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Trying to find out if any one no where the oil is coming from

My Dodge Magnum 2005 was overheating I change my thermostat and it still was overheating

I was driving my car when the oil light came on and then off. This repeated again 5mins later. After driving for 10 mins the oil light started to beep several times and would then stop and start again. It got worse as I continued driving. When I'm stopped, the beeping will stop but as I accelerate it begin again. I was told it could be an engine pressure switch. Thank you for your time and help

3.3 lrt motor

its like a sleeve is holding it in.

The memory profiles work but it no longer moves back when car is turned off and then up to the memory position when turned on.

I asked a question a couple days ago that freedom auto answered. I an't drive over 40, car starts to jerk/lose power. I changed transmissions, sensors, and still the same!

Do I need to have PCM flashed to recognize the newly installed transmission? I'm on vacation in a week, I would like to come to freedom auto and get a complete diagnosis.

rep[lacing altenator can't pull the rousing out. the lower bolt assemble is stuck

I recently changed the water pump and belt in my dodge ram 1500 1998 5.2 engine and it has just started to bog down and die when in idle or slowing down the power stays in the engine just Bogs down I have to check engine light

The screen got broke can just the screen be replaced

2008 Avenger

I have replaced the spark plugs & wires, rotor & cap. Pressing the accelerator down has little-to-no effect. What should my next steps be?

2010 dodge avenger sxt

I have a Dodge Ram 1500 van that delveoped rust spot on bottom of van a small hole developed due to the rust and would like to get it repaired the year of the van is 2003

I have a 2000 dodge ram 3500 8.0 v10, I remove the coil pack and a small connector that came from under the coil pack that attaches to a ground wire came off and I can't find it. There are 2 connectors that goes to the coil pack and the 3 small connector goes to the ground. Does anyone know the name of that metal piece that the connector goes to. That metal piece is actually screwed down by one of the bolts thats used to attach the coil pack to the engine.

My power steering line is broken, and I want to know how to stop damage from happening to the power steering pump. Can I disconnect the power to the pump so that it does not hurt itself. Or should i clamp the broken line, so that the pressure can still build up. (I'm fine with driving with no power steering, just don't want anything else to break)

Replaced starter but still same sound when starting

My speedometer stopped working all of a sudden the RPM gauge hasn't worked in a while? I recently replaced the battery and the throttle sensor what could be my issue?

cuts out on acceleration, It jerks , can't go over 25-30 mph unless I punch the gas and jerks really hard and then takes off... It has a new water pump, timing belt, new plugs, ran really good for a week after a new coil pack then back to doing the same thing... I need help, I can't afford a new car right now, please tell me how to get this one fixed. thank you.

I do not know what happened I went to the different Mechanic included delers and they give me many diferent diagnostics like transmission, gas pedal sensor, etc.

Gas gauge light stays on even when tank is full

replaced ignition switch and problem still there, would stering column sensor have anything to do with that

I just want to know what are the best brake pads for a dodge avenger sxt. and how to get airbag light go on and off?

Dodge nitro 2008 costly how much in 2008?

it started shaking while it idles now

The radio works but I can't change stations manually, can't change the out put, tape,CD,am/fm except through the steering wheel controls. Can't set time either.

i have followed these instructions
(1) Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.
(2) Remove engine oil dipstick.
(3) Raise vehicle.
(4) Drain engine oil.
(5) Remove exhaust pipe.
(6) Remove left engine to transmission strut.
(7) Loosen the right side engine support bracket cushion through-bolt nut and raise the engine slightly. Remove oil pan by sliding backward and out.
(8) Remove the one-piece gasket."

and i'm unable to get the oil pan out past the transmission and front cross-member i need about another 1/8 of clearance to remove the pan. any help appreciated

replaced the cars battery 3 times.
new key fabs and batterys in them.
have to jump start car intermittently, dash says key not detected

My ignition lock cylinder won't turn

Third fuel pump from auto zone and have checked all lines