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The interior roof covering is coming off
Instructions for changing the antifreeze in my 2004 Crossfire
It came on when I started the car to drive home from bus stop, it went off the next day. It came on again and won't go off. Asyou can tell from my email, we own a 39 Oldsmobile so my husband knows cars and he can't ...
Both my seat warmers are non functional; the dash indicator lights do not light up either.
2007 soft-top Crossfire. Engine has a tick-tick sound that is more pronounced when I accelerate. I also need to have my soft-top cleaned.
The car starts a few times , and then it shuts off. is this some type of theft mode.
the console where the cupholder is located is silver do they come in silver
went out this am and the car wouldn't start nothing- lights radio work but the engine won't turnover at all- no clicking nothing
get check engine light & no power if car is redlined. disconnect battery to reset computer then car is fine until redlined again
2004 chryler crank and cuts off two times then nothing unhook battery cable then put it back on it does it again fuel strong battery where is the fuel pump relay
The lights and everything work- won't turn over- have replaced the ignition what could be wrong?
and my mechanic said to bring it to dealership to get a diagnostic...checked tranny fluid and he said it was fine but havent got the 80.000 mile flush have 120,000 on it now..anyone might know what it is..
It almost quite.Put old mass back on engine smooth out.Cleared check lite drove it then check lite came back on.
For no appent reason the car will just die. I turn the key and nothing happens although the electrical systems are fine. If left for 45-60 minites it will start right up. I was told that it might be the Right side Rel...
Check engine light comes on for a brief period and turns off after driving awhile. Dash light indicating burned out headlamp comes on but all lights are functioning.
i was driving and my car just simply cut off, i mean shut completely down while i was driving home? i gave it a while then it started right up..this issue just recently started and now even when i go to crank it uo it...
I have a 2004 Chrysler Crossfire. Six speed manual.....Clutch slave failed. Had my mechanic replace clutch pressure plate, bearing, clutch disc and slave cylinder. He put everything together, bled the system and a...
I turned on the air conditioner. When I reached my destination, I tried to turn it off using the controller. When that didn't work, I turned of the car and the air conditioner stayed on. I took it to the dealer, and h...
I have no DRB-2scanner,just a 2005 service manuals 1-3 which section 7-1 thru 7-11 sugggests it could be a fan motor, or the 50 amp fuse, or power control module and or radiator fan control module? Is there any other ...
I can hear a pump or motor running when I hit the locks!
When switched on, inside air conditioning blower shuts off for a few then comes on. Strange, but both seat controls work off and on also. seems like after a few minutes they work, or don't work...
The last time I had my oil changed I ask for them to check the transmisson fluid. I was told that the dipstick to the transmission was missing. My oil is due to be changed again,should I take it back to tire plus. I...
turn alarm off to leave,started car starter not turning
15 minutes after about 1 hour of trying different things it started but engine light came but now it is off!
The key dosen't turn the ignition to start the car. I have to play with the steering wheel to get the key to turn and start the car.