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if i pull over and restart it's ok for awhile.It resets it's self.
battery only 3 mo. old. had it tested twice, checks new. everything shut off, was told it was a relay somewhere but doesn't know which one.
This only happens when car sits over night. Longer car sits over night more tries it takes to start. Once started and heats up it's fine rest of day. Runs great. It's summer now. No check engine light at all. Cleaned...
Sometimes depending on weather it will be louder when colder out and quiet when hot out
I can not use the auto stick to shift. The gear shifter will go in place but it doesn't register on the dash.
I was driving and the temperature guage went extremely passed the halfway mark, it was on orange and the light came on, so I sat and let the car cool off and started the car up again after about 45mins-an hour. The ga...
I started the car and drove two blocks, then parked for 45 minuets.When i tried to start my car, it will crank but not start. I tried a hot shot that didn't work. I was told it was the crankshaft position sensor. That...
I was driving down the road and my belts snapped. Had music up and did not hear it. Continued to drive until it died due to the alternator not running (because belts snapped) and car was pulling off the battery. I tri...
Car is missing, and this is how far I could trace it.
To who ever responded to my Trans issue. The answer is once it does it.. It stays. Erase code let sit for a bit same thing. Sometimes it goes into first when I'm stopped. When I move it goes back to 2nd and stays. I r...
I'm a 22 year veteran mechanic. I replaced the transmission a couple years ago. Was perfect for those 2years. When it's like cold outside the transmission will work perfectly. I notice in this 80 degree weather it hap...
i have tried to moves wires around it would work for a while but always returns and now you cant keep a fuse good more than a couple minutes what should i be looking for???
How can I use alligator clip testing leads to see if the motors on the fan work
What part do I need, how much does it cost? And how do I fix it?
The clanking noise mainly when i turned,as if i was running over bumps,an now the tires are pointing in opposite directions. An the steering is straight
Oil light also flickers when let go if gas and come to a stop .. constant ticking noise in the front end. Also when accelerating its almost like there's hesatation.. please help
I've followed the cable from the throttle body to the inside. How do i tighten the cable.
I bought a new mopar oil pan for my car, and got everything in, but realized that it didn't come with the aux oil return line stem. I took the old one off of the used pan and it only fits into the oil pan - it doesn'...
The person saying that the only problem is the water pump. I doubt that .. Sell the car for 1200... Its way more to it
The lights on the bottom are blinking.
I've had to refill my coolant previously before after noticing overheating n it helped. Now weeks later i get white smoke from exhaust pipe & check engine light .