had new front brakes in april, and rotors, and a new abs sensor (front) put on and am hearing a clicking noise all the time. goes fast when I go fast, slows down when i slow down,

I have code po551

My accessory drive belt broke off of my 2002 pt cruiser. I'm able to drive still if I put power behind it but am afraid that I'll break something else if I drive it any longer. Ive been stranded for 5 days out of fear of driving my car and causing more damage (that I really can't afford) but am desperate to get it somewhere that it can at least be looked at by a friend. Any advice? The car has also been overheating but that is (I believe) a separate issue. I'm a single female and dont have a lot of money so I'm in a pretty difficult position. Thanks!

The sound starts when I start it up in the morning , when I put it in reverse, and turn the steering wheel to the left but stops when I put in drive? This just started 4 days ago

Text message me with the answer, please. Thank you. Also, now the radio and clock doesn't work. I had to get a jumpstart again today. This is my 7th or 9th jumpstart but I've gotten a new battery on the 10/14/15.

no crank no click no lights no power at all the battery is only 6 mths old. Is this normal after any repairs are done

As I was troubleshooting this car shortly after I got it in on a trade trying to figure out why the ac works one minute n not the the next. I discover the high pressure cutoff switch locking/plastic body was broken. The connection prongs were barely sitting there and when I touch it it simply just disconnected. So I bought the replacement took the ring pin out but can't seem to get what's left of the switch out. I have good sensemble about things n how they work and how to fix thing on the fly. Ive thought of a cpl different things to try but want to see if I could find out the proper way to remove it. Can anybody please help with this? Thankyou in advance.

I turned my drive seat heat on low and within moments the seat caught fire and burned a whole through even through the pillow I was sitting on. But it was no recall

can they be made out of brake lines.

can they be made out of brake lines.

It feels like there's no gears there. You can move it all over. Got in it yesterday it had no 4th or reverse, got in it today and it there's none.

timing belt code 1390, does anybody knows a way to make fake information about sync between crank and shaft sensor .what is the kind of signal going out from camshaft sensor ?Is ther e a solution to this problem.,???

Seems to work fine when on. No other electrical problems of any kind.

This happens at the same time, but after "Whacking" the steering wheel, the radio display comes back and the horn works. Is this fixable?

many times the oil light will stay on after driving distance. i am losing oil fluid somewhere and i have had oil changed twice

code PO 456

The cord in question appears to start around the alternator and split off in a couple different directions. Currently I am having connectivity issues with my new battery... it's only working when I play around with these cords ... and intermittently.

Pictures via photo bucket available s282.photobucket.com/user/FrauPre... for visual reference. Thank you for any advice you may provide!

I have tried 18" wheels but don't like the look of dominant
wheel. Would much prefer the classic/retro look of maximum
sidewall showing and filling up the space. Personal opinion
the stock 16"OEM wheels look way too small.

Have removed slave and bled it. The master cylinder is still full. Car shifts well when not running. Hard to shift when running or stationary while idling. The new clutch basically is dry. Help!