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sometimes battery light comes on and stay on sometimes check engine light come on and car won't go in 1st gear unless i restart it .. sometimes i get a tcm code,, low voltage code sometimes i don't
i have changed turn signal switch and still have no power to any fuses or relays i still have turn signals and dome light
Van was fine during trip from Indiana to Phoenix. Made it through the mountains fine, but when we hit the lower speeds here in town we noticed it was missing out. After investigating we found the fouled plug and lower...
We try take it off as try to fix but nothing happen...I suspect that it is a fuse???
I hear a grinding noise on the left front when I turn left or make a u-turn. I have to turn the wheel right a little bit to get it to adjust back sometimes
I cant seem to move the tensioner
in runs great till I'm on the interstate the van acts like the timing is not advancing especially on incline ck engine lite comes and goes with a p0420 code I should have left it alone was running great. I also cleane...
Bad rain storm since I started it earlier...moisture maybe? Lots of cranking power...but no starter action...just clicking. Oil is fresh and full ....I change it every 3000 miles religiously. Why oil light?? Help! O...
Looking for replacement part info and instructions to replace the power seat motors for both front seats.
Stops if you speed up or slow down anybody hv this problem
Hubby can take time to fix it, if possible. What will parts cost & what new parts are needed?
I took it to shop and was told they replaced two senor. The engine senor and maps senor.
Engine light has been one for almost two months, went to get checked at autozone, said either gas cap is loose or maybe a tune up in need, did not reset the check engine light. Noticed over the past few weeks that my ...
Stops if I push & hold the LOCK button on remote. Started 3 days ago and now happens several times a day.