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It cranks but won't start it isn't the cankpoistion sensor it gets spark has gas

Not sure if there is water in the gas tank

I drove my car home and shut it off. I went to start it in the morning and it acted like it was out of gas I put gas in it and it still don't start. I go to turn the key and the starter engages. It tries to start and spudders like it's gonna but I let off the starter button and it back fires. What's going on??

what would cause temp gauge to go straight to hot even after vehicle has sat all for day or so on 2001 dodge Dakota 3.9 L V6, but didn't do this until I change the alternator. Today have changed the thermostat and coolant temp sensor and still no change to the gauge.

My truck is a diesel and wil not run more then 30 mph! Will not go up any hills ! Had a new transmission put in 1 year ago! What could be wrong?

On freeway at 65-70 mph it drives and downshifts fine! Did anybody else have this problem?

I've had this car for a year and a half. Last year the computar module that regulates the voltage that my alternator gives out stopped working so the dealer replaced it, I had to replace the battery and alternator also. Flash forward 1 year later my Durango now sometimes doesn't want to start. The first problem occurred when I tried to start it and there was no crank at all, my radio worked and all my lights would come on all I heard was once single click, but it didn't happen all the time. There would be times where I could go weeks without it happing. Now it has a new problem on top of not starting. I drove it to the store and when I went to get back into my Durango I turned it the key and it wouldn't start no crank at all but as I was turning the key the dash board lights were flashing and the radio was also, I finally got it to turn over after about 20 seconds of it trying to turn over. What could be going on? I've taken it to 4 different mechanics 2 of them being dodge dealerships and no one can find out what's wrong. The one dodge dealership said I needed a new battery so I took the battery to the shop that I purchased it from and they tested it only for it to come back as good.

when you start car it idles kinda rough but when you drtive it it runs fine only idles rough in park

I have a 1986 dodge ram D150 318 it keep burning battery up can't figure out why

There are no change in button lights when pushed from vent to defrost or AC.

No leak in water pump, hoses even heater coil

The truck has a loping idle when it sits at a stop sign and when it shifts into gear it dies (sometimes) I replaced the crank sensor about 2 months ago . A few days ago it threw a 216 code and I fixed a leak on the fuel filter and it went away but now it has no codes just the loping ide and dying issue!!?

I had my truck in the shop because it was stalling and running rough! He put a new computer, crankshaft sensor! I got it out of the shop and it still stalls and runs rough! I have replaced the cam shaft sensor and the Erg valve! After all of that it still don't run right! So what else could it be?

How what's wrong with it?

It jusim wondering what the problem could be and how much it would cost

shoot in to the head and it will run and then you put them back in and it want run

reset there's no sensor.What can I do?

I have dual zone in the front and the back has their own system as well. The dealer I bought this from checked the system when it was 75 degrees outside so of course it was blowing warm but not near as hot as the driver side.

REcently replaced OEM spark plugs, and wires, fuel injector for cylinder #4 along with o-rings for all injectors.. replaced upper intake manifold gaskets as well with injector repair. Cleared cat converter, no it is open, recovered plenty of power, and improved fuel trim.. still has a constant misfire at idle. Throttle response is good, full rpm range performance, dedicated misfire cylinder # 4. New engine air filter, cleaned throttle body, egr seems closed, pipe does not get hot... purge valve opens & closes.. did not run elec diag on wire harness.. injectors pulsing well.. Thinking of blocking egr, and pulling front valve cover to inspect springs, not sure where else to go.

trying to find wiper relay 2008 dodge avenger

Replace relays and it still won't start

id like to know how to wire a new 02 sensor plug into the harness because someone hardwired a cheapo o2 sensor straight to the harness and i would like to wire a factory plug back into the wiring harness with a factory 02 sensor

i need to know if this car has a carburetor?

Truck will not turn over and does not get power to the starter relay, dash lights and Windows do work, no blown fuses

69000 orig miles. PS pump full of clean proper fluid, no leaks or damaged lines or hoses. No resistance in axle shaft,wheel or steering components.
Shutter or rapid vibrations occurs only when turning left from wheel center position with wheels on the ground or raised position.

Need to replace the side door and install a replacement door

where my air charge temp sensor is located at on my car

sometimes the shifting problem will go away, but chattering and squeaking stay.

It happens all the time while driving

What is the fuel range on the 96 ram 1500 v6 manual with the 26 gallon and or the 35 gallon gas tank