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The outside handle has come off and the inside one won't open it.
My 2006 3.3l Dodge Grand Caravan has an AC issue. 40k miles. Blows hot air. Tried swapping a new relay switch, didn't work. Looked at the compressor and it isn't spinning when the AC is on. thanks
We have a 1992 Caravan with lots of wheelchair modifications for our son. The A/C will blow ice cold for 5 - 10 minutes, then it sounds as if something flaps closed and no air of any kind. It sounds as if the syst...
Everything else is perfect with trans no codes or lites on it
Is it hard to replace the transmission gasket? Do I flush transmission as well as replacing radiator. Will a radiator flush be needed after replacement?
I drove a few miles, granny seemed to be slipping, then it over heated and leaked a murky substance
radiator fan won't comw on
this problem just happen has been boosted before with no problem
How do you check timing on a 2003 3.3L Dodge Caravan?
i have changed the spark plugs, wires, timing belt, battery and still same problem
The car seems to be driving well so far for two days now
I am near Van Horn Tx and my van leaks transmission oil. Now stopped and now runs inn high gear and stops after 5 miles.Is it my transmission?? Help?
The heater fan only works when the outside temperature is above 50.
The leak seems just behind front tires in the middle.
We are traveling into cold weather and the rear heater blower under seat is blowing cold air there is no heat circulating in the rear vents HELP WE WANT TO GO HOME!
Serpentine belt replaced 2009, idle pulley and serpentine belt 2010, now 2013 belt replaced again yet loud noise still there!
i have a severe oil leak, and i need to know what the problem can be and will it be expensive i toke it to a little service place and they said they did not know, it has happen 2 times before and the same people said...
the top cig charger not working and half of lights where the speedometer is are off too. Where do I check them I have some fuses
My driver's side power door is no longer working. Has not worked for 6 months at least. The whole power unit has been replaced once on this door. These doors are heavy and hard to pull. Why does this keep going o...
The b+ connector is jut hanging loose and the 2 prong connector was pulled out of the starter. Is there any way to rig it to start so I don't have to get it towed somewhere?
During my drive up from Branson to Springfield a loud bang came from engine in shifting and then smoke blew out of my exhaust and engine. I believe I cracked my engine block? If so how much is it to repair?
i was getting my brakes bleeded in my friend did it the lazy way by turning my steering wheel with engine on , so he could get to the bleeder screw - now my steering wheel wont turn back to its center position - i hav...
i can not find it on the trany bell housing , is this the correct location ? thank you nick
top one to motor cannot find where to hook up the other one. hose is about 3/8 inside also there is a hose coming out the fire wall it has been cut do not know where it goes
2 hoses on crankcase bottom one seems to go no where
crankcase has 2 hoses bottom one not hooked up where does it go
are they removed the same way freeze plugs are removed?