or to check it out?

car jerks hard... this is my last hope but dealer says I have to tell them what it plugs into before they can give me a price...they dont know what to order until they know this...siad it could be sensor or several other things. PLEASE HELP ME

Where can I find the answer?

Seat was moved to far back and the controls will not let me move the seat forward or lean the back forward.

on my display panel there is one wench with 300 next to it.

When trying to remove the counsel the manual said to slip the counsel over the emergency break lever however the rubber cover is two large to allow it to go through the opening. Is their some way to remove the rubber cover with out destroying it.

car had not been driven therefore the jump start from AAA. There was a loud, screechy sound when they connected to the battery. discovered later that the radio does not work...no display at a;;

there is no motor function at all

Stops if I push & hold the LOCK button on remote. Started 3 days ago and now happens several times a day.

Hi this is for Jeff in Taylor Texas or anyone who tried his suggestion...where do I find the instruction?... my name is Carol...Please help out a fellow Texas Gal from California...seems your solution to the ignition key issue on the Crossfire is the best. I cant afford to pay a mechanic and especially the Dealership etc. Can I trouble you to share the exact info on how to do this with me to my email address? I attempted to look up on CrosfireForum.org yet there are many listed and difficult to find your answer suggestion. HELP. Can you send me an email to Carolathiwthi@hotmail.com with the actual answer page/link etc its on or the actual instructions would be much much appreciated. Please Help!

My key will go into lock but will not turn also will not work electronically either can not get into car.

Started out with the alarm turning on and off, seems it ocurred mainly when raining. I was told to take the small plugs under/bottom of the trunk and it fixed the problem. There also information about a chip that may need to be replace, located in the trunk.

I had shock absorbers and a swaybar kit put on my 04 crossfire 3/5/15. For the last week, a loud noise like something caught in fan blades has been coming from under the car when I hit the gas, it gets louder and then goes away. I asked a mechanic and he said it sounds like a clamp is loose, or there is a hole in my exhaust. But it would have to be put on the lift to be sure. Could Midas have left an o-ring off or not secured it tightly?

Have problem turning the key to start the car.

can this be an out of balance wheel, or wheel bearing, or tire or alighnment, or brakes?

when occasionally driving i hear my locks in my doors flutter as well as when i park and lock my doors. this is causing my car to drain my battery and over work my alternator. anyone had this issue and can shed some light on this?