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Vehicle was making noise , when I opened the hood there was absolutely no power steering fluid. Power steering fluid was applied then as the days went by the noise was reduced. Again the noise came back and sure enoug...
02/20/15 started my vehicle with no problem got on the road and heard a loud rubbing noise which I thought, pull over and seen my engine temp gage had pegged out over 260 degrees ferenheit. Opened up my hood and not...
I have a 2003 chevy trailblazer LS. and my 4 wheel drive light is stuck in neutral. like its usually a yellow light under 2wd or 4wd and light is not showing up at all. its just a red "N" popping up. what do i do ?
The noise stops when I turn the steering wheel to the right
changed signal bulbs played with ign on/off checking them when went to start wouldn't no sounds nothing hear fuel pump but no starter engaging nothing its like its in lock mode changed battery also and checkes fuses
It's sound almost like when a wheel bearing assembly is going out but when you cut it deep either way it still makes the noise. Any ideas? Also have code saying sensor is bad for ABS on the right side,plus light is on...
when the guage goes up this causes the shut off engine light to come on. I changed the oil and checked it. The engine does not run high please help .
The car started right up after he was done but noticed a small fluid leak. We fixed a pin which was put in crooked. Tried to start the car up again to check for leaks again but the car won't start now! WHY?? Is there...
Autozone said it is the thermostat,but it idles rough and has lost power
How do I seal? What oil should I use? How to drain? How to fill?
Even after i did a reset. What else could be wrong
PO141, PO304, PO128, PO014, PO016
when operating power windows the elec gauge goes below 14
No other noticed problem. vehicle still running good.