Have replace o2 censor,fuel pump,catalytic converter,ground wire

they just do and only 46,000 miles on it

oil leak from engine underneath what the solution

Lately I been driving my car I been hearing this sound over the engine. It sounds like a huge vacuum vooooooooom sound kind of loud inside the car it comes on once I reach 35-40 mph. When I slow down it slows down too. Took it to the shop with the warranty they fix everything but this. Took it back the next day they said it's bad tires and tried to sell me tires. The ones they said was bad was switched to the rear. To me the sound is coming from the front they say it's the back. I'm thinking transmission. Have you ever heard anything like this before and know what it is.

My care is showing 15psi at idle and I was just wondering if this is normal for this car?

I had shuddering issue with caravan it's a 2013 when it rained it happened more often so I'm driving down the highway in rain hit a moderate puddle on passenger side van starts to shudder again get home and van dies. I find out the air intake is about 18 inches from the ground facing the ground not enclosed. So I found out I got water in my engine now it has to be replaced. There are other people with exact issue and dodge won't admit their design issue. I just want to warn others that the dealership changed every part on my engine and could not figure it out. Also the dodge dealership got the ok to change engine then 2 days later the supervisor gets a email asking to get pics of air box air intake etc. He had never been asked to do this for a blown engine before. Even he agrees dodge knows it's an issue but won't admit it because they knew exactly where to look for the problem if you guys can do anything please help me on this matter thankyou

it has happened twice so far but I don't want to risk it happening more. is it the motor that is going out? could it be a fuse? Please help.

Pressed tow-haul mode, locked in 4th gear and blew transmission on mountain pass. Almost went over side of mountain

Going 30 miles or under is okay, but over that, it acts like its either starving for gas or vacuum leak, or not firing on all points

Still no brake lights.

The problem occurs over time I drive with A/C on.

No warning signs i parked the car ten minutes came back out all the interior lights are bright but nothing when I turn the key. Not even a click checked the asd relay cause it gave a p1388 code didn't fix it and the code went away. Seen online possible ac fuse cause it powers the fuel pump but if its that it would still turn over. So I'm thinking starter problems but ive ever had any noise or any problems starting. Any ideas?

Never had any problems, but only had the car 5 months. Has 157000 miles

changed fuel pump still no start condition.

The problem occurs after running the air conditioner for approximately 15 minutes. The unit has been replaced twice within five years.

Car cranks normally and is really loud on the inside as if the muffler has a hole in it

Parts include all control arms adjustable ball joint and sway bar links

but then will die if driven again changed crank position sensor, starter , battery ,fuel pump, idle position sensor,and pick up sensor any ideas

What might the problem be?

I know that the code is PO-440 but this can be confusing because the code can also indicate a Bad Gas Cap and several other things associated with the Gas Evap System. Just what do I exactly replace and does this code seem to be leading me in the direction of why my CK. Engine Light is on ? Thanks for any and all the help you can offer because I can't renew my tags til this is fixed !!!! Thanks

I was driving to Walmart when I approached a light that turned green. My lowest speed was about 25 I tried to go more than 30 but the RPM'S was was in the 5-6 range and my car wasn't going more than 30 and was slowing down I pulled over to where I can stop. Shut off the car completely for about a minute. Started it but up and it worked fine the rest of the day

Changed crank, coolant temperature and ignition sensor. New spark plugs, wireset, coil pack and battery. Alternator, fuel and starter tested good. Car cranks but won't start and no spark. Can someone help me?

It doesn't matter taking the battery cables loose or sticking a computer to check it. Both lights stay on!

also replace control solenoid A plus switch still bogging itself out plus new alternator is fried

When the light go out at least the air work

1999 dodge caravan was fine when parked.next morning battery was dead.put a charger on it.Now dash lights come on chimes but will not start.and have to understand hook battery to get lights off..help!!

I changed the brake calipers and pads and every time I apply brakes it never stops. Why?

When you start the truck it has a loud noise from the engine as if something is being shredded an a loud ticking noise! When you look under the hood there is metal shavings on the pully belt. Which is on the right side of the alternator. We just drove from Florida to Oklahoma everything was fine till last night when we went to move the truck from under the tree to the garage. The ac stopped blowing cold air also but when we went to add some leak stuff the low pressure area was already green. Please help four kids an a puppy

nothing comes out the front vents at all

how much to take to a dealer to replace?