my keys wouldn't unlock the door and when I tried to start it would come on then shut off and the next morning it sounded like it would start but when I tries to turn it on nothing all the power works but it just won't start, neither willy key... does that have something to do with it

Was driving on the road, changed lanes and pressed on gas to pick up speed and all of a sudden nothing. Car was still on, tried giving it gas and car wouldn't drive, the rpm was going up while I was giving it gas and still no movement, felt like it was in neutral. Car has been periodically maintained, miles is at 281,000, majority of miles is highway and this is the first major problem. I took it into aamco and below is what they stated:
Our initial vehicle check revealed that the transmission fluid level is OK and the condition is varnish with the burnt odor. test drive revealed no movement front or rear, noted bearing and pump whine present coming from transmission, noted no line pressure during testing a computer scan revealed following code PO716 input speed sensor circuit PO721 output speed sensor circuit, recommend tear down

Are they about right to do a tear down and replace soft parts (that's what they called it) or is it just speed censor circuits?

Ya eh cambiado el sensor. Varias veces y no se apaga la luz

It usually happens when it is hot outside and the air conditioner is on. It is impossible to see outside unless I intermittently turn on the windshield wipers, turn the temperature to heat, and run the defroster.

I went out Saturday morning and my car started right up then died did again, I tried a third time and now the car won't start at all...the theft button is flashing...someone pls help

When i tried to start the engine, the car would not crank. I switched the fuses around and it started up. Each time I try to start up ar it will not crank

When I turn my steering wheel to the right or left while either driving or being stationary it makes a loud squeaking noise. Also when I go over speed bumbs it makes a loud noise. It has always kind of been there been not very loud but recently it has gotten very loud.

Scan codes out these items are bad

My driver door will never open at all when I pull the inside handle, but will open when I pull the handle from the outside. All the other doors have the same problem from the inside handles but periodically like a couple times a week

I purchased my car new in 2005 and currently has 140,000 miles. About 2-3 years ago I started experiencing a loss of acceleration and a lightning bolt displayed on my dash. I pulled over, referred to my manual and said to turn engine off and re-start. I did this and went on. This is happening more and more frequently but my mechanic can't find an issue and there are no codes showing anything is wrong. Yesterday I was on the freeway and lost acceleration and was very dangerous. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

It does not thump very often, and it does not jerk the car. What may be the problem?

Even when I sit in the car with the engine all but key slightly turn it still will not stay on in play when it normally used to

Was on freeway car shUT off on me and didnt want to start

I was driving about 45-50mph when my car stalled just replaced the fuel pump prior to that my ac clutch doesn't engage so I have to use the whole paper clip thing to get it on on the relays I had the paper clip in there when this all happened aswell check engine light came on for code p0406 and p0113 the car will start but will not stay on for no more than 5 secs can you guys help me out please

When turn the switch to start, I let go and it continue to try and start and I'm not touching it. Also when driving it will looses pressure even when you press the gas pedal to the floor. After letting up off the gas the car gradually picks up speed. At times when it looses pressure and you let up off the gas pedal the car will shuddered.

First time after being parked for several days.