After being stopped at a light, when the gas pedal is pressed to move, the van jumps. Then, it will absolutely NOT shift. Driving down the freeway at 40 mph and 3500-4000 RPM is not my idea of a good time. The last time this happened, beating the shifter side to side seemed to fix the problem as if it was stuck in third gear? Ideas?

I believe this may be a common problem for 2008-2010 dodge caravan/chrysler town and country. Rear wiper arm becomes loose on wiper motor shaft.

car did want to crank when driving started jurking

Sometimes has water in it other times dry.

My egr sensor came on three weeks ago

I was told it was the fcm could it be any thing else if that's not the problem

Getting good fuel pressure. Crank shaft replaced. Still will cuts out. Is there another sensor that could cause car to still idle and die out? Maybe the Map sensor. Sometimes the radio will go in and out. Acts like there some type of shortage or computer may need resetting. ..maybe fuses. I'm puzzled.

The car will click at a stop light and it will run really rough but I turn it off and on and it will run fine ???

It will not test for emission it says not ready

cel on - code po456- I have the pump
just want to know where it is go I can replace it.

fuses in fuse box are all ok, is there other fuse box

My car overheated I replaced everything but it still over heats. Why got no oil in water or water in oil..when you take off car is real sluggish..why?HELP...

the step #2 box only goes to 1990 model as oldest! it is a 1964 Chrysler new yorker

My wife was driving her pacifica the other night and it just died. Got the p0340 code and replaced cam and crank position sensors and a new battery. I have tried to spray starter fluid in the intake and got nothing. It is still showing the p0340 code. Any help would be appreciated. I forgot to mention the motor will crank but won't fire.

Pulled the fuse but still happening . Sounds like noise is in back doors and trunk . Been going on all day . With key out and car off .

My coolant level is ok. However noticed something is leaking from in front of passenger rear tire. Could this be the problem? And if not what else could it possibly be? Just want to know how much $ I'm looking to have to spend :(

I was coming home from a friends an hr away and my heater cut out just started blowing cold air and then about 10 mins later my overheat light came on but my gauge wasnt showing it. It was still in the middle between hot and cold then about 5 mins maybe a lil less later smoke came from the exhaust and my temp gauge shot up to hot then shot straight down to cold stayed at cold and my throttle light came on and the overhead light came off. I was able to get to my sister's turned it off and steam was coming from under the hood. Popped it and antifreeze blew up everywhere. Put water in the antifreeze reservoir and steam started pouring out on top at the coolant outlet housing it's like it melted by the screws. What would cause it to get that hot and do that out of no where? Once I replace the coolant outlet housing will thay fix it or is something else wrong that lead that part to break like that? The car was running perfectly fine until this happened. There was no leaks either.

On July 25, 2016 at 3:50p it was working fine and then at 6:00p I tried to open it and it would not pop open. My key does not open the trunk only the keyless entry thing does...

Where is the access port to hook up fuel pressure tester

my pt turbo convertible cruiser is 2005 having oil fight come on the oil is full and has just been changed.
then it will go off during my drive. then when this was happening going up a mountain a beeping signal would beep somedtimes one time and sometimes 3 times straight. then after a visit of several hours with mom, we went down the mountain and it did not beep neither did the light come on the entire drive. now, the car had not been driven for a couple of weeks. could that present a problem? Please if anyone knows I would appreciate an email from them and th

Engine light on- got code P0404- replaced ERG valve and sensor just past air filter. Reset the engine light and with in few days engine light back on still same code P0404. Parts store told me the new ERG valve could have been faulty. I really don't want to change out the ERG again unless absolutely necessary. Any suggestions?

The gear shifter is failing causing the car to roll out of the drive or down the street, according to the report on the news. Is there a recall on this.
The problem is with 2012 to 2014 model 300 Chrysler.

We have on the heat and it goes from really good heat to cold air all the sudden.

And after a short time, I can drive further. What is the problem?

Could the wheel sensor code this to happen?

I need to replace the engine and want to know if I can go with a different year model engine

Orig code po700 po882 from autozone drive home then no start! Dealer doesn't know prob! I need my car and now out of $ any help would be appreciated!!!! Can jump starter it turns over still car no start

What has caused this? Now where to I look?? It's a dead cat now :(

i have also turned the car off sat 5 to 10 mins started it up and continued to driveand the needle never went past normal range why? sometimes with heater on the needle will slowly fall again why. what should i check?

Hit a curb and will not turn back on