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changed fuel pump distribertor still want fire
Pedle after a couple seconds then it run only 40 miles per hour.
Car starts with ether and then runs after ether is used. Will not restart unless ether is used again. Car had not ben used for about six weeks and had difficulty starting on two occasions and now will not start with...
Cooling fans not going on, gauge not showing hot just starts boiling over. Have not read a lot off positive stuff about this engine. Help
everything else works, dimmer to the radio and mileage reader ect...just the back light to the speedometer and gauges. I have disconnected battery cable and checked the #10 fuse. please help... and thank you in advance
continously putting coolant in. was told it may be water outlet.
Ive replaced plugs/wires/and crankshaft solenoid added better grade of gas/problem still there can you help me.just perchesed the car from dealer/as is HELP.
had head gasket done, he did not replace water pump now a month later I have to do that with another 600$ in labor because he didnt do it to begin with.
I have a 2001 Chrysler sebring lxi My family has had it since 07 we have 240,000 miles on the original motor how much would it cost to rebuild the whole motor??
I need to know how many hours (average) it would take to remove my 4 cylinder/automatic engine. I would also like the average labor cost per hour. Can any one help me?
I have a airbag light that goes on and off when I am driving and hit a bump. I know it's a short under the seat in one of the two harnesses under the seat. Which harness should I be looking at?
completely replaced all brake lines and brakes and houses on my wife's car she inherited from her dad. We still have spongy brakes even after vacuum bleeding. Its worse when car is running.
I have a 2005 Sebring 2.4 dohc . Won’t start . I changed the CKP and Cmp and plugs. I have about 120 k on car. I check Fuel line. I have pressure Timing belt looks good. Any ideas I’m lost at this point
it started knocking , It died while driving it, was only going 15mph when it died. No fluid leaks, didn't get hot, and I didn't try starting it afterwards either. I called triple AAA they towed it . Took a compression...
I need the labor hours and cost to remove my engine 2.4 sohc automatic 4 cylinder
My 2005 sebring sedan has all the switches off for the lights, and the key is off and out of ignition. The oil light stays on and the odometer lights stay on (showing P R N D 2 1 with boxes around it). the car has pow...
so my 2004 chrysler sebring sedan 2.4 has had some problems all of wich i fixed. Then its started dying out while driving if i went to slow. I had a friend help jump it then my belt snapped attached to my alternator....
i was driving and my power steering belt broke ,then the motor stalled, now it will not fire,it turns over but wont fire. the belt wrapped around the crankshaft. i replaced the belt but it wont fire now could it have ...