My illuminating lights that show, gas, speed, no longer are lighting up. The light that shows the radio channel and weather still illuminate. I do believe my clock is starting to dim also which I bet is going to do what the the dash board lights did and stop illuminating also. Everything is working just not able to see anything at night at the dashboard.

back over a curb and accordioned the exhaust, it is even rubbing up against the frame.

The gear shift won't move out of park , the car is running but can't put it in gear

I wanted the estimated cost of repair.

Driving at relatively low speed, I was in the front passenger seat when suddenly there was a loud grinding sound seemingly from the front end and it felt like weight shifted from the center toward the outside under my feet. My dad checked the U-joints and axle on both sides including the axle bearings but cannot locate the issue. Now on the rare occasion that he does drive the car the grinding continues worse when starting from a full stop, and the front end feels completely instable.

The car starts fine but I can't get it out of park into the drive gear or reverse gear.

Ive replaced the ignition switch and auto shutdown relay

What is fair estimate on a transmission mount replacement too?

The black plastic line blows off might be a week or 2 months. Put new clips on can pull on the line and it's on good then out of the blue pop it's off

When I put my key into the ignition it is not turning over like it's supposed to. The key is not turning over in order to start up my vehicle

The automatic door locks keep trying to lock when the dome lights flicker off and on.

The car runs and sounds fine when first started. After a few minutes, it starts having a whistling type noise and a scrubbing king od noise that sounds like metal on metal. I had several people tell me it sounds like brakes but it makes the noise when brakes are not being applied. The repair shop says brakes are fine. Passenger side rear wheel is very hot after driving for a short distance and there is a burning smell.

#1 cylinder rotted , burned 2 quarts of oil in 2 months , posted earlier today.

oil from last oil change 2 months ago , car just over 45000 , said power train warreny will cover replacing engine , could trans possibly be affected also , oil was sent through and out exhaust system ?

How do I diagnose it? PLEASE CALL ASAP 404 574 8253 THANK YOU

I was told it was something under the dash by my aunt (the original owner). I'm thinking it is either a fuse or fan blower motor/resistor. Where is this located and is it necessary to remove the entire dash?

I have to press the passenger door locks down manually.


The car stalled and we tried to start it and it would crank but not start. Replaced the cam shaft positioning sensor and it still doesn't start. What else could it be?

install a new radiator fan assemble but fan does not operate

I have a new 2016 300 and I have heated driver/passenger seats. I want to have AT LEAST the drivers seat replace with one that has the ventilated/cool seat. About how much labor would that entail and about how much would I be looking at to do so?

Got a diagnostic test on the car and was told it was the hydraulic pump. I have no idea what that is. The car doesn't start after it sits for a long period (over night) jump starts easily and will usually restart after a short period of time.

I have a 2003 Chrysler Sebring. The machine said the crankshaft position sensor was the problem. I replaced it but it still wont start and the machine is still saying its the sensor.

After driving several miles my 2004 pacifica starts to beep - 3 beeps every 30 seconds and doesn't stop. No lights are on - engine or otherwise. Once I've stopped and the engine has been turned off for 5+ minutes and then start again it goes 5 miles or so before starting to beep again

I got code 0344 told me cam sensor. Replaced that. It didn't help. What else can it be? Now I do the key thing and it gives me no codes...

If I turn the key twice before actually turning it on, it will start with no problem. If I forget in the morning to put it in the on position, it sounds like it's stuck turning the engine on. What can that be?

car uses a quart or 2 of oil in between oil changes probably normal. the car has 135,000 miles on it and i just had timing belt and water pump changed it idles rough but runs decent once you get going.car has kind of a carbon smell from tailpipe but not oily

was driving on highway when pt cruiser when it lost all gears

Also had no spark replaced crank sensor tryed to start once with either now no spark either

PT Turbo Limited edition purchased for granddaughter last week with 19,071 orig. one owner miles. (backed up by Carfax.)
Because of future low miles less than 5,000 per yr. Time wise when should the following be flushed due to age not mileage: coolant? brake fluid? power steering fluid? transaxle (Automatic ATF and or filter)?