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Okay so drove the van just fine next day got in to leave for work wouldn't start. First we replaced the battery and the fuel pump relay, started then shut off. Next day we replaced the fuel pump and filter again started then shut off. Replace the coil pack because were not getting any spark. Still nothing, hooked the code reader up and got codes p1767 and p0700. Please help my kids rely on this van for everything.

I need to clean the throttle body to see if that is why my van won't idle in gear and sometimes idles in park but I need to fix this dying problem.

This problem has occurred twice now.oncr when cold the other when hot.The shift indicator light shows the vehicle is in reverse. But it is in fact in park. The indicator lights up in reverse, D,3, and L, but park or Neutral. After moving shifter back and forth over a period of a couple of hours I finally got it to light up in neutral and it started.

Van was turning on and driving fine. wanted to use the car later on later on the same day and all of a sudden I turn the key in the ignition and all I hear is a click sounds I Checked my battery and my lights come on

The van is running fine, but the 'check engine' light is still on. Is it important to have the exact year part? I am currently on a remote island and have little access, although someone did offer me a 1991 engine computer that looks similar to the original. I could also order the 1992 part if it's best to have the exact year match. Thank you for your help!

It's almost impossible to stop. Sometimes the light goes out, but comes back on when u step on the brake. What can this be?

After pressing it a few times, it starts working. Has any shops in your network seen this type of problem before? If so, please provide estimate on repairing this. Thanks!

Turns off but after a min it starts right back up

It seems to grab and thump with every rotation of the tire while slowing.

Compresser kicks on air just doesn't get cold 200 over 40 are the reading from the gauges

I have noticed the problem (overheating on hot days - coolant from the overflow) has gotten a little more frequent as daytime temps have begun to rise this summer.

I was told by the Dodge dealer the check engine light stays on because the boot line is defective.

I was not given a clear answer or description of what a boot line is, and how I can fix it.

Other than the engine light - my Caravan operates wonderfully. The Dodge Dealer did attempt to fix the check engine light, but it still stays on.


Had it checked with code reader for transmission. Said its not getting ground at the shift moduel 2-4 solenoid wire going to the shift moduel solenoid pack from pcm connection #4. So what I think i am needing is either the color code of that ground wire or the pin number that the ground wire represents. I hate wiring any help you can give me would be helpful. thanks

do they both have to have matching engine sizes or can the 3.3 interchange with the 3.0 for the tranny to fit?

I do light carpentry and woodworking projects occasionally and carry portable tools and materials. (1000 to 2000 lbs max). Are extra leaf springs necessary or would a good set of air shocks be adequate?

I need to take the old air pump out and put in a new one, how do I do that?

is located where?

I've got a 2000 Dodge Caravan 3.0 liter that cranks but won't start. Mine has a distributor. I understand later models have coil packs instead. No spark, replaced ASD relay (cracked) didn't help. New distributor cost $325. What can i check to make sure i only change whats broke. Coil, cam and crank sensors. Does this distributor already contain the cam and crank sensors. Some do from what I've seen on the net. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have tried diconnecting the battery, and playing with the light switch N if it does go off which is no to often when I go outside I can hear my radio on I don't know what to do

this happens only when it is left overnight. otherwise in the middle of the day it runs perfect without single issue.

My Van cut off when I was going down the road to get my son from his dads house(4/6/15). Haven't been having any problems with my van cutting off or starting before now. A couple so called mechanics stopped on the side of the road to help. 1 said my distributor was burnt out so my Dad and I replaced it with a brand new part. Then we realized my timing belt was broken in half so we replaced that with a brand new belt as well. The van still will not start and we have also replaced the ignition coil. We are leaning towards my crank sensor being bad now...Any suggestions??? (4/12/15)
Mommy of 4 really needs her vehicle back :(