fuel pump is in the gas tank, can I get to it without dropping the gas tank, like removing the seats?

Driving to work and car just died, had it towed home, installed new fuel filter and coil pack and spark plugs, it cranks over but won't start.

The oil has always been full when it does it and no signs of a leak. Would this be caused by a faulty oil pressure sensor. If so how do you replace it. What else might cause this issue?

replaced pads 6 months ago

driving home today my charging system light came on. My car started reve up like I was stuck in a gear. Also, my lights started and dim. What is wrong with my car?

Driving tonight my charger system light came on and my car felt like I was losing power and sounded like I was stuck in a gear what could be wrong?

There is a pipe that runs in between the heads right above the motor block. It runs to the water pump and there is standing water o. The block underneath the pipe. The car leaks water (4th leak and i fixed the first 3) and it looks like water vapor is coming out the exhaust. Is it the head gasket? How can I check when I have already started taking thw engine apart? I need help. It's my only way to work and I cant make money without it.

transmission leaking shifting into 2nd gear a the problem car stops engine is on o shift to neural then back to 1st then second the problem

Where is the oil pump located for 2002 chrystler convdrtible sebring and how do i replace it

the screen still shows the station, but no sound, sometimes loud static. It will go out and then come back on later - sometimes after seconds, sometimes over 20 minutes. It doesn't matter if I am sitting in the driveway or driving over bumps etc.

Oil leakage

Wont release in center....is there a screw?

It rain two days ago abs light came on won't go off no problem with brakes

accidentally pulled out ASD fuse and car shut off in 10 seconds
When I replaced the fuse, the car would not crank & start afterwards
Crank, spark & fuel pressure now gone
"ccd" appears on display
What's up ?

I want to do this my self I need instructions