My car backfired blue smoke came out exhaust and oily cook came out and covered my back glass

Started this morning and just shut off. Will not turn over, good battery, tried new key switch, dash lights are on till hit key then go out. Will turn over if jump solenoid but still won't start with key in on position.

I cant find the abs sensor for the rear of my trailblazer it has 3 on the transmission but no one can tell my witch one it is

A few days ago my alarm went off and my keychain device wouldn't stop it now.. Device doesn't work at all everything is working but truck won't start... A friend told me this maybe the engine computer

My truck still runs sputters and and runs ruff..

My truck doesn't accelerate. Spark plugs, engine timing sensor solenoid, and ignition coil have been replaced. The check engine light doesn't turn on, but after a while of driving, the car slows down and won't accelerate. Some please help!

It wouldn't go padt 45. Had to turn around and head back home. The acceleration kept dropping and it wouldn't accelerate past 40, then 35, and 30. The car turns on and stays on, but won't go past 40.

I pulled the negative cable on the battery to work on fuel system on '03 Trailblazer EXT. After reconnecting the battery, the fuel system is fine, but now have no power at all to AC control panel. 10A fuse (#30 on panel) is okay. Replaced the large gray AC fuse/relay (#44 on panel), but still no power. Any ideas on what blew?

When at start up from sitting
Hand fan motor replace a year ago
Seems to "slip" when accelarated, like tires spinning in place.
gas petal to floor, slow build up ,low RPM, then corrects itself.

vehicle stops running without any warning leaving you stopped it the middle of the road, and after 5 minutes it will start again, everything works while the engine shuts down, but won't crank until you wait 5 minutes

I own a 04 TrailBlazer ext The Oil was low as it was. at like 20% engine oil life.

it never smelt hot until I noticed the leak had gotten worse. Added coolant to res. drove a few days noticed smell again. No coolant, added, drove, no coolant...etc... radiator still full tho

I can not get into my car! I only have one key hole and it's on the drivers side door. Its not cold out so I don't think it's frozen but I can not open my door.. The key turns both ways but feels very loose and will not unlock. Any ideas? Thank you.

Fuel pressure good so is compression cam and crank sensors good was previously having transmission problems can that cause misfire issues

After i experinced this problem with my transmission I changed the transmission fluid and filter there was no metal shavings or belt fibers in the fluid or filter I plugged in my code reader and it says my camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor need replaced

I have changed my batteries in my fob, tailgate will not lock at all. Rear windshield wiper stopped working at the same time.