I seem to be having an issue with my car not shifting into gear. it would only stay on the first gear but when i pull over shut it off and start it again, it will work great with no issue at all for the rest of the day.. this is the second time i have noticed this problem with no engine light on.
I also checked to see if i made a mistake and shifted it to manual but no.

It does not seem to be happening always so from what i can tell it that it happened in the morning saturday and monday. Sunday i had no issues

About a month ago, car would turn over but wouldn't start. After a few turns of the key it would start. Has now gotten to the point that it wont start at all. The past two days I tried to start the car, it almost started, then fell off to just turning over.

motor will fire. If if jug the starter & turn off & then it will start normal.

Engine lamp ,brake lamp,ABS lamp and ESP BAS lamp is on . With these lamps on i have no speedo no power, no odomiter and can just get to 30 mph rpm works but seems to not shift . i have checked fuses front and back i did correct problem by pushing wires in trunk but this is the third time this has happend it might be a fluk

When cranking fuel drizzles out slowly out of the fuel line to the fuel rail

The car seems to have low power intermittently.