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We change two sensors

I only drove it across the street. After I washed my car went to start it up and it turned over for 2 seconds then stopped. Did that about 3 times then opened the hood. Checked the fluids and saw there was no water. Noticed everything was hot. Shut it off , filled it with water and it still won't turn over. Everything lights up but I can't start it. I am waiting a couple of hours to let it completely cool down. Could it be in limp mode?

What could be wrong?i was driving from work today and it felt like it was struggling, it was jerking trying to pick up speed!

I want to
Change the transmission filter and fluid because it's time

Key check flash code meaning

oil light flickers on when idling at 550 rpm never at driving rpm only has happened 3 times no noise from engine oil is full not due for another change for 1k more I did add a half quart of oil 2 weeks ago not 5-20w is pump on way out

And then it a few minutes before it will start up again and drive a little while until it does it again

There is a book out there that mechanics use to know how long it should take that they go by. Just would like to know the rule of thumb when you do it yourself?

I have a 2004 Chrysler Concorde 3.5 engine...all of a sudden out of nowhere the car won't start unless it's jumped...I've had the battery and alternator tested and were told they were fine...I had the starter replaced and still the car will not start. When I turn the ignition the car clicks one time and nothing...all lights come on radio head and dome lights as well as blower motor all come on...I was told possibly a ignition switch or possible add a ground cable...has anyone else had this problem. How did you resolve it.

Everything stop working on the dash board

The battery was replaced and ever since then the car rarely starts immediately. I was told it was because taking the battery out set off some kind of anti theft system and all needed to do was hit unlock and lock on the fob. A month later I'm still having the same issue. Taking up to 45 minutes to start my car.

After replacing the water pump (serp-belt) my car will not start , why ? It keeps acting like it wants to start but will not turn over and it's not lagging like the battery is low either it just won't turn over for some reason what would be causing this?

Keeps flashing

no heat out of rear controls either nor from the front controls. Please help with solution

When going from a start or under about 30MPH it jerks as if it's running out of gas

Rule of thumb there is a book out there called the Mitchell book. That mechanics use. For diy

my gas cap light comes on and was replaced with several ones and my gas gage is all off now too and my check engine is always on too.

really ,like its in the front come on if im saying the front turn signals not working then the back must be

I changed the crankshaft sensor and I turn the key and nothing i charged battery over nightand still no lights and won't crank is it a bad battery

I was checking fuses to see if any where blown because my lighter was not working, and when I went to start the car, it wouldn't

RE #1 trunk is shut properly but will chime while driving its open and stays on/#2 had new battery replaced today and realized on my way home that my tail lights were not coming on my brake lights are fine but was hoping it was was just something minor possibley while changing battery something was disconnected or fuse I have no idea. Any suggestions ????

To get the car inspected the mileage must be known. Light is not working to be able to get an accurate reading. How do you fix it so it can pass inspection.

When I apply my brakes the mouse stops

The transmission was under warranty and had been worked on in the last
two weeks. Now Crenwelge says that
the ABS requires a FLASH doe the dynamics sensor and a Transmission
Range Sensor? Important for safety?

What manufacturer type and description of power steering fluid used in 2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser?

My car only starts when I use starter fluid then runs fine

When I put gas in it takes a long time because the gas pump keeps stopping because my gas tank over flows and I only put like $10 when I know it's almost empty but soon as I put gas in it says its full

While it is running it smells a firecracker. It smells horrible. While sitting it has a miss so bad it makes the car shake.

how do I take the front rotors off?

We were driving down the road and ran over something not sure if it's a rock or a piece of wood and the air bag light came on right after. It has been raining this morning.