when i fill the fuel thank full ,i have a checking engine light who appear but when the fuel is going down it is off.

After a year and a half with no problems, my convertible top stops about midway of going down. I can put it back up but I got the car because it was a convertible. What is wrong and how can it get fixed.

It's don't want to take key

The transmission is a 41te in the spider gears came apart a little bit and I have to put the pin in and a new PIN center pin and washer and roll pin it put a hole in the bottom of my transmission which I'm going to can I access the gear gears to replace the PIN with a roll pin without pulling the transmission

I'm replacing a motor in a 01 300 w 3.5 liter engine. I was looking at compatible replacement

Just replaced the er value did not stop the problem have replaced plugs and coil packs has no codes anywhere

need to know the type of antifreeze that Chrysler suggests and what water ratio

I am trying to write a review on an auto shop I recently went to, and don't see where it lets me do so.

Appears to be coming from fuel filter.

My car got hit on the right side and it pushed everything back. Can I get an estimate

this sometimes occures and sometimes it doesn't but it is happening more frequently.

power coming all fuses

side and also the van makes a low wooping noise

noise when ever I drive it

Don't know when signals lights stopped working. This is the first time it happened. I got the van new.

Seek aid in removing assembly & fixing problem

This occurs like every month!!! It's crazy

Am mechanic

I have the alternator completely lose I'm trying to take it out thru the passenger side wheel base do I drop the axle to take it out

3.5 L. AWD Touring. A howling noise in front end, noticeable at lower speed. Right front wheel doesn't free wheel well in neutral on lift. Seems to drive well. Some cupping noted on tires on last rotation approx. 300 miles ago

My check engine light is on , my car started jerking when I try to go 65 mph , I went to autozone the pulled a code P0016 , I have bought and replaced the cam shaft and the crankshaft sensors on my car when I drive it around go to a red light to stop the light turns green, I hit my accelerator to give it gas to go then it starts jerking I have to constantly pull over to the side of the road I had to drive at 55 on a 70 mph highway in order to get my vehicles home on yesterday, my car is full of gas , the transmission oil and regular oil have been changed; so what's my problem I even thought that it was the fuel pump but I priced it and that's $150. Could it be another sensor but where??

I've determined that the heater core is leaking, but not sure if it's the actual core or the metal lines brazed onto the core

No fuse for cruise control all fuses in fuse box tested OK any solution to my problem

The driver seat will not move forward or back. There is a motor under the seat. I want to know how much to replace this motor.

We cannot turn on our interior (reading) lights on idividually. They turn on when the doors are opened or if the dimmer dial is all the way up so we know the lights themselves work. But NONE of them will turn on individually. It does not matter if they're pushed in or out, they won't turn on. Is there a master switch or fuse that we're not aware of? We've had a couple mechanics look at it, including our local Chrysler dealer, and they have no idea.

and broke the water pump . the pully wabills maybe broken shaft. insurance wont cover says it was warn ..but caused by the hit to brake...

After being stopped at a light, when the gas pedal is pressed to move, the van jumps. Then, it will absolutely NOT shift. Driving down the freeway at 40 mph and 3500-4000 RPM is not my idea of a good time. The last time this happened, beating the shifter side to side seemed to fix the problem as if it was stuck in third gear? Ideas?

I believe this may be a common problem for 2008-2010 dodge caravan/chrysler town and country. Rear wiper arm becomes loose on wiper motor shaft.

car did want to crank when driving started jurking

Sometimes has water in it other times dry.

My egr sensor came on three weeks ago