I had shock absorbers and a swaybar kit put on my 04 crossfire 3/5/15. For the last week, a loud noise like something caught in fan blades has been coming from under the car when I hit the gas, it gets louder and then goes away. I asked a mechanic and he said it sounds like a clamp is loose, or there is a hole in my exhaust. But it would have to be put on the lift to be sure. Could Midas have left an o-ring off or not secured it tightly?

Have problem turning the key to start the car.

can this be an out of balance wheel, or wheel bearing, or tire or alighnment, or brakes?

when occasionally driving i hear my locks in my doors flutter as well as when i park and lock my doors. this is causing my car to drain my battery and over work my alternator. anyone had this issue and can shed some light on this?

Like others, my car tends to stall at red lights. It usually takes a few trys before it starts up again. It also felt like it was going to stall today while I was driving on the freeway. The check engine started to come on and then didn't.
This is a very dangerous problem. What do you think is the cause? I notice several people are experiencing the same issue.

I've just noticed that after fueling my gas tank and starting the engine, I have to wait for the odometer to either reset or finishing displaying a (lighting bolt symbol) followed by a set of descending/ascending numbers before I can reset the trip/odometer I've owned the car just over a year now and this just started. Is this something a mechanic would have forgot to reset for oil change notice? I never reach the recommended mileage just the time frame.

I am looking for a chrome plated plastic speaker Bezel which would be for the driver side door speaker. The only identifying markings I've found are 84342 with the 2 being a guess due to the fact that is was a badly casted part in the area. The rest of the markings are >ABS< L1. If anyone can help me it would be surely appreciated.
Thanx (248-660-3868)

I have a 2005 Crossfire Convertible with 36051 miles. I started my car two days ago, and noted that it took nearly twice as long to start feeling heat, but still not as warm as normal. This has continued through today, and I am beginning to be concerned. I have started this car after a week in snow without having this issue before. I also noticed that the fan seems to be buzzing at all speeds, getting louder with the increase of fan speed. I think the buzzing indicates a failing blower motor, but the delay or lack of heat has me concerned that I am also loosing a heating element somewhere. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

I took little red to a car wash and somebody broke the cup holder.
How much would a new one cost??

They replaced the d/s bolt when i got a alignment
What is the bolt for

car pules to the right then left
have taken it to two different places and it just keeps getting worse what am i missing

the fin goes up and when i try starting it nothing happens

I have taken out of gear and tried to move steering. I little red plastic part fall of the top of key but still have electric.

It only clicks like starter trying to In gauge . Had starter check and battery both good. All fuses good. Need help is getting a -9300 on dash where the mileage is.

it shuts down when riding, but will restart after sitting for a while.

My trunk won't lock. The remote and console button works with all the other locks. The trunk has a motor sound that lasts longer than normal when I try to lock the truck

It sounds like it unlocks with the fob but won't open using the latch release on the trunk. How do I get it to work?

After owning this vehicle for about a year I just discovered that there is a light in the trunk. I was able the replace the burnt out bulb but I have not found the on/off mechanism. How do it know when to go off??

the mech components in transmission replaced problem is intermittent when I pull off rd and shut eng off restart car will work ok ????

last night after 30 miles 1 stop then 2 miles car died. Tried to start and no but as soon as key is turned on starter cranks. Enough batt to pull the car off to the side in 1st gear. Today turn on key starter cranks but won't start. Key is in ON position not start position and don't have to have clutch depressed now

went up to 5 or 6000 rpm felt like not moving. seems better with traction control on . puzzled?
Thank you for any answer

got a 2004 chrysler crossfire that has developed a few problems n just a couple of months. when being agressive with the pedel & runnin thru the gears, if just goin thru the first three gears the car goes into limp mode & stays n 2nd gear til i shut the car off for a minute then will shift fine but when runnin thru all the gears it will go into nutral till c ra slows to about 30mph then it will fall n2 3rd gear and drives normally. also when driving normally the trany goes thru the gears too quickly & wont down shift properly & i have to push the pedel alot further than I should to get it to down shift & will sometimes stall when comming to a stop. can still bump the stick to do it manually tho. also sometimes the car will down shift too quick & chirp the back tires if im being agressive thru the first 2 or 3 gears & i take my foot off the pedel. ive got some guesses but no way to know for sure, maybe speed sensors at the trany or pedel? TPS sensor? circut relay 4 the trany? and or trany modual? the stored codes are; po730; po410, po41004, po171, po174,and it showed signal error open for the relay circut 4 trany. i do know that sometimes one code can produce another code or even multipul codes just not sure if its like that with the crossfire or not? ur help & advice would be great. Thank you.

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