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The battery is good and change the spark plugs but nothing changes. Help please.
driving back from nashville and noticed the sound
This happens only when A/C or heater is on full blast or just below it.
Signal sounds when slowing down in traffic turning corners or braking. Fuse problem?
Been trying for years to get rid of the odor. Who can help and what to buy?
My signal lights shouldn't turn when I press on the brake, it started recently, I changed a few fuses thinking it may be a blown or dirty connection, nothing! I had a mechanic where I purchased the car take a look at ...
My turn signals and windshield wipers work sometimes they don't what could be the problem?
The car was running fine til one day after work it would not start, it just clicked mutliple times. Tried jumping it off, no start. Battery is only 5 months old, replaced starter, solenoid and starter relay. Still sam...
It's a 2002 pt cruiser 5 speed manual transmission. It won't go into gear when car is on. It does shift into gear when off. Bushings, cables, and clutch work fine and were replaced 2yrs ago. Before this happened it wa...
I have replaced the TIPM 4 times and the LFTS will woek 4 - 8 months. I replaced the wiring to the TIPM from the bulb, socket included. The bulb always lights when I place 12v on C4 P1. I replaced the combination swit...
up to that time I had a rattling noise that came and go
I pulled in my driveway and went to turn the car off and it would not shut off with the key all the way out so I had to pull the fuel pump fuse out in order to kill the car and then the lights ran the battery dead and...
Erg code Yeah.should I change all fluids?bottoms out easy. Front brakes grinding. Creaking when front tires slowly easing up or out of driveway. So where to start?
Went to the mechanic today to get a sensor replaced for my oil needed indicator. He forgot the flashlight under the hood, it fell on the ground while I was driving with a big "ca-thunk". 40 minutes later, I stop at ...
it has new spark plugs and wires. it worked yesterday but it won't go over 15 mph. What could the problem be?
Car has 87000k miles, owners manual says change at 90K, dealer says 100K and also have been told 120K,,??
sometimes battery light comes on and stay on sometimes check engine light come on and car won't go in 1st gear unless i restart it .. sometimes i get a tcm code,, low voltage code sometimes i don't
i have changed turn signal switch and still have no power to any fuses or relays i still have turn signals and dome light
We try take it off as try to fix but nothing happen...I suspect that it is a fuse???