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I have 2007 Chrysler, Town & Country, 3.8 litters. A week ago all of a sudden it just WOULDN’T START! The lights on the dash are all on, everything is working fine. I turn the key and nothing but a relay clicking...
Took to a shop and they could only get into the system for 10 minutes before they were locked out again, has been there for a month and they do not know how to reset the module.
purchased the car new brakes have not been replaced. But don't know if it's the front or back brakes.
Ac works, heater works, rear ac works but the blower only work on high.The voltage at the blower does not change. It stays on 12.7 when on the high position. help?
My car won't start all of a sudden it click BT don't crank it crank earlier that day BT when I went to crank it later it wouldn't crank.
The clunk sound comes from the right side just under the dash board and gets loud when going over bumps. Van does not bounce so wondering if broken shock/strut or could be bushings?
In park if you rev the engine the car cuts out at or about 2500 r.p.m. This has started over night. Any clue as to what might be causing this issue.
where is the thermostat located in my chrysler sebring 2004 touring
The gear selector slide I find is a smooth black plastic piece. The one that came originally was a stepped piece. How do I find that part number and availability?
Signal sounds when slowing down in traffic turning corners or braking. Fuse problem?
The engine won't start after a thorough engine wash. It worked for 5 minutes or so then stopped. What could be the problem? Please, give me an advice. Thank you.
How do you replace the Grill on a 2007 Chrysler 300?
Been trying for years to get rid of the odor. Who can help and what to buy?
Hi, my name is jeska, i wanted to see if i can get any feed back on whats going on with my car. So to make a long story short, my car was leaking oil and my brother said to buy that lucas engine stop leak so i did i p...
What could this be? It sounds worst when I turn to the left.
My dashboard lights want work when it do crank I can ride but when I cut off it want crank again
Solenoid pack changed..checked wiring.. Had radio replaced before...I noticed one wire in conduit spliced.I don't see ground wire going from granny to body..where do I buy ground wire..this car stressing me ou...
My signal lights shouldn't turn when I press on the brake, it started recently, I changed a few fuses thinking it may be a blown or dirty connection, nothing! I had a mechanic where I purchased the car take a look at ...
I bought the car used recently. It worked great for the test drive, and bringing it home. I turned it on a couple of times watermarking it,and it worked relatively okay. Once I needed to move it, it just clicked, and ...
My turn signals and windshield wipers work sometimes they don't what could be the problem?