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Van is slow loses power jot electrcity

Battery keeps dying. Need to get new one, thinking its electrical issue.

I paid for a diagnostic on the car I didn't receive any kind of report the check engine light was on the part was $155 and I was charged $523 in labor cost they did an OBD2 drive cycle relearn which was $143 does this seem correct to you

turn abs light off after brake pads replaced

At first i had to use starter spray to get it to start now it wo t start at all.

What sound does it make

Not go over about 2500 rpm unless pushed to the floor but the pedal does seem to set pretty low

I have 2001 dodge neon and my check engine light is on on my trip meter reads p1684 what is it

Oil pressure gauge did same thing next time I left it ideal

bag got caught in lock now when I close will not open

I charged the unit and it quit working. Any ideas. It was working drivers side only I put a 12oz can in and it quit working. 2006 dodge 2500

Low idle as well. And from time to time my transmission cooling line pops off...i clamped it several times but still finds a way to give me trouble. Any advice

MP. All parts that will cause spark. Don't know what to do next

When I give it some gas it starts up most of the time but seems like it takes forever to start.

The heater does not turn on it off. Just blows out hot air on a high speed. Can't adjust. The airbag light stays on. The battery is good. Unhooked the battery for 24 hrs. Trying to reset computer suggested by a friend. Is a 95 Dodge Intrepid ES. 3.5 6 cyl.

all new parts was working when disassembled but now will not build pressure

On occations, the motor is cold, my eng. light stays on, po442 (EVAP sys., small leak detected). My gas mil. dropped alittle.

The key will fit in the door but it won't unlock it and my key fob is dead

I just replaced the fuel pump the splice was not corroded it gets spark from the distributor but it just cranks and cranks if fuel or starting fluid is put into throttle body truck starts but doesn't stay running although it does backfire. It had been stalling out occasionally then went to the gas station put some gas in it drove home then wouldn't start.

I just charged the a/c in my Durango an the air did not come out an colder then before when they system was absolutely empty. After I charged it, it started blowing the refrigerant out of the top of then compressor where the lines come in almost like it was purging itself. But I didn't over fill the system. An the compressor clutch engages then dis engaged an non stop does it every 3 seconds

The check engine light does stay on it throws the same code every time but goes off and on

Gave someone a boost and now my car won't start. When I turn switch I can hear fuse click.

I have a new battery, alternator and computer. turn on the ac and it drops to nothing. what should I look for now. Even the head lights cause it to do the same. With out anything on runs great.

This is all the time not just when stopped or just when driving.

We bought this van a while ago and have never been able to get the DVD display to turn on. The speakers play the sound from the movie we want to watch, but there is never anything on the display.

Only when n park.

Stalls and restarts

I turn my key on. Pump does not turn on. Gauges won't move when I turn key on. Truck cranks and cranks but wont turn over. think it is the PCM. But before buying one I'm hoping it is a simple fix. Loose wire or something. Checked all my fused nothing blown. Cleaned all my grounds still nothing. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated

P0741 CODE. 5.7 L hemi

Turned the headlights on, wipers stopped & shifted out of park. This has happened twice.