Stahls while driving and idling

My son thinks he might have put to much oilin his truck. He lost oil pressure. When he restarted the truck. The oil pressure came back and then wentvaway again and the engine started knocking.

Dodge is saying it's a power thing! No help. Sometimes it works intermittently.

this happens about 8 to 10 minutes of driving

just changed spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coil. now it wont start turns over but wont start

middle coil is the one that works. any ideas on what else it could be?

I had it checked and it said the camshaft position sensor but now the check engine light is blinking

no code appears but check engine light is on.

Put new alternator and battery and external voltage regulator and battery temperature sensor and will not stay or charge at all

What trque and crossing pattern when I replace my water pump

Fluid is dripping from driver's side at the front of the vehicle. The radiator cap is on the passenger side of the radiator.

head lights turn signals dome lights brights. work but no dash lights what could be the problem? 1988 dodge b 250 cargo van

Car failed emission test

Bf fixed wheel hub bearings, brakes, rotors. And the lights are still on. What is the abs sensor rear shift differential and where is it located? What else could cause it? After he fixed the bearings the speedometer works. Please help we need it fixed asap

1988 b 250 cargo van no dash lights

now it makes a clinking sound when i ste= on the gas

already replace tensioner and battery

I have oil in my car when I'm driving my oil light comes on

Can anyone post a pic of where the oil pressure sensor is on a 2004 Dodge Dakota? 4.7 engine

My driver side window was working just fine when I went to roll it back up it would not go up all other windows out working just fine what can I do to get it up?

I need to know why this is happening with my vehicle.

Driving and randomly I'll here a loud clicking like the starter then motor cuts out and I'll let off gas till it stops then abs esp and traction lights come on. Then lights will randomly go off for a day or two then driving and it cuts out again and lights come back on. It's not showing any codes

Car starts but doesn't run and before it excelerated in 2nd gear but lost gump going in to 3rd also started making a grinding sound up under floor and started noticing a electrical burning smell

Put it on the rack listen with a screwdriver no noise from the actual notice from the differential the noise is coming 6 inches from the end of the drive shaft that goes into the differential what is it it was from the time you start out 10 miles an hour it goes louder as you go faster but never stops ?

how can I get the code without paying to have it done or how much does it cost

After truck feels like it has stalled, I pump the accelerator several times and it starts right up. It occurs more frequently in hot weather and when the diesel tank is lower on fuel. I had the fuel filter changed and it helped for a short period but now it is doing it more often.

My car want start not even with a jump start but everything is on but radio.

Drives without a miss till about two to three miles out.
When I punch it, it stops till I let off the gas, then the miss returns.

when its cold it runs fine as soon as it warms it wont run utilk its cool

Don't know why it was running good last night,no check engine light,but it will not do anything