cigarette light does not work

trunk light does not work, with a new bulb replaced

It's sounds to me like maybe the actuater door sticking?? I no I spelled it wrong. actuator lol

Now the engine light is on

The light turned on when i had the engine on. but the light already turned off when i turn on the engine. What happends if i keep running the car?

Car gets hot but temp gauge only goes a little past half way. Fans do not come on when engine is hot, only when AV is on

Car has 80000 miles on it now. Water got into transmission due to gasket leak.

My steering wheel shakes really bad when I'm stopping and it has a rattle noise in engine when running

Ocures every time I stop

My steering wheel shakes really bad when I'm stopping and it has a rattle noise in engine when running

Ocures every time I stop

I pulled off, shut it off, restarted & it was fine. 30mis later (about 5 miles from home) it came on again.. Scheduled for the shop later this week.
Any idea what I'm getting into? Costly? Easy fix?

There's a small pin size hole in my radiator. I drove the car to take my kid to school which is 5 miles round trip. At about 1.5 miles into it my check engine light and the red lighting bolt light came on and the engine temperature begin to rise. Once I got it back home I ran a diagnostic test on it and then shut it off; it was beginning to steam from overheating but the gauge never got in the red zone. The diagnostic codes that I got were:
P2638 Torque Management Feedback Signal "A" Range/Performance
U1402 Implausible Engine Temperature Signal Received.
Now it won't start and it won't even turn over and I'm at a lost as to why it won't even turn over. It's an 2005 Chrysler 300C with the 5.7 Hemi RWD.

While driving no problem only after driving then park idling. After cooled down then drive no problem. Fan turn when idling.

The car is a chrysler 300c(2006) The car makes a noise like it wants to start but is not catching. A thunderbolt light comes on that I've never seen before. When I looked it up in the owners manual it says that it's the electronic throttle control. I just bought a battery when I hit the car 4 months ago. Since my car has over 100,000 miles this issue isn't covered in my warranty.. Pls help I do not have $800 to put into the car right now I am hoping that this isn't the real issue. Also could the starter cause this issue

Full of freon new lines blows cold then I hear a click and it goes hot

My shifter will not come out of park. It is as if it is frozen in park an will not move.

So now car won't stay running ? Do I have to buy brand new brain for car ?

Said I could lose my engine if I did not replace the timing belt and water pump. Is this true?

my keys wouldn't unlock the door and when I tried to start it would come on then shut off and the next morning it sounded like it would start but when I tries to turn it on nothing all the power works but it just won't start, neither willy key... does that have something to do with it

Was driving on the road, changed lanes and pressed on gas to pick up speed and all of a sudden nothing. Car was still on, tried giving it gas and car wouldn't drive, the rpm was going up while I was giving it gas and still no movement, felt like it was in neutral. Car has been periodically maintained, miles is at 281,000, majority of miles is highway and this is the first major problem. I took it into aamco and below is what they stated:
Our initial vehicle check revealed that the transmission fluid level is OK and the condition is varnish with the burnt odor. test drive revealed no movement front or rear, noted bearing and pump whine present coming from transmission, noted no line pressure during testing a computer scan revealed following code PO716 input speed sensor circuit PO721 output speed sensor circuit, recommend tear down

Are they about right to do a tear down and replace soft parts (that's what they called it) or is it just speed censor circuits?

Ya eh cambiado el sensor. Varias veces y no se apaga la luz

It usually happens when it is hot outside and the air conditioner is on. It is impossible to see outside unless I intermittently turn on the windshield wipers, turn the temperature to heat, and run the defroster.