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recent starter is 6months old.starts and go but sometimes I go to store and when I go to start the dash lights up andclick and nothing come back hour or so later it will start and no problem for2-3 months u never know when it will leave me stuck.also fog light switch goes bad fog lights stays on I remove fuse to shut off.that was replaced couple years ago.thanks,GINO

came out of gear 2nd. tried shifing in other gears nothing clutch feels good. but grinds like its half way in gear.

Runs very good while driving down the Rd with AC running, med vibration at stops. When I shift to nuetral it's not as bad but still has some vibration, shut off ac it's fine. Going to see if it changes with warm up or warmer weather today. Thanks on point I recall the idle slightly below 1000rpm not now, seems to be sensitive to types of fuel. Serviced the car after purchased it with: new plugs, wires, cleaned the throttle body. When the ac is off there is very little vibration! A mechanic said it's the motor mounts but why would it only vibrate with the ac engaged. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

Starts but dies like immediately

wont crank, wont start, the accident did very little to engine (esp. cooling system, ) no leaking but front frame crossbar was pull out and bent front part of passenger side's frame - out about 20° toward passenger wheel.

This occurrs for some passengers even though they weigh 110 or more pounds. The light will go on and signal the problem with a beep. Then it may go off and then back on and beep again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This applies to both front seats, driver and passenger. Any suggestions of possible causes and/or repair will be greatly appreciated.

This appears to be an electrical problem. I can press the lid closed and it may stay closed properly for a time. Then at a later time when the vehicle is turned off I may hear the solenoid activate and release the trunk latch. This occurs nearly all the time when the car is parked and unoccupied.

it broke off so the people at 10 minute oil change told us.

Car won't go above 25-30 mph

Car shut down while driving, error code p0430 which is cam POS. Sensor, and another code which was oil pressure switch. Engine light was on prior to this but would go off every so often. It's like no fire or not getting fuel. Fuel pump works. I am about to lose everything if this car doesn't go! I provide for my 3 boys, and we're about to b homeless, I've spent every penny I had on it and still it sets!! Please somebody help me!!

Wire is from alternator to starter terminal,red wire.

Our PT cruiser was running hot. We took it to a garage & we had to have the radiator replaced. A few days after the radiator was replaced, my husband attempted to check the oil & found that the dipstick was broken. Could that have occurred when the radiator was replaced? The garage said that couldn't have happened since the radiator was pulled from below.

my vehicle has been having issues with the steering and handling for about the last 6 months.It' hard to keep it from being "all over the place" especially with freeway driving.

old timing belt had 160,000 miles in it

We change two sensors

I only drove it across the street. After I washed my car went to start it up and it turned over for 2 seconds then stopped. Did that about 3 times then opened the hood. Checked the fluids and saw there was no water. Noticed everything was hot. Shut it off , filled it with water and it still won't turn over. Everything lights up but I can't start it. I am waiting a couple of hours to let it completely cool down. Could it be in limp mode?

What could be wrong?i was driving from work today and it felt like it was struggling, it was jerking trying to pick up speed!

I want to
Change the transmission filter and fluid because it's time

There is a book out there that mechanics use to know how long it should take that they go by. Just would like to know the rule of thumb when you do it yourself?

Rule of thumb there is a book out there called the Mitchell book. That mechanics use. For diy

I changed the crankshaft sensor and I turn the key and nothing i charged battery over nightand still no lights and won't crank is it a bad battery

RE #1 trunk is shut properly but will chime while driving its open and stays on/#2 had new battery replaced today and realized on my way home that my tail lights were not coming on my brake lights are fine but was hoping it was was just something minor possibley while changing battery something was disconnected or fuse I have no idea. Any suggestions ????

What manufacturer type and description of power steering fluid used in 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

The problems I am having jus started now after I hav paid the car off I have had guys already advange of me bein a woman not fair because I do know car

sar was ok for 1 day then i got 2 codes. 3040 again and also 3025, knock sensor. since i replaced the first sensor and it's showing up again, is there something else to check?

The oil level is full and the light comes on only when the engine is idling. Why is this occuring

up again automatically if I put more oil in it or do I need to bring it to a mechanic?

Charge battery and fan kicks on immediately when battery is reconnected and before key is in ignition.

Over heating,while idling.Fan doesn't come on.