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It will only run for several miles before it over heats and dies
I'll be driving car running fine then all of a sudden my gauges and lights flicker on the cluster (headlights also) then they stop working but the car stays running fine. After a few minutes the car will shut off then...
when put in forward gear there is a squeel like a belt slipping
when transmission is put in forward gear there is a sound like a belt slipping
I have a 1993 Dodge B350 15 passenger van, and I'm trying to find out which other Dodge models can be used to "swap" transmissions. I've heard that you can tell the specs by certain digits in the VIN but I don't know ...
when it gets to high temp the coolent pours out under the hood! I can refill the bottle and the temp goes back to normal. No water in the oil. No odd sounds. Otherwise runs great.
That's about it its a 3.3 litre V6 rear seats are out
Only happens occasionally. After it sits a few minutes then it runs fine
change oils in front axle rear axle 6 speed transmission and transfer case
I was told that if you special order or other you can get a uvb treated windshield with a darker tint then the one it came with.All the companies like Safelite, etc, don't specifiy whether it has a "3rd visor" like th...
When the car is turned off the lights reset and are not on when I restart the car until I drive about 12mph. Any suggestions?
My truck had to have the rear seal in trans replaced it was slipping before this but I thought having it change a fluid filled would change this 1st to 2nd changes below 20mph with some slipin 2nd to 3rd is at 35mph a...
Do you have to take any additional parts off to change the pulley?
the airbag light is coming on and going off today is Saturday I can no reach a dealer until Monday can I drive it this weekend.
I bought the car in October of 2011 for $5,250 - it was a repo with 134,000 miles on it. I have replaced the fluid in the rear transfer case, inner & outer tie rods, right ball joint, waterpump and timing belt. I ...
It stall after you brake somewhat hard in forward and the fuel gauge floats no codes fresh tune up
Check engine light is on giving a P0222 code, replaced throttle position sensor, lift pump, and fuel filter, light is still on and giving a P0222. What else could the problem be with this code? Any advise would be gre...