Where is the TCC module located. SVC 4WD light comes on and off while driving

I had brakes, tranny drained & new filter, blew head gasket so replaced both, changed water pump, Rings, bearings, He put Hydraulic Lash adjusters in box with bolts and tools, so he is responsible for that error. also he did not follow recommendation in manual for removing timing chain tensioner, had to buy new one, replaced 02 sensor,pcv,EGR, put belts back on. He did not label any lines, hoses or sensors. tossed wiring harness back and forth so assembly was slow also replaced coolant temp. sensor.

If I take my foot off the gas the truck dies

Looking for a AC lower pressure hose for a dodge b250 5.2 1991. Cant seem to find one matching the 1991. Wondering if 1990 part may fit. Would appreciate a part number or ebay link. Thanks

Never had any problems with the AC before I took it in to have the water pump replaced. When I got a mile down the road I started hearing a squeal. Took it back they said that happens when you replace a water pump.

diagnostic said replace crankshaft position sensor. Are there codes, if so how are they done

i have a 1999 dodge dakota.. when driving ,or in neutral... my rpm gadge jumps up and down, sometimes my truck cuts off.can someone tell what that might be?

I have a 2006 Dodge charger RT 5.7 Hemi my car is switching gears but as i get on the road and go to drive it do not switch gears. My battery went dead yesterday and i had to get a new battery. Now my car will not switch gears as im driving and picking up speed. Someone told me a solinoid and then i was told i need to change my fluids and my filter.HELP HELP HELP

When you accelerate it surges at takeoff or over 45mph. Any acceleration.

Driver's side headlight stopped working. I replaced the headlight, twice actually. It still didn't work. A mechanic first said it was a relay switch, a $260 repair. I okayed it, but then they caled back saying, no it would actually be $1,106!

I have checked fuses and all good now I am thinking it is the clock spring am I on the right track

everytime I run over a bump my Park light fuse blow and every time I stick a fuse in my four wheel drive it blows also

The turn signals work on dash but won't work outside. I replaced the brake light switch and the bulbs but that still didn't work. Does anyone know anything else that I can do to fix this problem?

this has happened on 3 different occasions. whats the problem?

Replaced every spark plug and every coil pack, fuel injectors, did treatments, checked wires to coils. Keeps saying misfire in cylinder one

not even sure this is what is wrong, we already changed the crank sensor and still will not start, code came up as p0340 after we had changed the crank, which at first it said the crank

Got home shut car off and it won't start

Reluctor rings change 16. T ooth onto a 32 tooth crankshaft old eng ine 2000 4.7L new engine 2003 4.7 ?

Will the reluctor wheels for crankshaft and camshaft from a 2000 4.7 fit on the crankshaft and camshaft of a 2003 4.7 ???

Problem just started comes up no bus 4 code have replaced fuel pump still does not work I don't know what's going on with it I've checked all my fuses and relays are all goodPlease help me vehicle to run

The van and it moves. What could be the problem

Climbing hill withe the pedal floored very hard

Run rough it ran fine the night before and when I got up to go to work the next day it run like the timing was off

I have oil leaking out of the wire loom near the back of the air cleaner box (not coming from the Draino the box). It generally follows the ground wire and runs down the fender. I can clean the whole area and drive for 15 or 2 minutes with no leak. After it sits over nigh there is a small stream of oil starting to run do. I don't think there are any oil lines in the loom. Is there oil in the control box mounted in the fender right there that could be traveling through one of the connectors and out?

After driving with the engine hot and then letting the turbo cool down a bit before shutdown. On restart get check engine lite and it's always been p2339. Clears easily but recurs often. What could I check in real data? A hidden turbo circuit problem? MAF problem?

Replaced fuel pump no power to fuel pump or rest of truck Message No BusWhat to do

Hazards still works, fuel gauge works, horn and air conditioning works

owned this van for about 4 years bought it a ticking noise and been driving it for all these years with it abot 40000 miles now went to a bunch of repair shops when purchased and wanted to get the ticking fixed all sayd not to worry the nature of the beast and just put heavy oil in it ...well did that still there oil run synthetic in it and no change ... ive flushed ,put additive in it everything and still there ...i read it is the rocker arm shaft pin in your blog is that the direction to go or should i do the lifters and are they common love the van does a great job had one before with 280k on it and wish i never got rid of it but it was getting there any help thank you

what more can you said when the air bag ligthstays on

How long would the seal/gasket last