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My horn does not work. When I set the alarm there is no sound or when the alarm goes off, the lights flash, but alarm sound does not activate.

everytime i put in reverse

but does not do it all of the time. could be ball joints or something else trying to get a opinions thanks you.

The alternator is fine

And the car is fine,i never saw this small red light before

While driving idling

Bed of truck has rusted out bad and the 4 wheel drive has guitar working

So I turned off my car and tried to turn it back on and it won't start

I have to actually turn off lights to keep battery from draining. Sensor light never goes off.

Idling or coasting the car is good as soon as you give it a little bit of gas it starts to miss and pop. The popping stops when you give it more gas but it still has a miss

Lost power and passing gear if on highway and pull out to pass a car or to give gas to go up a hill it has no pickup soeed

This just happened Monday and just got van back wensday then my brake lights were on and staying on

Thought the head gaskets were The gaskets appear ok, no sign of them blowing out. where could the oil be coming from to have more pressure than the cooling system. there is no coolant in the oil. I have the heads clean and they appear ok. drove the car 5 miles and it pumped approx. 2 quarts in the coolant. I have checked the gasket around the oil port in block, seal ring appears intact around both oil pressure ports in block.

What would cause the vehicle to jerk, and not go past 40 mph with pedal to floor? Driving between 5 and 39 mph, vehicle drives fine transmission shifts correctly. I tried cleaning the throttle body, changed evap, still the same! engine is not throwing any trouble codes either

Cannot figure out how to check the fuses the fuse box underneath the dash. Not much is labeled and not much is uncovered by electrical tape.

Its on the driver side

then after a bit it will return to normal. only happens after having driven some distance. i do get a code that states speed sensor.

Is that all the part I need for my car.

opened tail gate and closed it worked and once open and close driver door it worked

When I do get my car started it starts poping and cracking and I go to put it in drive it wants to die so I give it gas and it has no horse power to push it's self down the road could it be my timing jumped?

All doors are closed. Lights knob is turned to auto.

Started 3/5/17 stays on heat no matter what setting

It cranks but won't start it isn't the cankpoistion sensor it gets spark has gas

Not sure if there is water in the gas tank

I drove my car home and shut it off. I went to start it in the morning and it acted like it was out of gas I put gas in it and it still don't start. I go to turn the key and the starter engages. It tries to start and spudders like it's gonna but I let off the starter button and it back fires. What's going on??

what would cause temp gauge to go straight to hot even after vehicle has sat all for day or so on 2001 dodge Dakota 3.9 L V6, but didn't do this until I change the alternator. Today have changed the thermostat and coolant temp sensor and still no change to the gauge.

My truck is a diesel and wil not run more then 30 mph! Will not go up any hills ! Had a new transmission put in 1 year ago! What could be wrong?

On freeway at 65-70 mph it drives and downshifts fine! Did anybody else have this problem?

I've had this car for a year and a half. Last year the computar module that regulates the voltage that my alternator gives out stopped working so the dealer replaced it, I had to replace the battery and alternator also. Flash forward 1 year later my Durango now sometimes doesn't want to start. The first problem occurred when I tried to start it and there was no crank at all, my radio worked and all my lights would come on all I heard was once single click, but it didn't happen all the time. There would be times where I could go weeks without it happing. Now it has a new problem on top of not starting. I drove it to the store and when I went to get back into my Durango I turned it the key and it wouldn't start no crank at all but as I was turning the key the dash board lights were flashing and the radio was also, I finally got it to turn over after about 20 seconds of it trying to turn over. What could be going on? I've taken it to 4 different mechanics 2 of them being dodge dealerships and no one can find out what's wrong. The one dodge dealership said I needed a new battery so I took the battery to the shop that I purchased it from and they tested it only for it to come back as good.

when you start car it idles kinda rough but when you drtive it it runs fine only idles rough in park