For all years have t20 screw there can I drill and tap these?? Please help

had it tested they said that the 3rd cylinder is misfiring what could be the cause ?

The gas gage also goes down to 0. Happens on a 20 mile trip about 1 or 2 times now. Please help.

The weather is now below 35 in NC. My hatch releases by itself but remains closed. In a warm garage, it stays shut. Of course the panel light tells me it's open and the interior lights come on. We sprayed WD40. Anything else we could try on our own?

on. I believe the fuse is good when checked by hand

My car wont go over 45mph. It does not switch gears. The speedometer sits at 0 and the fuel gage moves. All of this started at the same time. What is wrong with my car? How can I fix it and how much will it cost?

We have already removed the three bolts on it, but it will not come off

Map sensor, total tune up..still won't start turns over good new battery..WHATS WRONG ?????

Drove the car in the morning went to leave a little later and won't start have power for doors and lights car dings when key is in the ignition tried jumping it put brand new battery in and still won't start

All lights work but tail lights, what do I do

Tail lights not working

I have already replaced the multifunction switch and the lights relay in the car. I have checked fuses nothing burned out. I need help I can't drive my car until fixed

had new front brakes in april, and rotors, and a new abs sensor (front) put on and am hearing a clicking noise all the time. goes fast when I go fast, slows down when i slow down,

I have code po551

My accessory drive belt broke off of my 2002 pt cruiser. I'm able to drive still if I put power behind it but am afraid that I'll break something else if I drive it any longer. Ive been stranded for 5 days out of fear of driving my car and causing more damage (that I really can't afford) but am desperate to get it somewhere that it can at least be looked at by a friend. Any advice? The car has also been overheating but that is (I believe) a separate issue. I'm a single female and dont have a lot of money so I'm in a pretty difficult position. Thanks!

The sound starts when I start it up in the morning , when I put it in reverse, and turn the steering wheel to the left but stops when I put in drive? This just started 4 days ago

Text message me with the answer, please. Thank you. Also, now the radio and clock doesn't work. I had to get a jumpstart again today. This is my 7th or 9th jumpstart but I've gotten a new battery on the 10/14/15.

no crank no click no lights no power at all the battery is only 6 mths old. Is this normal after any repairs are done