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Car overheated, now blowing water through to exhaust pipe. What are options? If I am lucky, how cheap to repair? If I am not lucky, how much?
was driving to pick up my kids and my car was fine then all of a sudden after hitting a speed bump my car will no longer go into reverse.. it drives fine and will shift fine in all the other gears but it wont go into ...
heater not blowing warm air
Plugged in engine ditc computer it showed. Fuel sessor 2. Please HELP us.
Had new starteer put in. Battery is ok. Sometimes car just will not start. What could be the problem.?
sometimes the car will not start. No battery problems. new starter put in. What could be the poroblem?
the cost of a starter
The radio on my PT Cruiser suddenly started blinking rapidly and stopped playing. There is a message of "No Signal" on the left hand display under the direction and temperature. Any idea what is wrong and what I need...
This happens every time and is embarrassing. Smoke comes from under hood, from the air filter.
cant find the dam thing
battery or alternator, or both, how to test? I must put jumper cables from neighbors car everyday to start car, runs great till I turn off, then I need to jump again to run?
,What do i need to do, to fix my windows not rolling up problem?And my air bag indicator light came on. And i know its going ro rain soon and need my windows up!
I have changed out these items theomatate,low speed,high speed fan sensors,temp sensor,
All the other gears work and iv been driving it like that for three months. And its crazy cause it still shifts fine and smooth in all the other gears? And please don't tell not to park somewhere i cant back up! Cause...
If I could fix my car myself, I would. I keep having shifting problems. I don't have a 4 or 5 speed, I have an automatic. I already had a new sensor put in less than 2 weeks ago. This is frustrating.
Replaced o2 sensors 3 times. Replaced cam sensor. Cleaned throttle body. Still runs rough and stalls @ low speeds. Runs good fast. Replaced plugs and head gasket. Same code always comes up and won't erase. Will occasi...
Every time that I unlock my car with my key, the alarm goes off. I lock the door with the key because it goes off if I lock it with the button inside the car. When I go back to unlock it, it should be okay and my alar...
My car is a 2006 PT Cruiser with 49,000 miles on it. The shifting is the only problem I have. Does it also have a fuse like the ignition does? I haven't even had the car a month yet.
I changed the battery and after that the power windows and convertible top would not work. I changed the fuse in the power distribution center that did not fix the problem