Anti skid light on engine wot accelerate

My heat and cold hand want move it stays down on cold and if I cut it off to try to restart it my car
Want start

off,when I turned car on took off it begain to sputter check engine light flashing,car died,restarted drive then die at stops,then I heard a noise around transmission zing will not go into any gears shifter work no forward or reverse gears
I had no previous issues no warning no nothin prior

had to pull the fuse to stop the wipers don't matter what speed I put the wipers on it stay on the low speed. The window sprayer does not work either.

Initially would shutter when in reverse but would back up eventually lost all power in reverse. How do I check transmittion fluid level?

Rat chewed off my coil plug wire to number 4 cylinder and I believe right across number 4 injector fuel rail harness connector rewired with automotive wired replaced plugs no longer misfire picks up fine and idles rough still checked engine light reads open circuit in all my injectors I know the wires are not the best enclosed but I still have them rewired where he chewed off could I have a bad pcm or just need to replace connectors for both coil and injector harness cause he chewed them down to the wire so I had to remove terminal to make it hold another wire.

What adjustment do you make to the engine besides changing get spark plugs.

Like it losing pressure, i changed thermostat, and water pump, yet still acts funny. Fyi. I blew fusees while touching wrong battery post

trunk release quit and shifter gets stuck whenever it feels like it not always might do it for a week then again month or two later

Car cuts off when idling or slowing. Cam sensor and throttle body replaced. No Codes. Negative full diagnostic. Is this a recall issue

sometime on for awild .i start it up in the morning go to work it ,work just fine drive about 3 mile it start

Warning light turn on while driving and car turns off. Replaced engine, throttle body and gas pedal already. Please help

Car is an 5,7 hemi touring AWD with just 50.000 mls
Wheels, discs and drivetrain have been various times by off and non official engineers without any solution. Rubberbushings have been replaced

cigarette light does not work

trunk light does not work, with a new bulb replaced

It's sounds to me like maybe the actuater door sticking?? I no I spelled it wrong. actuator lol

Now the engine light is on

The light turned on when i had the engine on. but the light already turned off when i turn on the engine. What happends if i keep running the car?

Car gets hot but temp gauge only goes a little past half way. Fans do not come on when engine is hot, only when AV is on

Car has 80000 miles on it now. Water got into transmission due to gasket leak.

My steering wheel shakes really bad when I'm stopping and it has a rattle noise in engine when running

Ocures every time I stop

My steering wheel shakes really bad when I'm stopping and it has a rattle noise in engine when running

Ocures every time I stop

I pulled off, shut it off, restarted & it was fine. 30mis later (about 5 miles from home) it came on again.. Scheduled for the shop later this week.
Any idea what I'm getting into? Costly? Easy fix?

There's a small pin size hole in my radiator. I drove the car to take my kid to school which is 5 miles round trip. At about 1.5 miles into it my check engine light and the red lighting bolt light came on and the engine temperature begin to rise. Once I got it back home I ran a diagnostic test on it and then shut it off; it was beginning to steam from overheating but the gauge never got in the red zone. The diagnostic codes that I got were:
P2638 Torque Management Feedback Signal "A" Range/Performance
U1402 Implausible Engine Temperature Signal Received.
Now it won't start and it won't even turn over and I'm at a lost as to why it won't even turn over. It's an 2005 Chrysler 300C with the 5.7 Hemi RWD.

While driving no problem only after driving then park idling. After cooled down then drive no problem. Fan turn when idling.