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Power steering hose and fuel leak recalls
the next day it started fogging the road i heard that its possible to install a wrong gasket that could cause this im thinking valve seals 2004 pt crusier
Had my PT Cruizer repaired after my door was hit. Took it in for body repair and my door has been replaced But Now my drivers and passenger side front windows will only roll up and NOT down. Their telling me this pr...
I was driving to work, then heard a thump sound,check engine light came on and car lost all power. Tried to start can hear engine trying to turn over, but no luck. How soon can I get car checked out and repaired at yo...
TYC 17-5075-01 Chrysler PT Cruiser Driver Side Replacement Backup/Signal Lamp Assembly
Knocks loud on idle and acceleration
Also, my car has cut off while driving.even though it does starts back so far.
car wants to die because of this..just replaced battery and new terminal yesterday, is doing the same thing...
ok when I go to turn it on sometimes it wont turn over ( I mean nothing)I have to jiggle the key or take it out then put it back in a few times then it will turn on, it runs fine but my battery light is coming on then...
I drove it to the store, and it ran fine. I came out of the store, started the engine, heard a pop, smoke came out and it all of a sudden sounded rough. I had it towed to the shop, and they said it had thrown a spark ...
had to change timing chain, the new aftermarket tensioner has a week spring is this a hydrolic unit? i left the old one in cause it was so much stronger than the new one
below freezing temps. When I tried to open liftgate wouldnt open and the handle is partially up and will not go down. WHAT DO I DO??????
When I put new plugs in after a while the gap in them are smashed down ,the car will still run if i set the gap again,it sounds crazy, but is there something with motor that could cause this.?
When I turn the key the cars cranks but won't turn over. I replaced the battery ant got really good crank but still would not turn over.
Will the code go away after a few starts? Or do I need to reset the computer?
When Off I can go thru gears. If I put into 1st, keeping clutch depressed & brake depressed, Once I take my foot Off Of Brake car starts to move (as if I am stepping on throttle) Can u help me ?