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The key dosen't turn the ignition to start the car. I have to play with the steering wheel to get the key to turn and start the car.
The RPM will fall off and I will have to pull over and restart the car and it will run fine then will do the same thing again
Thinking of buying a 2004 Crossfire with 50K miles and wondering what maintenance i should do to proactive regarding timingbelt/timing chain repair.
It clears up after several minutes I dont know what could be causing this. Car is always garaged when not being driven.
This is on a 2005 Crossfire.Replaced sensor,locking tab broke off.Is there an easy fix? Dealer wants to replace entire wiring harness,are Mercedes parts interchangeable?
The garage replaced the seals for the RagTop replaced and now it will not go up and down. It's not the switches. When trying to open the the top the light comes on red and beeps as I hold it in the open position.
Problem getting it to rotate and stay down has been slow in developing, a year or more.
Already replaced the crankshaft sensor,2 weeks ago. but now it is doing it again.Also when you start the car the rear spoiler comes up??
i used 0-40 mobile oil when i crank it up it make a tappin noise in about 5 minutes it goes away
i was at the light and i press my gas paddle to go but the car moved slowly ,like it was in neutral, and now while in park and pressing the gas paddle i have to press it to the floor to get the engine to rev t...
when i start it on a cold day it makes dis tappin noise sound like it comin from d engine five minutes later it will go away it just started dodoin it
noise it didnt used 2 do dat what u thunk d problem is
The code is saying that is the crankshaft and so we changed it and we keep getting the same error and it does not start, my mechanic is saying that it is the engine computer. Rebuilding the engine computer is super ex...
I had the problem of going down the road ,Bells lights no go pedal dead in the middle of the road!!!I just got the cpu back from Cardone they claim no parts to do the repair? I have been reading all your posts any one...
Dash lights flash when car is shutting down. Same issue starting.Sometimes will not start.
How do you remove the center console to replace the cup holder and power window switch?
How many miles do spark plugs get. I would like to check my spark plugs as my check engine light has came on. I can't get them off. Do they just pull straight out or is there a trick to it? or a special tool? Thanks f...
Is there anything I can do to fix it without replacing?
I bought this 2005 Crossfire Roadster limited when they first came out. Now what am I to do? Put a key in the switch and can't drive this car. The car was over 40, Thousand new and I only have 7500 hundred miles on ...
the interier lights will not come on, ive checked the swithch but nothing
The airconditioning fan will shut off on its own and then come back on after 5 minutes or so.
A month ago my 2004 crossfire was towed due to a broke ignition. Cost of repair was $1275 and I was told that this is a common problem with crossfires. If that be the case I feel that chrysler should be recalling the ...
when i have my aie on or every few days
shut down going down the road had it towed home stick key in switch on poistion fan starts running no crank wii not turn over next day car cranked hooked mac hand held scanner check codes as i was checking car shut do...
Last year my car alarm went off in the middle of the night. My dog in the garage may have bumped it. Now the toggle switch that has (a picture of a hook for towing) will not toggle. May be stuck on. Got my ignition sw...
without my input,fan motor started running,wouldn't shut off with ignition off,had to find and pull fuse
put the top down one time and the plastice window pulled loose from the canvas top