My ABS light was on for a while in my chrysler pacifica and now all of a sudden since yesterday its been off it turned on and usually it turns off but after a couple of minutes will turned back on and stayed on but since 2 days it turned off completely on its own what does this means? I have not callee a mechanic because of hardship right now but i am worried at this point

ABS, Brake and traction lights on continually. Took to Advance, put on their diagnostic, code C1073. What is that and is it still safe to drive? Brakes are working fine. Just had brake pads put on in last 3 months

The car had to be towed to the mechanic twice already first time it was electrical and the diagnosis said to replace the battery, the second now the fuel pump was a questionable solution however the car still starts and it would not be the fuel pump if the car is starting therefore the sensor cam is being triggered as a suspicion to buy the car stops in the middle of the street and starts and then sometimes does not start

My car is overheating

connector has no spark is it ecu

The car can reverse but cannot drive forward. When switching the gears the car jerks.Fumes coming out of the exhaust when turned on but, not moving.

I change my starter on my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica and now it will not start and my throttle control light on the dashboard is coming on, any suggestions?

keep getting faulty code p0122 I changed out the accelerator pedal position sensor still getting code what should i do

Wife driving when engine shut off with no loss to lights or radio.Found a blocked fuel line . replaced line, now we can only get spark to two of the six cylinders and also have a strong draw on battery.

i have been told i have a loose wire which is causing me some starter issues... i was looking around and found a cord with a male 3 prong plug next to my battery. There is no reference to it in the manual nor on any google searches... what is it used for?

When i Was backing out of the deive Drive way its a lil incline and the tire lost tracton so I pulled forward to try again and didn't have reverse o noise was made now it's like I got it in neutral and solenoid pack is loud in reverse and u can hear in other gears whn u put it in and the rest of gears shift fine just no reverse was working fine now slipn or anything how often does that happn if they go bad

When my 2007 Chrysler Pacifica 4.0 is in reverse it makes a sound like a chain that has slipped. It stalled out in the middle of the street while in motion!

When I take out key the blower stays on for maybe 5 more seconds and then shuts off. That's has only happened twice since this started. another thing that has happened since I got the car is that when the heat/AC would be on for a period of time it would stop blowing. Please help. It's getting colder and I have kids. I need to have heat in my car. Thanks in advance!

I was driving and my car cut off while driving and will not restart. It is turning over but will not start. Fuel pump is working fine. Could it be a sensor, coil or fuse? Please help need to get fixed ASAP. Thanks in advance

While driving, the throttle control light comes on. I lose throttle response and the car just idles. If i restart engine it starts to work again. It has become more frequent over time and now it's doing it over a dozen times within a miles distance. What's the most likely part in the system that is causing this? Thanks

Sometimes the fan on the ac wont only happens intermittenly, so its not a really big deal, but now im selling my car and dont know if i need to fix it or leave it.

We have been told that the lifters need replaced. Is this common?

No one can fix it to get it pass to get my tag I am at my last resort. No one even the dealership what can I do.

II have both original Key Fobs for my wife's 2005 Pacifica. One day they both just stopped working. Now when she locked the car and uses the key to open it the alarm goes off until she engages the key in the ignition. I understand this is the way it has to be but I am trying to understand what the problem is. The dealer says it is the Wireless Control Module and will cost me close to $1100 to fix. he says this will also fix the tire pressure monitor system as they both use the same wireless module to operate. Is this something I can take out and send somewhere to get fixed for much cheaper or am I stuck with using the dealer for this fix? I am not a car guy at all so please let me know if you need more detail and I will do my best.

want to change ignition coil

I had to disconnect battery while I repaired a connector on the bottom of the Integrated Power Module. Now the trans stays in first when driving.

Brake shudder when applying brakes at high speeds. Somewhat inconsistent, sometimes more than others. All brake rotors are in good shape with thickness variation and runout within spec. Never an ABS warning light. Wondering is cause is wheel speed sensor.