when i turn it on off position it goes higher..please help as i need this fixed asap..please and thank you

i have a 2014 dodge challenger shaker and wanted to know if a 2014 SRT challenger lower bumper air dam will fit my car thx

There seems to be no help in Dodge mind for anyone who has this problem, 122,400.miles on no ctm part available, or looks to be to old for Dodge to worry about. 36-39 people on national waiting list in case they decide to find it important. They've recalled ctm on everything around mine but my vin. isn't showing but has all the same problems , of those recalled. Drains my brand new battery in a matter of 1-2 days , also having the wires in steering column fixed so heater blower works as should & brake/abs light all of a sudden coming on said it's in the wiring...

timing, fuel pump, gas inject, RELAYS AND FUSE , spark, new PCM PROGRAMED, power to ignition coil, all these are ok

Some days works fine.

Some days no problems with blinker

The car want make a sound checked battery and every thing. I did drop and break key the night before

My heat or air will not blow

turn signals work, head lights work , hazards work , checked fuses and all bulbs and changed head light switch

Engine will crank but will not catch. Never had any problems before today.

I tried both switches. Rolls down fine. Slamming the door with the window button in the up position to shake motor. Nothing works and it 2/3rd's of the way down.

The sevice 4wheel light is on in my 07 Durango and now it hesitating to go into reverse and drive and it jerks when it finally engages

Car runs great, has brake issues. Drives smooth, slowing down around 30 mph and under the abs will kick on and takes away most of the braking. No abs light on in dash, doesn't seem like it kicks it full abs. Please help!

Next to where I saw the light come on I see Esp bas when I turn the key.

Lead, copper, brass? Are they easy to replace?

I've tuned up my truck had the radiated flushed and refill and had my oil system flushed and refilled also I have know idea what's going on.

When I turn on the heat or air there is a loud roaring noise when it comes on. Just not sure if it's the blower motor or not.

Hi, how do I resolve an error code P2527? It's on a 2005 Dodge Sprinter 3500 with a 2.7L engine. Thanks!

I just put a new mother in it a new full pump new batt a new temp sin crank sin full sin new plugs new ever thing all most. But now it won't start just turns over and over help please

It has done it in the past two days. IS this something that I have to take to the dealership.

When I step down on the accelerator it does nothing until about 3/4 of the throttle is down and then it kicks into a lower gear and takes off.

Truck was running fine all day , went to the store and once I got back in it didn't want to start but once it did the engine was shaking and and making nosies white smoke came from muffler , after pressing on the gas for a little while the shaking slowed down and nosie stopped complety and was able to drive it home , started a hour later and the same thing happend again

and then it may run for awhile like a hour or then maybe 5 mins

It started about a year or two ago ....cold start issues....over the last 2 years it has gotten worse...I've had the fuel transfer pump replaced this past week...it started....got home and woke to 50 degrees out side and did not start...brought it back to the mechanic and he replaced the #3 fuel injector..it fired straight up ....got home and the next morning Thanksgiving ...it started at 5:30..thought to my myself great....a couple hours later leaving the house it would NOT start...cranked over but not start...so I decided to replace a relay and the heater grid .....it did not turn over....any other ideas would be greatly appreciated .. thank you

The noise gets a little louder the faster I go but the noise don't change when trans. Shifts but when I start slowing down to a stop it sounds like it could be some sort of gear maybe but it isn't a metal to metal sound and also it has a miss in it driving and at idle

then comes on strong--When Oxygen sensors are acting up acting up will it cause this condition ?

Need to see where the oil dip stick is located

I don't see where the dip stick I'd inserted to do maintenance.

my engine light came on had tune up done last January, 61000 miles and has 92000 miles now. Thanks

Again, engine cranks and revs fine in park and moves forward in drive under basic idle, but when you push gas pedal, engine will not rev up.