2009 chevy trailblazer the headlights turn off intermittently and it is becoming more frequent. Tonight it did it three times for at least five minutes each time.

you can rev the motor in every gear like its in neutral, the cable is not broken

These parts po172 bank 1 system too rich po300 random-multiple misfire detected po410 secondary air injection system

My check engine light came on and the code p1815 was set so i found out the code was the 4wd selector switch short to ground. I replaced the switch and cleared the code took it for a drive and the check engine light came back on for a day or so and went off it set the same code again and now the transmission is acting like it going in to netural when you come to a stop and go to take off.

When the gauges are working everything is ok.Then shut the vehicle off then start it back up and gauges don't work.This has been going on for five years can't find out how to repair it myself.Please help

If I restart the vehicle, these lights reset themselves and shut off. It might be weeks or months before they appear again. This started happening when the vehicle had about 35K, now it has 53K

and if you turn on the brights the car dies. the grounds on all the lights on that side are hot. cant find the source of my problems can you help me?

the SES light and the REduced engine power light came on, replaced the throttle body, works fine now, i tookd it for a lap around the neighbor hood, and just before i pulled into my house driveway, the check engine light came on again? had no problems when my uncle took it for a test when we picked it up from the mechanic, and it didnt come on when my mom used it.. but it came on when i did. could it be related to the throttle body again?

Starts fine runs fine but at times when you park and shut it off key in ignition stops and locks in the accessory position whitch sometimes after a few seconds you hear a click and it will turn to the lock position and are able to remove the key but other times it remains in that position and in the end result runs the battery down,this happens up to 5 times a week and iv'e noticed when it is colder outside it is more frequent.

back on for a few thousnad miles. Whats required to correct problem ?

light is on solid and car goes 5mph- took it to shop, changed out throttle body for $400.00...now he says the bad throttle body burned the ecu unit and I have to replace that now...costs around $300 for ecu at autozone and labor no idea- can a bad throttle body cause a ecu to burn out? or was It the ecu the whole time and he misdiagnosed it? any help is much appreciated...:)


Was wondering if this is the wiring harness or what

The four wheel drive light been on for a while and does the four 4wd shift motor causes transfer case to go in gear like reverse and drive and keeps the truck in park? I was driving down 95 the transmission was working fine it just went out and its not making no grinding and whining noise.

Electricity proplem with left front door

My gear shifter is stuck in park but on my car is actually in reverse and that is what it says on the instrument panel. How do I fix this problem?

I have struggled with reoccurring p0442, but have never had p0451. Is it common to have a previously undetected code materialize subsequent to clearing a code with a history? Does this scenario indicate a complex problem that will not be eliminated by simply replacing fuel tank press or sensor?

My windshield wipers just stopped working.