I have failed my inspection due to P0404 which Google website states is a cleaning or sensitive issue. I dont have much money and want to know how do I clean it or fix it?

I have a 1999 Dodge avenger 2.0L. I recently replaced my radiator since it was leaking. I was replacing my fans since I have dual fans. I wondered why my second fan wasn't turning but the other one was. Checked the fuse box and seen I have 2 HI. Radiator fan fuses/relays missing. I can't find anything on the issue that'll help me. Only thing I know is that it's OMRON 12V.

Emergency brake I broke under vehicle in middle and the emergency brake got pushed down and can't release cause cable is all broke how do I release to get the flashing e brake light off?

Water has been leaking and soaking the passenger floor I could see water exiting from the blower right behind the glove boxed when I removed the glove box water was dripping down from the blower motor outlet can not find the A/C Drain hose from under the car ?

coolant leaking from the bottom left side under radiator near two hoses coming from engine -

We tried turning it on after and it did but it sounds like it's knocking we checked the oil and it up to level but it smells burned

While driving. Winding noise coming from power steering area. Drove a few day. One day just stop working. Won't start at all.

This is the first time I just out new spark plugs gave it a oil change and they cleaned out the fuel ingectors

If the dashboard lights wont cut on then the car wont start if i sit the car in the sun for a hour then the dashboard lights will cut on and the car runs fine

engine chugs as I drive like it wants to stall but doesn't. throttle cables seem looser than normal/

Need pics or video to see how to remove and/or replace/fix it! Please & Thanks

It ran fine then i parked it for 5 to 10 minuts and when i got back in it started hard and would stall if i took my foot of the gas. It has oil but i hear a knocking sound. Changed map sensor and nothing.

I changed the bulb, and still blinks very fast , the right turn signal work fine. can anyone tell me what i need to do?

I have "in" and "Out" ports on the same side of my fuel filter and am confused about which line goes where

I can't find it on the passenger side near muffler.

How do you replace a/c control

Show breakdown of blower motor control

this is all the time

I have changed three senders on the carb but still the same

I bought my car at 81000 with the horn problems. The dealer tried telling me there was nothing wrong with it. My brother is a mechanic but hasn't worked on new cars. He hears the clicking as it was a relay but we can't find it. We took every relay out of the fuse box under the hood and it was still working!!!! Can someone please help me?

Cabin filter needs to be changed

said that aluminum pan was temporary and that the threads will stretch. Is this true?

the truck smokes when i start it. smoke clears up quickly.

My caliber needs a new door.
Let's say a second hand door is available from another caliber might be a different year model but still a caliber.
Is the second hand door able to fit my caliber?

It wont run it turns on but it wont run when i accelerate it it wont move it stays on 0 the breaks and steering wheel feel loose when i try to run it.

My van turns off randomly when I drive it. Sometimes it takes several cranks for the engine to start when cold. However, when I am driving it, the engine runs just fine with no noises or problems. Only problem is the car will just turn off randomly. I tried looking for a pattern, but there's none, it's just random! I can usually turn it back on immediately but it's frustruating to deal with this problem. Any help is welcomed!

Cleaned the plug and now it won't shift check engine light on

It's always doing it now.all I did was clean the connects to tranny been in salt air over winter

It jumps after its started like 30 seconds after

Just looking for the obd tester plug