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If I keep water in it its OK but needs water every couple weeks. A/C blows air but not cold.
Loud ticking noise. Took it to dealership today. Can anyone tell me if the Exhaust Manifest broken bolts is cover by the extended warranty
won't start. All plugs are firing but just keeps turning over
but the needle for the temperature is fine most of the time. I turn on the cooling fans with the scanner and they did come on.
it spits and sputtering and dies and u got to hold gas to start back
The engine in my truck blew so i put a 99 v10 in it well i cant find anyone who can get a new camsaft sensor for it. I have called every auto store in 3 states n cant order one so i called dodge n they discontinued ma...
Changed to water pump,all gaskets& belts, plus 1day labor to take off grill, radiator, and fan to get to pump. Cost no less than $1200.Isn't this a bit too much in cost and R&R? Car doesn't squeak, squeal, or grind. J...
On 'Starting', Motor turns the starter, not activation of bendix gear. the gear is not extend to engage with the flywheel.
Well my Check Engine Light is on and i went to auto zone and the code read P2017 and i was wondering how much will it cost me to have this fix.
I just bought this car from a private party and they told me for it to pass smog I need to reset the brain so the check engine light will go off so it will pass smog. does anyone know how to do this? also the battery ...
tranny is newly rebuilt new valve body , new torque converter, new clutches seals fluid , filters ect. shifts fine for a while then shifts down low to second then acts like your running out of fluid but fluid is full
I need to take the old air pump out and put in a new one, how do I do that?
Changed the crank sensor and that did nothing. Haven't had much time to mess with it. Liking for ideas of what else it could be.
I went to tje gas station the var car was fine. When I started the car back up it revs up maxing out.
We opened the fob and cleaned out the battery compartment, and replaced the battery, but the fob still does not work, and we cannot even start the car. Fortunately, the car was unlocked so we could get in, when we di...
Now it takes longer to start, i was able check for fire from coil wire, nothing, checked again an hour later started up.I did check engine light code sreach came up with # 32, 62. Forgot I had battery problems last mo...