We have been told that the lifters need replaced. Is this common?

No one can fix it to get it pass to get my tag I am at my last resort. No one even the dealership what can I do.

II have both original Key Fobs for my wife's 2005 Pacifica. One day they both just stopped working. Now when she locked the car and uses the key to open it the alarm goes off until she engages the key in the ignition. I understand this is the way it has to be but I am trying to understand what the problem is. The dealer says it is the Wireless Control Module and will cost me close to $1100 to fix. he says this will also fix the tire pressure monitor system as they both use the same wireless module to operate. Is this something I can take out and send somewhere to get fixed for much cheaper or am I stuck with using the dealer for this fix? I am not a car guy at all so please let me know if you need more detail and I will do my best.

want to change ignition coil

I had to disconnect battery while I repaired a connector on the bottom of the Integrated Power Module. Now the trans stays in first when driving.

Brake shudder when applying brakes at high speeds. Somewhat inconsistent, sometimes more than others. All brake rotors are in good shape with thickness variation and runout within spec. Never an ABS warning light. Wondering is cause is wheel speed sensor.

work. and all warning lights stay on

Battery died the other day bought a used one. then it died, alternator tested bad, bought a reman. now with a "new" alternator and a good "reman" battery the battery light comes on after about 2 mins. tested battery again and it was down to 12.5 v but still good under a load. i have ohmed the cables grounds and even the battery temp sensor and their are no opens anywhere. i am stumped and i need my vehicle up and running asap! any help is greatly appreciated

when I go to start my car it wont start. for the past few days when I go to start it it takes like 3 tries it works.. today it didn't start for anything. the lights come on but no sound at all no sound when I try to turn it on what could this be

my radiator cap was loose.

Air does blow through some at high speeds and also if I crack the windows it makes like a vacuum. Help please

Oddly, the rear vents still work (although the air is not cold.) I recently replaced the blower motor resistor because it would only work on HIGH which solved that problem. I don't know if they are related or not. Again, All of a sudden my AC (in the front) verses the back is turning off. Sometimes it will start to work again--it's tempermental. Any idea what it could be? Is it related to my other problem?

Is there a way a mechanic could knock something loose while replacing inner tie rods and alignment that would make the engine light come on. The diagnostic test says it is an EVAP issue.

My air conditioner blows when it wants to, and blows cold. Now today, it was on this morning, then I turned off the car and went into the house, 20 minutes later I went to leave again and the airconditioner would not come on the rest of the day. Is there an easy fix?

noise has been consistent and unchanging for a while now with no change or degradation in performance. I have experienced this in other cars and turns out to be stabilizer bar bushings.

We just put brand new fuel pumps in the car for the third time now and the gauge is reading empty when I know 100 percent the tank is not empty. Took the car to a mechanic and he said I needed to take the car to the dealership and get P2066 "Fuel level sensor B performance" "program power train control module (PCM)" and "program body control module"
I took it to the dealership tested and they said there is nothing they can do. That I,have to buy mopar parts and have them fix my car. Dad said all I need to do is get another PCM and switch it out. Q

How much would it cost to get the transmission rebuilt? And how long would it take?

ABS light comes on panel, ESP/BAS, Break symbol, and traction control lights also. Auto parts store read the code from computer; C1073. Was told to replace the 40 amp fuses; if problem persist the ABS Module needs to be replace. Never heard of a problem where module runs loudly when vehicle turns off. If battery not connected the battery would totally discharge with time. Car runs okay and breaks properly (drove it home 180 mi after lights first came on).