Have the car towed, but when it gets to the shop starts up fine. Battery checks out fine. Changed starter 3 times in 1 -1/2 years. No problem for a few months then happens again the same exact way. Weather does not effect it.

i've changed cranck position sencor and still runs find tell warms up. the check engine light comes on and goes off took it to get codes read they said it was o2 sencor. put on two different coils. new cap roter plugs roter. thanks for your help in this matter.

I've been reading other post w/ similar problems Nd ever1 points to PCM box.

has any1 bought a refurbished pcm Nd wat luck have they?

hi i change crank sensor,pick-up coil ,test the ignition coil to other car its working,my suv is 5.9 slt durango 2003

on a 178 mile trip used like gallon of oil .my trans isnt shifting to o d either

As I'm driving and come to a stop sign or red light and hit the breaks it idles up and down then it cuts off. It cranks right back up with a little hit of the gas but continue to do the same thing. Also when I crank up and bout 3 to 5 minutes in park it starts idling out of control if I don't hit the gas it's go shut off help please.

It overheats after I drive it..what do you think the problem is..thank you


I put the new cooling fans in and the extra wire on top has a plug i cant find where it goes

wind shield wipers going crazy, some times they work, some times they do what they want. ( WTH )

This has been happening for 3 months. Engine runs fine and mileage ok. 3.3 engine, 60,000 miles. Service engine light comes on without fail at half tank and resets when filled

I had a tune up and new boots put in. Had transmission service, checked fuel injectors and fuel pump but the light continues to keep flashing, what could be wrong

My check engine light is flashing and brought it to a mechanic, changed the plugs, boots, filter etc. the check engine light is still flashing

Some recalls but none on all of these problems

Just had my photo body part replaced now put under light and the engine light is on what to do

Grand caravan sport.
Already replaced my water pump.

Rear hatch is broken

Im replacing a broke timing belt and not sure how the timing gears are suppose to line up

I looked on YouTube and this is a common problem after you replace the starter...I can start my car in neutral..why is this happening?

In the manual it says you can switch it from key to battery but doesn't actually tell you or show you how exactly how. We have no clue please help

I Crank It Up it's shut down. It will not restart. When I turn the key on I hear the fuel pump come on and work.

Changed starter, battery has 12 volts, plug to starter has 12 volts. When you turn the key on you can here the starter try click to engage but I have nothing else

My 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8L 6 cylinder engine. Well it has been shorting out and giving false check engine errors I wanted to know roughly what it would run to completely re-wire the entire van and replace all window motors.

Car started idling rough and squealing noise when you start to turn the steering and loss of running power

But when I shift into 3rd gear there is a loud knock or bang. Not sure if it's the transmission or the transfer case. Please help if you know what the problem.
I hope it's a easy fix. It shifts in all 5 gears but when I am driving and try to shift into 3rd gear it slams hard.

Every time I make a trip with my car... have to keep it full with water in the radiator overflow and the water at escapes very quickly but I cannot find no leak. I'm wondering is it the hose or the thermostat

I have an odd steering problem, but what other problems are seen with this car? For one, I blow through tires.....

Last year as winter approached my car developed a steering issue that feels like a rack and pinion issue. It loosens up as it warms up. And is no problem if you are pressing the gas. The steering fluid is full. Problem is on just one side. Summer went by with no issue both this summer and last. It does not click but you can feel it catch when you turn to the other side.

I had an issue last year and was told that one of the warranties had expired, even though I had called Dodge itself and been told it should be covered, I had to pay the costs of having the vehicle looked at.

I am trying to figure out how to replace the driver side headlight