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Stalls and restarts

I turn my key on. Pump does not turn on. Gauges won't move when I turn key on. Truck cranks and cranks but wont turn over. think it is the PCM. But before buying one I'm hoping it is a simple fix. Loose wire or something. Checked all my fused nothing blown. Cleaned all my grounds still nothing. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated

P0741 CODE. 5.7 L hemi

Turned the headlights on, wipers stopped & shifted out of park. This has happened twice.

serpentine belt jumps off

how to reduce the consumption fuel

Checked battery all good there just changed plugs ,wirers, cap and rotor . Timing might have been a hair off but was running great minutes before it stalled

Car ran good then got in a wreck minor body damage left front and right rear. now the car won't shift into gear? All gears are like it's in neutral except park

Alarm sounds off as soon as I turn key and power on the dash. It will not disarm unless I remove battery cables.

i have cod

Diver windo and radio not working

I Have the part just need it put in

Low oil pressure light came on after installing upper radiator coolant hose and engine revved up by itself. Car would not start after that.

My car heat and rear defrost was working just fine, once I changed the fuel pump the heat and rear defrost stopped working, how can I get them to come back on?

I think the heater or the air conditioning has a problem --after running heater 20- mins. after returning home there was a strong burnt smell coming from unde3r the hood on the passenger side.

So it starts right up but when i go to shift to any gear but neutral or park it dies. Any help would be ap appreciated

Yesterday, in Petersburg, I can't get the gearshift to release after pressing brake pedal very hard.

BUT WHEN PULLING A GRADE ABOVE 6o mph runs just fine! I just had a dodge mec. and he adjusted the front band on trans. and the problem went away! FOR 1 WEEK ! then came back! I also replaced the driver side sensor on tranie. and I very rarely tow anything!

Smelled a rotten egg smell for a few days popped thehe battery was steaming ... got a altenator test was over charging my battery a new altenator installed it and now the truck is just continuosly turning over not cranking/starting up...checked the coils and distributor akd there was no spark and so i replace the coil distributor spark plugs and wires, altenator, radiator, thermostat, starter, belts, hoses, pulleys, ac compressor, power steering pump, water pump, plus oil hange and oil filter and air filter and its got plenty of gas...everytig wprks like the altenator is charging the (brand new battery) but the truck just isnt starting. ..

The vehicle turns over fine but wont start it started fine yesterday . What could it be, it also has a remote start but i usually use the key. This is the first time its ever happened.

The right directional blinks fast but only light up very dim, when you turn on the lights it don't work at all. Bulbs are good. I was told I need a new light assembly $50.

Just got a new motor new 02 sensor and s new throttle body and the car cuts off when I stop at red lights and stop signs!! The etc light just blinks it doesn't stays on.

I go so far and then it blows the crank sensor then it will shut the car off and I have to put another crank sensor in it and a start but it I go so far and it will blow it again

battery wont stay charged, fuse flashes on dash

Had a leak at the speedometer sensor pulled it put it back in and now I have no speedometer

my abs light indicator is on

I was on the highway and it just cut off and I was going about 50 mph it duse it all the time I was told maybe the fuel pump is getting hot idk

turn the key on, has fire to coil for a second, when cranked no fire to coil. does it have anything to do with the automatic shutdown relay?

cranked. fuel pump works fine. does it have anything to do with the automatic shutdown relay?

It zometimes turnsover but will not start