When my Wipers are turn on the panel lights start blinking, engine light start flushing and transmission stop working. When Wipers are completely off all issues stop.

When my Wipers are turn on the panel lights start blinking, engine light start flushing and transmission stop working. When Wipers are completely off all issues stop.

Car has 46,000 miles-sounds & runs great. Had to Repair/replace leak in AC coil as it wasn't cooling or staying cold. Drove it 15 miles, & now hear intermittent 'rubbing' sound & only if AC is on. Never made this sound prior to repair by dealership. Any ideas? Car replaced a 2004'04 that,ran, looked and sounded great..but had 181,000+ miles. Mistake? I hope not!

i am having the worst luck ever !!!! i have changed both o2 sensors..put mopar sensors on it.. and a new egr.. even drove it for 25 miles for the pcm can reset it self... did aother test today and a tbs came up.. so i relaced it!!! test drove it ran great.. now its back to jerking and idling hard but not as bad!!! now two new codes came up p0113 and p0403...... i just dont know what do with this darn thing!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!

above the oil pan

While driving in a downpour the windshield wipers stopped working, as did the radio, windows and speedometer. First just the throttle control light was on then the tire pressure light came on then all the lights came on. I parked it overnight, started the next morning and all that came on with the engine light and tire pressure light. It also said Check Tire Pressure System. Do you know what is going on?

Always have to push in on the key while starting vehicle. Sometimes it engages the starter sometimes it doesnt. Do i need to replace the SKREEM?How much does this generally run? Could it be other issues. It is not responding as well as it used to, so its getting worse. And from all i have read it is not a do it yourself project

I just replaced the AC/Heater fan resistor. In the process I pulled the fan out to clean it and make sure it wasn't binding up. After replacing the resistor the fan now works but the air doesn't come out of any of the front vents. I need HELP...

This issue just started about two weeks my speedometer just started jumping up and down while I'm driving or parked from 10-20 mph and it is causing my gas pedal to stick. I have to tap harder than normal to accelerate even while driving at a slow pace because of the sticking gas pedal??
I thought it might be the AC going out, but I was told it might be the wiring are crossed or giving out false reading to the speedometer?? What could be going wrong with my car? Everything is fine on the car?


I thought it might be the AC compressor that is going out because the speedometer jumps up and down while idle or parked, when I turn up or down the AC, if I leave it the AC up while driving the speedometer keeps jumping up from 10-20 mph while at a light or parked and it causes the foot pedal to stick and a fast take off when you tap on the gas pedal to drive?

Could anyone tell why my PAC throttle gets stuck at very high rpm when p put in reverse from drive. We can't figure out what the problem is, my mechanic said he's never seen anything like that before. Please help

The problem is constant. The blower will not turn off. The system seems to be running regularly (heat, upper and lower vents, etc.) it's just that what turn off and actually blows harder when you try to turn it off. Would really like to avoid a costly electrical diagnostic test. Is this something I can fix by ordering a part?

Backed my 2005 Pacifica out of the garage. On a slight slope. Won't start. Had battery check. Full charge. All dash lights come on as usual. Doesn't do anything in on position. Did notice radio stayed on when car was shut off. Key out. Turned key back on then back to off, radio shut off.

it is getting gas and is also firing but still will not crank.

I just bought a 2007 pacifica. The check engine light came on, had it hooked up to the diagnostic tool. The code it threw was for an egr valve. Now my gas cap message won't go away even with a brand new gas cap. Could the egr valve be causing the gas cap message?

problem it was not the fan itsel they said is some cables not connected what you think is the problem/

In park if you rev the engine the car cuts out at or about 2500 r.p.m. This has started over night. Any clue as to what might be causing this issue.

i was driving down the road when my car lost power like crazy then died at the stop sign i thought it was timing belt cause it sounded like top of engine wasnt turning but when i tore into the timing belt it was fine what could be going on

Only when accelerating from a stop. Sometimes more pronounced than other times but consistent.

Now it is stuck in garage, because cannot shift out of park. Starts, ok, but relay clicks syncronously with right foglight, left on does not work because I think it is blown. Tried cleaning grounds, 3 under battery tray but nothing yet.

price for a CV axle

Will not even crank. I've checked the starter, alternator, battery is at 100%, solenoid, relay, ignition switch, I've put an extra ground from the battery to the transmission, got a jump.. Still nothing.

Every once and a while.. The car will randomly start, if I turn it off then on again, nothing.

I'm stumped. Any ideas?

RPM spiked between 3-4, Engine light was on then blinked. Drove about 3 miles to destination. Car felt like it wanted to die, but didn't. Current mileage 108900.