It whirls but wont start. What could it be

does not work at all

Changed starter still not starting,checked starter relay, its fine , battery life is good. Need help with this one.

Was not running when it jumped, diagnostic machine just says it needs crank sensor. He believes motor is still in good shape and was rebuilt in September of last yr. New fuel pump, and almost all sensors.

Ithad been sitting for six months before I bought truck. I got door open and grid to start it turns over but just won't start. It doesn't have water in oil or gas. Checked fusses and are good. Lights work so Battrie is good.

Fusses checked but doesn't need any. Turns over but doesn't start.

What could the problem be.??

The engine lights is not on

The Electronic Throttle Control light comes on and when you shut the car off it resets itself. We have replaced the throttle body already and the light still keeps coming on and still having the issues of losing power while driving.

The motor control or engine control unit in my 5.9l v8 1993 b250 van has gone out

I cant locate a replacement
Can these units be repaired, rebuilt or otherwise re-something
I need my van to be running and I have no idea what to do now?

Want to know how do i fix my problem?

can not move even in neuciral .what can i do to move it?

All the time

runs at 2300 rpm on start up

When I turn the lights on they flash after 5 /10 min's of driving turn them off then turn them back on and the same changed the headlight switch and same checked in the steering column found 2 wires fraied, fixed that and changed the multifuntion switch same problem airbag light is on

It says done on the dash where the odometer is before it finally starts.

I was driving down the street and the acceleration started going out and then about 20 yards the power steering went out. Made it about 5 more yards to the side of the road where it completely shut down. When i try to start it up it starts to turn over and dies. Had gas and a good battery.

When the back climate control is on the fan does not turn on, no air comes out. It was working perfect,one day it just stopped.

Also sometimes when putting gear to drive I get a little stall/bump on reverse

The car only has 5500 miles on it. My dodge dealer says the transmission needs rebuilt?

It is making some type of noise when shifted to reverse....

kind of mechanicaly knowledable but never pulled 1

When you turn the key on and off three times check engine code 1255

2001 Grand Caravan, Sport Edition, 3.3

What does the crankcase sensor look like

It happened twice on turns and once on a complete stop
I heard it might be cranshaft sensor acting up any other suggestions

When I take off my van shifts just fine until i hit about 30 mph, then the front tires actually stop for a second then it shifts and its ok, until I stop and have to go through it all again, we already changed half the transmission fluid, afraid if we changed all of it and the filter I'd have a complete transmission to replace because of it's age, already put a new shifting module (i think that's what its called), changed the fuse under the hood, I don't know what else to have done, as long as I go easy and slow to reach 30 mph its not as bad and first time running it after its sat overnight, is good, but after I stop the first time then it gets bad. please help me, I just bought this van, used of course, but it runs so good other than this problem, it has the 3.3 engine in it and is front wheel drive if that helps at all.

all gauges are inop, checked fuses all lights in panel are good

all dash display instruments are inop as well as odometer function lights work great and no bad fuses

Okay it's a 84 Dodge d150 change the alternator battery is good drives perfectly fine during the day but at night time when I turn on the headlights it's slowly drains down at least the headlights get dimmer and then if I try to turn everything on it'll finally kill itself out if I let it sit for a little bit I can turn the headlights on in their bright again but have to jump it same thing happens a little bit later after driving