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just happened ,never before

My trunck won't open n I don't have the key for it

Not getting fluid to the rear drum n passenger side

The oil level is full and the light comes on only when the engine is idling. Why is this occuring

up again automatically if I put more oil in it or do I need to bring it to a mechanic?

The timing belt broke and I am wondering if it is worth replacing or am I looking at valve damage as well. The car has 120K miles on it and is otherwise in good shape.

my check engine light is on

Sounds like exhaust knocking maybe. I have no idea

What could be the issue?

The diagnosis complained about TCM

Charge battery and fan kicks on immediately when battery is reconnected and before key is in ignition.

At 55 mph or above tranny will downshift hard without warning,almost throwing me into wheel. It also will not always downshift when stopping.I can tell it is in a higher gear when pulling out. Problem is random, runs fine most of the time.

Will that be a a relay that we need to replace

EGR replaced, ignition switch reset, oil and filter complete after car wouldn't start. An hour after repairs, check engine light came back on. Can't pass inspection that way. Went back, the did diagnostic test - actautor?

i ran the troubleshoot code P0513 on my van.

cant get defroster to work, heat only blows from vents no matter what I select.

The next day. What should I do next?

Over heating,while idling.Fan doesn't come on.

i have fuel at the tank but on fuel at the injectors any ideas? I replaced the fuel pump also

I've been to two mechanics, looking for third opinion

Get in to start it and the check engine light will flash10 times I start it and the light goes off...

Horrible metal sound but brakes stop ok

My check engine light came on and I have had 3 different work on car & add parts. The problem boils down to this. Every morning car has to be jumped off to get it started. It runs fine & starts the rest of day. So everything has been checked over & some parts have been changed. Now they are saying the computer in car is not working correctly. I will gladly take it to somewhere that can fix it but don't know where to go. Probably the closest place is Nashville , Tn. Please help. This car has run perfectly for 12 years & I had kept the maintenance up always.

When i turn on my head lights i have no tail lights except over the license plate. I have break lights, reverse lights, and turn signals but no tail lights. I have checked all fuses and bulbs. Not sure what else to do. Please help.

Thank you

car talled while driving and now does nothing but turn over wont start fuel pump has been replaced but still just cranks no fire

Does a suspension front sub frame from a 2007 chrysler 300 LT ,fit into a 2012 chrysler 300 LT?

It starts fine. When I'm pressing the gas it putters repeatedly.

After he held a car for 2 months you gave it back to me he said the check engine light is off now there's no check engine light at all on the car

barely made it home. stearing wheel normally at 9 and 3 now with wheels straight its at 12 and 6. during drive home it went extreamly loose. talked to a friend they said possibly rack and penion...please help

Have replaced egr valve and the check engine light came back on after a few days again. Have had the connections checked. Van is chugging like it's not getting enough gas or it is to lean it seems. Any suggestions