Where is the oil pump located for 2002 chrystler convdrtible sebring and how do i replace it

the screen still shows the station, but no sound, sometimes loud static. It will go out and then come back on later - sometimes after seconds, sometimes over 20 minutes. It doesn't matter if I am sitting in the driveway or driving over bumps etc.

Oil leakage

Wont release in center....is there a screw?

It rain two days ago abs light came on won't go off no problem with brakes

accidentally pulled out ASD fuse and car shut off in 10 seconds
When I replaced the fuse, the car would not crank & start afterwards
Crank, spark & fuel pressure now gone
"ccd" appears on display
What's up ?

I want to do this my self I need instructions

how do I change antifreeze/coolant

There are no codes,crank sensor has been changed, the ASD fuse is good and you can hear the fuel pump kick in.Any Ideas?

I recently got a new battery for my car. Could be my battery just slipped. Or could it be my alternator. I can't get my car to start now.

'm a new owner of chrysler sebring 2006. I just want to now guys if you could help me, cause there is a time when My car is running 80mph and above there is a sounds like when you put some plastic bottle on the wheelof bikecycle. sounds like that and when my car runs only 40-70 there is no sounds, and i check my Mud guard because maybe my wheel hitting on it but when i check it, it's still ok no sign of tire that hitting on them. thats why i can't verify the problem. Can you help me please thankyou very much.

the turn lever won't work nor will the wiper blade lever. i purchase a relay module and can't find where to replace it at

I was driving the other day and lost a/c. noticed the check light on about the same time. Scanned and found 2 codes. I followed someones proceedure and checked that I do have the 5v reference. At all sensors. Codes return immediately. I do not have any performance issues but having no a/c in Florida sucks. Any ideas?

I didn't hear the noise until very suddenly about halfway through the day, but then there was no way to not notice the loud whining and the gears slipping. I assume this is a transmission issue of course, but I'm hoping it could be something that I may be able to fix myself. Thank you.

My car was bought when I was living in New New York. I now live in California and although I passed the last smog test in California, this smog tester says he doesn't know whether my car needs to have an Exhaust Gas Recirculation. In my car it's missing. Since it passed the last test here in California I don't know why it won't pass now. Any definitive answer would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Trying to get the timing set on car and the motor will only turn over to a certain point. It will not go past that.

driving down street the car started bucking, then we heard a high pitch squeealing noise, car lost power for a few mins then started again then a light came on with code for electronic throttle control. What is this? and how hard to change and approx. cost?

How do I put key back properly for car to stay cranked

Supercharged engine, 24 valves. Overheated as it ran out of coolant, dumb I know. Now it runs rough, when you accelerate to point of almost stalling. No milky in oil, no steam out exhaust. Any idea what may have gotten damaged? Thanks so much, don't have a lot of money to fix but am handy.

That was in the morning first time start and by evening it is completely dead. What can I check myself? Y