Front-end Collision on passenger side crashing the headlight on the passenger side did not deploy airbags at 30 miles an hour

I'm trying to replace my power steering high pressure hose, I need to know where the end of it is. I took the end off at the pump, but where does it end?

The driver's seat is worn out and uncomfortable. Can I take it out and put in the front passenger seat that looks almost new?

I turn the radio on it lights up but there is no sound

Then turns car off. I have taken it to mechanic and put the computer on it said sits cylinder one mis firing I have changed all cylinders and spark plugs. Can you help me with this problem

how do I fix the sound that's not working on my radio? Is it just a bad fuse?

There is alot of excess play in my steering wheel. I had new tires installed and hat the tie rods and all the front suspension components checked out and everything was reported as normal. The steering shaft was replaced a few years ago. When setting still there is about two inches of play in the steering wheel to the left and to the right. Could this be a steering box issue? ... Thank you!

My passenger side window won't roll up from the drivers side door panel. It rolls down but not back up. Works just fine on the passenger side.

It used to stall only once n a while but now it's all the time and lately even when I let off the gas it will try to stall. Sometimes I can give it gas and catch it befor it dies. But it getting to be more challenging to keep it from stalling.

Happens all the time no brake lights.checked fuses and bulbs

When I press the driver side door handle and then the door latches and closes but if the door handle is out away from the car the door will not close.

Turn the key and you can here the engine trying to start. It started this morning but after I turned it off it wouldn't turn back on and if it did it took 10 + tries. But now it wont start at all. You can here the fuel pump running. I used my obd2 scanner and only got a 02 sensor code. P0141. Any ideas on what to check to see whats wrong with it?

Ignition switch works. No power to starter. Neutral safety switch? Trace procedure. Everything was chill until trans install. Any idea welcome ✌

Ask of the truck.its late and need lights

i had the transmission rebuilt 15 yrs ago . no trouble til now

Went to test drive a 06 caravan sxt that had 99,000 on it drove great but the check engine light was on and I saw no mechanical failures. Any help?

Need to replace front wheel hub assembly

the fuses are good and the bulbs are good .do you think it is the totally intergrated power modual?

do I have to pull the manual transmission when I pull the 4 cylinder engine from a 97 dodge Dakota sport truck

have cold air just not moving with dials when i change them

Changed the fuel pump & the computer could it be the timming chain

My heat works great it blows devils breath, but when I change the dial to make it come out of the defrost vents or the floor vents it stays coming out of the front vents

check engine light came on after getting gas. truck drives fine- will tightening the cap eliminate the light ?

I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota that I have put into a 1997 truck without replacing the computer and my first gear now is not shifting could it be that I need to replace the computer or what else could be my problem? The truck work great before I put it into the 97 body?

Replaced 3 starters, all cables, ECM and Ignition and steering lock sent to SOS shop, all checked ok. New battery, still no crank. Please help. Vehicle's done this before, but always started sometimes in ten minutes, sometimes in 2 to 3 days. Been over month now, no dealers within 243 miles.

the problem occurs sometimes

I turned the key on and off three times and have a diagnostic code.want to know what the code is saying.the code is p-0743?

car started freaking out, abs warning light came on, started dinging, air blowing from defrost to vents, buzzing sound from radio then died. would just click once if you tried to restart it.

transmission will not shift out of first.

no problems before, ran fine yesterday