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No other noticed problem. vehicle still running good.
I go threw a half qt oil about every 100 miles. I noticed quite a bit of oil in the air in box that is mounted to the TB I noticed it when I was cleaning the throttle body.
new thermostat, new water pump. new radeater,
All wiring checked..New motor still not working
put in neutreul like the throttle was stuck it reveeved the rpm went up , turned it off took a few time to get it to start and today running like it no problem
Shift lever and indicator move as normal, fluid is at level and not discolored or burnt smell. Scanned with portable scanner - C0226, C0222 front wheel speed sensors missing. C0237 rear wheel speed signal erratic. ...
Happened twice. Made left turn,vehicle lost power and shut down. Had to roll out of traffic, put in park, then re crank vehicle. I'm puzzled
removed key and Rear AC still runs on high. Removed #13 green 30 fuse and front AC motor runs but control for vents only runs air to side of dash towards door windows. while driving the engine bogging down and killed ...
I am swapping a 2004 4L60E out of a 2004 trailblazer with a 2002 trailblazer 4L60E. I notice the plug connections to the nuetral safety switch differ. The 2004 has 1 larger plug connection and the 2002 has 2 smaller...
Mechanic has replaced front motor mounts which has not helped lessen the loud vibration while sitting at stoplight in gear. Turning A/C on seems to make it a little but worse. Putting car in neutral helps reduce vibra...
It is not the clutch fan problem but a bearing. I need to know how to get to the bearing. The pully to the servintine belt is loose.
When the vehicle is turned off the blower fan for heating and a/c continue to run until the battery is run down. I have tried the interior off buttons and this does not work. The fan controls do not work either.
Dirty fuel f ilter? Weird that only between 55-65. Any ideas?
Sometimes my key fob wont unlock and then my back latch wont open. When this happens often my headlights dont turn off. Often the lights time out at different times. Sometimes they stay on for 10 seconds, sometim...
I replaced the blower resistor about 6 months ago because #5 wasn't working and everything was good after... Than the control unit started melting inside where the harness plugs in... So I replaced the control unit....
Truck ran fine in morning and after work it was missing..checked codes and has a po305.....cleared codes and then a po300 came up...any help would be great....need to repair this as cheap as possible
I change the actuator and pulled the fuse still no reset or 4x4
It has gas the lights work its just when I turn the key the car dont make any noise and it won't makes no noise at all.