It feels like there's no gears there. You can move it all over. Got in it yesterday it had no 4th or reverse, got in it today and it there's none.

timing belt code 1390, does anybody knows a way to make fake information about sync between crank and shaft sensor .what is the kind of signal going out from camshaft sensor ?Is ther e a solution to this problem.,???

Seems to work fine when on. No other electrical problems of any kind.

This happens at the same time, but after "Whacking" the steering wheel, the radio display comes back and the horn works. Is this fixable?

many times the oil light will stay on after driving distance. i am losing oil fluid somewhere and i have had oil changed twice

code PO 456

The cord in question appears to start around the alternator and split off in a couple different directions. Currently I am having connectivity issues with my new battery... it's only working when I play around with these cords ... and intermittently.

Pictures via photo bucket available s282.photobucket.com/user/FrauPre... for visual reference. Thank you for any advice you may provide!

I have tried 18" wheels but don't like the look of dominant
wheel. Would much prefer the classic/retro look of maximum
sidewall showing and filling up the space. Personal opinion
the stock 16"OEM wheels look way too small.

Have removed slave and bled it. The master cylinder is still full. Car shifts well when not running. Hard to shift when running or stationary while idling. The new clutch basically is dry. Help!

...accidentally turned a few inches counter clockwise, intake turned a few inches clockwise, and crank turned clockwise a few inches. Then all components centered again. (tuned them a few inches back to their alignment marks). Question: Could this have potentially de-seated the rockers from their seats? Please help soon. Thank you. Richard Gibeaut. New mechanic.

turned counter clockwise (not full rotation) and the inktake got turned clockwise a few inches, crank got turned clockwise a few inches, did this de-seat some of the rockers in their seat?

will this de-seat the rockers in their seat?

Everything on dash goes off and car decelerates. First time turn key to start it has no effect. Second time starts right up like nothing is wrong. Just started doing this yesterday. No problems at all prior

Lost OD first and then all gears even rolls in park. Is this repairable or does the transmission need replaced?

Never works

Have put new tires on. Balanced and aligned . Does over all make up of car cause it to shake. Too low maybe ?

I replaced the shift linkage in my wife's 2002 chrysler pt cruiser touring edition today and now it won't start in park. I can apply the brake and start it in neutral and it shifts through all the gears fine and drives smoothly, but no start in park

Driver side window will not open

Fuses are fine

relay switch. so, it almost turned over, but it didn't and the check enjine light stays on,can you give me any other suggestions Thank You in Advance!

Motor,checked relays,No smoke or sweet smell from exauhst,only loosing coolant from overflow (It appears) No heat when heater is turned on & was told water pump & belt were replaced! Used K&W in case bad gasket or cracked block,No change,still overheating! If pump was replaced, could the teeth be off by one & cause this?

wont shift even manually