Starts up, runs good as it always does.. just the
check engine lite on nothing else..
no codes etc.
Any ideas?
Think ok to drive.. holidays and I need it.. no repair places open etc.

I need suggestions on what I can check, not blinking.. driveable.
I did check all caps on f on and

The converter has been bypassed about 3 months ago now it started smoking today with very little power can anyone help please

Stalls out

I'm not getting any throttle on my gas pedal. The speedometer isn't working either. It will go just getting no gas is seems. Got the pedal to the the floor and got nothing.

I've been having problems with having to get it jumped off. It was like my car just cut off smooth with no jerking.

gas tank is always full only drive for about 15-30 min

What causes my windshield wipers to turn on when I turn on my head lights and/or right turn signal.

when i first crank it no problem,take off in 1st go to 2nd then 3rd before i get the rpms hi enough i have to let off gass or down shift,it acts like dont want to take the gas./
it just started this last night

transmission also slips around 45-55. truck has 235000 miles and has good power. What is my problem? 2 shops do not no.

Upon accelerating on highway, steam was noticed coming from underneath the car...arriving home I noticed temp elevated, and coolant loss under right rear side of engine compartment onto suspension.

Has been happening more in winter during cold temps°. Becoming a security concern and also drains car battery. I've read other forums that said replacement of door latches needed to fix problem mostly on 2011 models. How much $$ to repair at dealer?

Pump doesn't make any noise. All relays and fuses are good.

Coil replaced pickup coil replaced engine spins but no fire

2009 Dodge 1500 HEMI 5.7 liter , has mds system, when getting on the gas code pops up that cylinder 5 has misfired, trying to isolate the cause but having trouble, ruled out coil packs, plugs, wires, gas,fire, have checked compression, really down to the cam, broken spring, or MDS SYSTEM malfunction maybe?? I don't know enough about how the MDS goes about reducing cylinder and fire, but by cutting truck off then back on it will run fine(sometimes) with no code until getting back on the throttle with some force then the engine seems to start missing or running rough and the code P0305 is thrown. Quite sure it's not mechanical because it does run fine for awhile but when gouged on, then the misfire and rough running will begin and doesn't go away until cutting engine off then back on(works sometimes). When cold(morning start up) the engine seems to run fine and generally idles fine for morning warm up. It throws the code aND runs rough every time the truck is driven which is daily. Truck is used at my work, I depend on it everyday, any help.would be greatly appreciated, feel free to email with any questions you may have that would help you help me with this problem, the warranty recently run out and I still owe for it, plus I love my Dodge!!!!

i checked fuse for fuel pump and it good. sprayed some carb cleaner still nothing.

any suggestions

Replaced the water pump and engine started overheating. Replaced the thermostat and coolant only gets warm, and no heat blows out from the heater. I have replaced the fan relay under the glove box twice and it only work on high setting

My truck keeps stalling. Replaced the cam shaft sensor, coil, computer board, fuel pump, and more. Any ideas?

My truck keeps stalling. Replaced the cam shaft sensor, coil, computer board, fuel pump, and more. Any ideas?

Just finished replacing just about everything including a new rear end. It still runs great as long as you are going forward. Heard about several recalls on various parts including something to do with the transmission... could this be the problem or more than likely new transmission?

Engine light been in since I purchased the car, had it checked several times keep saying gas ca replaced the cap twice

Iv replaced my cv axles on both sides 4 times in three years to me that's a little too much

The light remained on after we got the wipers to work. Went to O'Reilly's and run a computer diagnostic in the following codes came up P0748,P0743,P0765,P0753. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THESES CODES MEAN.PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO.

I removed the blend motors and checked them and rotated the dampers manual still did not help. There are three on the passenger side.any advice

Gas pump shurs off when i try to fill tank

What would be the fix for this car flooding out ??? It shows no codes when hooked to a machine

as i go it turns on the awd service light and the red warning slowing the car to min speed and sound terrible any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Error code C1219 for a 2010 Dodge Nitro 4L

Idle lope cold ,warm aswell.Goes up to2200rpm