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The sensor for the outside Temperture where the Wireing side of the sensor connects with the sensor itself the wires have been eaten up by mag chloride and broke at the plug its self where can I get just the Wireing ...
This it has shut off. After I turn key off and try to start it it starts right back up. I have added fuel injector to it twice but it continues to happen. Could I possibly need a purge valve?
I think there is a short from bcm or distribution box. any suggestions?
Whether on startup or warm and been drove awhile still ticks lil it needs oil why...
and then the engine light flash 9 times can you tell me what the problem is is a 2007 Dodge Magnum with a 3.5 liter engine
with a full chrg batt. and good alternator, truck starts and runs normally, then anywhere from 1-5 minutes into drive, the chk gauges light comes on and voltage gauge drops to 0. truck will continue on until batt runs...
drove home light came back on. do I need to reflash computer or new solftwere what should I do please help
After the car is at the normal temperature after starting, the car the oil light comes on. The oil light comes on when i am not pressing the accelerator, so when ever i slow down or come to a stop my oil light comes o...
Will jump off and run but when remove jumper cables it will die
Being the problem?it starts fine.but just wont xharge.and if i turn anything on .it chsrges it self to dead!
i also notice an oil stain wherever i park, what can i do?
I just had the serpentine belt replaced and my mechanic says I need the idler pulley replaced. He said he does not do this type of work
Came back from deployment relative put 20k miles on car with no maintenance and engine locked up on me i sent it to geico because they told me it might be water damage but geico said its the engine locked up from poor...
Stolen, need a new one