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Just started problem yesterday. I had to put turn signal on to make fog lights go off and not drain my battery.

The parking lights on my PT cruiser suddenly came on while driving today. They will not go off. How do I get them to turn off?

code 106 repaired cooling sensor plug in is bad will start and die

Last week I blew a head gasket, my carlot fixed the head gasket. I just got my car back a few hours ago and now it's idling real low and almost wants to stall. Idk y it is doing this. Before the head gasket blew it ran great. Now it takes a arm and a leg to keep it from dying. What could be wrong? And about how much am I looking at to fix it?

in the left key turn it works

replaced sockets and bulbs

OK I bought new battery just replaced alternator few months ago (not ruling this out just saying) anyways when I am on the interstate early morning (dark out) going 70mph my battery light comes on I'll pull over asap and shut the car off myself wait about ten seconds and restart car battery light is off and I'll drive about ten miles and battery light comes on again and I repeat it. What could cause this? If alternator how is it my battery is getting charged to restart doesn't make sense to me please help. 05 crappy Chrysler pt cruiser

A recent repair had my car battery disconnected for a long time and now car is fixed but key fob for remote door locks doesn't work It's NOT the fob battery and I don't have a spare fob either. Can anyone help with how to reset or IF I can? Thanks, Steve in San Diego

Ignition key fob has lock/unlock/panic buttons. Ater repair of a few days the remote doesn't work. I don't think it's the battery as it was fine before.

What should I do should I call Chrysler themselves .because I'm having issues with leaking fluid.transmission fluid already leaked engine dashboard is cracking like no tommorow I never saw anything like CD player does not work or the ac and my sunroof leaks water into my light right behind the sunroof when it rains.I have 6 more payments on it.only has 129,832 miles on it because they replaced the engine.what are my rights as I do not have good credit .the transmission fluid leak is slow and said it's the rear axle seal .that. it's gonna cost me between 100 to 120.00 to put in.since I've had this car I spent way over 3,000 between inspections .

Lost keys. Locksmith replaced.Car stared then died, he ? and then it worked. Drove and fine. Next day out of gas, I thought. filled up $10.00. Then noticed none of cluster gauges working. Went to locksmith couldn't help. Almost three weeks later went to Chrysler {Limited income}. Service person stated too busy..make appt. But will check jf just needs new key. Bought new key..It didn't work made appt. On the way home the cluster came on four times and went out. Took back, after two hours of block time ..burned out cluster. Could not tell where or how and needed a new one. Can't fix the old one, because don't know where? Cost with new key 115.00 +labor260.00+New cluster700.00 tx ? So Help

Doc reader does not find abs module

My car smokes a lot especially when started. I just bought the car. Took it to AutoZone and had the diagnostic test done. A code came up that meant cylinder 2 was misfiring.

The battery light comes on when driving. But goes off when I shut the car off and is off when I turn the car back on.

Yes, funny I know but it would start fine, then I put a headlight bulb, a turn signal bulb and replaced a fuse, the car was running fine.. An hour later, started it up but as soon as it did it bogged down and shut off started again, same thing... third time it shut off and won't even try to start.