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When car is being parked by turning wheel to the right the engine stalls. It can be qickly restarted. Any suggestions?
How much damage has been caused to the engine?
After this happens all mileage lights and the Park, Drive, etc. flicker for another few miles, then back to normal. Happens randomly during all drives but ALWAYS during 1st mile now. Started at 122K miles and nobody ...
i have a 2.4L 2002 pt cruiser. i went out to start it this morning and stalled it , when i tried to restart, it did nothing. everyone is telling me it is the timing belt, but there was no noise, just wouldn't start. t...
Transmission will be okay after the engine is turned off and back on. The transmission does not slip and mechanic said the transmission looks good.
The battery is fully charged car runs fine but you shut it off and the next morning it's dead I removed the interior light radio and power lock fuses but it is still going dead I can unhook the battery and it will be ...
My van has two sperate problems. 1 was the hear only worked on high. To fox this I replaced the a/c heat resistor under the hood on the driver side that goes through the firewall. The 2nd problem is the clicking under...
replaced with new battery and altenator car turns over great wont start
Just got my battery replaced and I'm trying to get my car to pass the smog test for the second time, Got no codes or active readings on sensors.
The wires are still attached and working. How do I reattach the mirror using the screws that are still place? How do I get the inside place off to get access to the screws?
Radio turned off, automatic windows wouldnt work and the other lights on dashboard came on
Every couple weeks I would add coolest 2 overflow shop guy says fans not working last time heated up had it towed home set for 2 weeks checked the radiator was real low and nothing in the overflow shop is putting in a...
I'm taking my car in for a "flow test" this Tuesday. If I have a stopped up catalytic converter, what should I do/ how much does it cost and how long will it take and is it worth it or should I have someone help me fi...
My key will go into lock but will not turn also will not work electronically either can not get into car.
I was driving about 50mph and then rpm started jumping from 1 to 1 1/2 extremely fast and then died. It won't start up. It also turns over really fast like there isn't alot of commpretion. What do you think it is?
My car just quits running . It will start back up but continues to stall once engine light comes on. It has codes p0300 thru p0307. Started out with p0300, p0301.