When I turn all the way to the side my car turns off, the tire seems very low out of nowhere. I can't accelerate anywhere as fast as I normally can, the noise is very consistent with me accelerating, as I'm pressing on the pedal it is hitting it multiple times a second very loudly if I'm going fast.

When I started in the morning it's fine but if I drive it across town the lotto come on I shut the car off started again and the light stays off

located above gas pedal on the right, mounted on cabin a/c component box 1 part # is Dorman 604010 I can not read other one

1985 dodge van B350 5.9L

Took 02 neon to mech to replace 3 motor mounts and stop horn from getting stuck blowing. After fixing horn and installing mounts the car wont start. The mech is stumped. Says he tried everything. Never had any starting or motor issues. My daily driver. Wanted to replace the mounts bf selling the car. Any suggestions what the problem could be? Thanks in advance

I am not mechanical inclined

When I going flat no problem but when I going uphill is like loss power. Any idea??? Thanks

I feel the truck like shaking or kind of jumping when I turn but it just happens when I have the 4x4 engaged and turning. If I going straight no problem. Any idea??

Replaced fuel pump & fuel filter, still will not start

Where the shackle would mount is rusted so I figured on welding plate steel to the area (after cleaning it good) and then welding spring to the new steel spring is currently thru floor board

Tried to drive battery light came on now

What could cause the car to lose power after the alternator has been replaced? Cannot rev past 3000 rpms and it will not go more than 20 mph.

runs all day with ac off, no light comes on there is a noise coming from alt and compresser area I think, it not loud12.46 volts on battery

Started last week all at once

I have spark fuel and compression. What do I check for next

My car died at a stop light and started up again in few hours a month ago and then yesterday died again started for couple mins then died again but it sputters since yesterday

Does the digital odometer stay on when to turn the engine off and remove the key from the ignition?

I can only drive it to one place and back. If I drive it for more than a few minutes, I can smell smoke and when I turn the motor off, clear smoke pours out from under the hood.

my van has a broken cruise control stick that almost caused an accident entangling in the steering wheel ,key fob does not work anymore ,i use the extra key and sometimes it will not let me remove the key from ignition ,passenger side electric sliding door opens and closes on its own while driving or not, CD player will not eject disc stuck in it ,some speakers do not work car has brand new battery and sometimes will not start and has to be jumped also most of these things happen frequently and dealership we bought from refuses to replace or repair things even though we get recall notices in the mail they tell us we have to pay for all repairs for recalls . how and what can i do to get these things fixed before i have a bad accident due to the faults in this vehicle ?

When scanned this code came up.

Idles fast in gear, slows down when stopped. It is a manuel 5 speed.

Check fuze's all good. Need to know what it might be.

4.7L, 2wd, crew cab, 121k miles.
I can not predict when problem will occur, but often under slight load. If I shift to neutral and rev, prob goes away.

Its showed up when I bought some new tires on the front but they are bigger than the ones on the back what's wrong with it

My rearend on my dodge ram 4x4 1500 is blown, and trying to find one for a reasonable price is not easy.

Specific diagram of the connection between gas tank and Rubber Necking that's clamped to the filler neck

Sometimes my gauge's work and don't work. When it does works, and it starts, it will stay on for a few minutes and die, then the gauge's don't work again. I wait and try the van the next night same thing. I have changed the fuel filter, cleaned the gas tank, changed the IAC sensor, I have has a couple of so-called Machanic look at it, but they have no answers.

It usually happens after the van has been sitting for at least 6 hours or more. It has been happening more often. As I'm driving I will slow down when coming to a light and it will die. It does start right up. We replace the egr valve and it is still happening. Now my husband thinks it could be a camshaft sensor but he can't find a diagram where it could be. So 2 questions where is the camshaft sensor location and what else could cause the van to die while driving it.

The average price to reset the key funtions

The gate is secure but the sensor saying gate won't go out now.