Just replaced rack & pinion 2 weeks ago

Problems started after i pulled out the aftermarket CD player that was in our van when we bought it used. I have taken it out and inspected the wires to make sure they're all plugged in, etc. I have read about a common problem with faulty wires between the PCB DLC RKE blocks that can cause this, but that was on older models around 2000.. Can anyone help me fix this?

The oil, alternator, brake, and left turn indicator lights all went out all at once seemingly, but the temp light in the same exact area (over the dash) still works. The alternator is charging so its not that, Any ideas?

When you pull over and try to restart, the fuse box starts making a loud ticking noise. After you wait until the van cools down it will start right back up.

the belt keeps coming off i know its probably out of line but when it came off i drove over 15 miles back to my house it still runs its not smoking although it says its running hot it never ran hot and i need to work is it possible to drive it to work then have it checked out afterwards

Van is loosing coolant into the cab floor boards on both sides of the van.. It travels down the sides on the floor and into the back.. Hester core is in the middle of van.. Where in he'll is it leaking from?? It's got rear heat/ac.. Can someone plz help me out here I'm one baffled dude atm

installed new ecm,and ignition switch.everything worked fine.when it was started again all accessories will only work while ignition is on accessory.when it is running they don't work.Not showing any codes.

Attached to axel is off created a hole and now from banging off axel it's cracking it? What is the part that bolt from shock to axel and do I need a new axel..200,000 a bit over...but still strong just this bs.

Whines in reverse.and won't really engage when put in the other gears.

The air running doesn't seem to affect it, yet if we come up to a light, stop sign, it will conk out. Starts up fine, no overheating. Thoughts

My van wouldn't start I put a new battery, check the starter and that wasn't the problem. The alarm button is on now which it never came on before. What should I do. I had someone look at it and said you need a code what is this code and who or where can I go to fix it.

weve checked the break pads ...
Fluid level good...
we put the emergency break on ... release it and it stays off for long enough to pull out of driveway.....then ding....back on

Okay so drove the van just fine next day got in to leave for work wouldn't start. First we replaced the battery and the fuel pump relay, started then shut off. Next day we replaced the fuel pump and filter again started then shut off. Replace the coil pack because were not getting any spark. Still nothing, hooked the code reader up and got codes p1767 and p0700. Please help my kids rely on this van for everything.

I need to clean the throttle body to see if that is why my van won't idle in gear and sometimes idles in park but I need to fix this dying problem.

This problem has occurred twice now.oncr when cold the other when hot.The shift indicator light shows the vehicle is in reverse. But it is in fact in park. The indicator lights up in reverse, D,3, and L, but park or Neutral. After moving shifter back and forth over a period of a couple of hours I finally got it to light up in neutral and it started.

Van was turning on and driving fine. wanted to use the car later on later on the same day and all of a sudden I turn the key in the ignition and all I hear is a click sounds I Checked my battery and my lights come on

The van is running fine, but the 'check engine' light is still on. Is it important to have the exact year part? I am currently on a remote island and have little access, although someone did offer me a 1991 engine computer that looks similar to the original. I could also order the 1992 part if it's best to have the exact year match. Thank you for your help!

It's almost impossible to stop. Sometimes the light goes out, but comes back on when u step on the brake. What can this be?

After pressing it a few times, it starts working. Has any shops in your network seen this type of problem before? If so, please provide estimate on repairing this. Thanks!

Turns off but after a min it starts right back up