So what's next.

My husband just replaced the thermostat and spark plugs in the car and now it's making a squealing and popping noise. I need too know what could be causing this. He changed everything out today at the house.

My ESP BAS and Traction control lights show up 90% of the time right after i first press down on the brake pedal. Things i have already done. I have changed out the dynamic sensor with another used one, i have re grounded the sensor itself by cutting the wire right after the sensor and re grounding it. What else is there to do?

I have already replaced the fuel pump brand new one in and drove it around and the gas gauge will go up and down randomly. Not all the time but some times. What else is there to do the code that showed up for it was P0462

I have a car system in it.When ever I start up,about ever 15mins it will the lighting bolt sign comes on,and then I pull over shut it off , then start it back up and pull off.

Occasionally, the pedals move toward my feet or "up" when I'm driving. The switch on the seat and the sensors on the pedals have been replaced, but problem lingers

lock/unlock pop up on passenger front not responding

So i took off my dash trim bezel and opened the climate controls box and how do i replace the light bulbs? I didnt even see them let alone know how to replace it. I tried looking up the lights at Chrysler parts but couldn't seem to even find the bulb

Car is cutting off and seeming as though it is out of gas. Sometimes it runs and other times it does not.

So its snowing but not to bad so went outside open the hood, took off my old stock air intake. Had to fight to get the IAT sensor out. Accident my broke the tip of it . not the blue tip the black. You can look it up on auto zone there's only one amd see the picture but put my cold intake it and put it on the throttle body and bolded it down that's it. Drove it around for ten minutes slowly around my apartments complex. It was all good. Turned it off. Came back couple hours later to go to work drove it for three minutes the throttle light came on. Car was jerking turned it off the codes that came up was P2118, P2110, and P2072. Turned it back on took it home keep her on amd waiting a minute nothing no issues. So went to work. Took ten minutes to get there was on the high way no issues. What's wrong and what should I do. There was no issues until I changed the cold air intake. I broke the tip on the Intake air temperature but not the sensor itself the blue part is Still good. It was snowing but I mean the throttle wasn't open it would of just got on the outter rim?