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Discovered the manufacturer discontinued the front motor bracket for the 2005 Chrysler Pacifica 3.8L engines. My mechanic and I can not find this part anywhere, we've tried junk yards, parts stores as well as online a...
Every time I start engine or simply turn key to run, both front windows roll down. After 15-30 seconds passenger window is able to roll up using driver controls. Using passenger controls, passenger window will stop go...
I had to switch my leaking water pump and also replaced the timing belt, the car ran fine for twenty minutes the it started losing power and wouldnt start,after it sat for 30 minutes ,it started and ran fine another 2...
Makes sparking static noise. Now car is stalling while driving. No diagnostic codes appear. Had battery changed. Connection to battery changed. Grounding wire.
I had the car running do not see any fluid leak can it be building pressure and leaking after you shut the car off
All fuses good. Read about bad abs modules. How do I make sure or test procedures, am mechanic with scanner available possibly. No codes showing, cannot clear either.
my 2005 Pacifica turned off on me while driving now it will not start. how do i know if i blew my engine.. its not the battery cuz i had it checked already...someone please help.
When I turned my heater on this morning, nothing came out I tried all the settings, tried it on low, medium, high...nothing. Nothing comes out at all in the front. But when I turn on the rear heat, it works, but it b...
getting a p0685 code, everytime i try to start I blow j37 fuse, pretty sure i have a short somewhere, where do I start?
I had to replace the battery 2 years ago. The new battery would not start the car every so often. After several complaints to the dealer He replaced it with a new battery. This was their best battery. Eleven months la...
Had a ground issue, put temp ground just to get the car started and worked for a few weeks then replaced the g101 ground when to start it and it starts to turn over but now wont start and now am getting a p0865 error.
no indication that my question was processed or what or when to expect a response.
my radio and lights work. is it my starter or alternator? could it be a chip malfunction? or do I just need a whole new motor?
We put on a new battery but we have to fineness the gear shift to get it to start
Heat/cool turns off when reaches selected temperature, then does not regulate from that point. If I turn the power off then on, it comes back on.
clock looked like it stopped at 8:30ish last night. no power to dash when turned key. kept turning key off and on and then power slowly seemed to come to life. when dashboard fully came to life started up and ran j...
suspension knocking sound
ideling high and then cutting off. Someone said I need to have the memory reprogramed. Can you give me some insight and advice please?