I don't see where the dip stick I'd inserted to do maintenance.

my engine light came on had tune up done last January, 61000 miles and has 92000 miles now. Thanks

Again, engine cranks and revs fine in park and moves forward in drive under basic idle, but when you push gas pedal, engine will not rev up.

It would not turn over I hear the gas pump and it clicks like once or twice

Less than 1,000 miles. Has happened twice. Once in driveway with almost no slope on it. 2nd time while parked at bank, rolled backwards across 5 lane highway with 2 kids in car. A man was able to jump into it, stopped it, confirmed it was in park. No one injured, but car was damaged as it hit several things. Dealer can't duplicate issue and so far refused to fix.

Also loses heat when you switch it

I think it is the piston but i dosnt know if i have to take the transmission out in order to replace it

I don't remember were the long bolts go on the waterpump.

The little white wheel that controls the airflow direction. Located to the left of the in cabin air filter. Can't find the actual rod that connects the mode knob to the wheel

On freeway when truck died, lights on dash read check gauges and showed fuel tank but plenty of fuel. Started and died a few minutes later. Checked fuses and relays & all good. Towed home then started truck and drove around block and idled fine. Next AM no start again but now Check engine light on, fuel tank showing and reading says No bu5 What does this mean and how can I test it?

i cant find the secondary fuse box i think its a bad fuse but in not sure

I took the car to a repair shop to have afront end alignment.They said they could not do the alignment because the right front cradle was broke.4 years ago i hit a deet on the right side.they also said the right cradle was rustrd out.they believe the damage is a result of the deer accident

Stahls while driving and idling

My son thinks he might have put to much oilin his truck. He lost oil pressure. When he restarted the truck. The oil pressure came back and then wentvaway again and the engine started knocking.

Dodge is saying it's a power thing! No help. Sometimes it works intermittently.

this happens about 8 to 10 minutes of driving

just changed spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coil. now it wont start turns over but wont start

middle coil is the one that works. any ideas on what else it could be?

I had it checked and it said the camshaft position sensor but now the check engine light is blinking

no code appears but check engine light is on.

Put new alternator and battery and external voltage regulator and battery temperature sensor and will not stay or charge at all

What trque and crossing pattern when I replace my water pump

Fluid is dripping from driver's side at the front of the vehicle. The radiator cap is on the passenger side of the radiator.

head lights turn signals dome lights brights. work but no dash lights what could be the problem? 1988 dodge b 250 cargo van

Car failed emission test

Bf fixed wheel hub bearings, brakes, rotors. And the lights are still on. What is the abs sensor rear shift differential and where is it located? What else could cause it? After he fixed the bearings the speedometer works. Please help we need it fixed asap

1988 b 250 cargo van no dash lights

now it makes a clinking sound when i ste= on the gas

already replace tensioner and battery

I have oil in my car when I'm driving my oil light comes on