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First started when I turned my bright lights on truck dies, Now air condition blows cold 1 the next .

the reduced power light comes on just after I start to drive. if I restart the engine goes away for a short. after about 5 miles of driving if I restart the engine it will go off an stay off an I have full power

car start run go 20 to 30 mph make sluggish noise when idle put on machinr got code p1515 p1615

Just looking for any other direction I can try before having to take it the shop

The light keeps coming on and off. I am pretty sure it's a loose wire. How much should it cost for repair.

Disconnected battery. Nothing changed.
All other systems work.
I am trying to charge the battery as the car has sat for a week.

code P0305, fuel and ignition systems fine, swapped spark plug and coil, cleared fault, misfire did not follow ignition components, removed plug and coil from cylinder 5 and compression tested, extremely low compression in 5, internal mechanical failure and would require valve job or complete engine replacement
120,000 miles, would rather fix than replace if get a better estimate than $5000

I was going to charge but gauge said it was overcharged and the compressor was making a very loud noise when it tried to kick on. What could be wrong?

when Im driving and have AC on my car will die out when I come to a stop sign.

I am installing a new compressor kit and have been unable to locate where the expansion valve goes. I have checked both rear quarter panels and behind glove box. It has rear air. But I can't locate where it goes. Can someone please help me with this. It is my daughter's car and she's supposed to travel a long distance with her 2 small children. Please help. I'm trying to get the air going for them first.

I am trying to install new a/c system but can't find where the expansion valve is located.

People can smell it behind me while driving

My car backfired blue smoke came out exhaust and oily cook came out and covered my back glass

Started this morning and just shut off. Will not turn over, good battery, tried new key switch, dash lights are on till hit key then go out. Will turn over if jump solenoid but still won't start with key in on position.

I cant find the abs sensor for the rear of my trailblazer it has 3 on the transmission but no one can tell my witch one it is

A few days ago my alarm went off and my keychain device wouldn't stop it now.. Device doesn't work at all everything is working but truck won't start... A friend told me this maybe the engine computer

My truck still runs sputters and and runs ruff..

My truck doesn't accelerate. Spark plugs, engine timing sensor solenoid, and ignition coil have been replaced. The check engine light doesn't turn on, but after a while of driving, the car slows down and won't accelerate. Some please help!

It wouldn't go padt 45. Had to turn around and head back home. The acceleration kept dropping and it wouldn't accelerate past 40, then 35, and 30. The car turns on and stays on, but won't go past 40.

I pulled the negative cable on the battery to work on fuel system on '03 Trailblazer EXT. After reconnecting the battery, the fuel system is fine, but now have no power at all to AC control panel. 10A fuse (#30 on panel) is okay. Replaced the large gray AC fuse/relay (#44 on panel), but still no power. Any ideas on what blew?

When at start up from sitting
Hand fan motor replace a year ago
Seems to "slip" when accelarated, like tires spinning in place.
gas petal to floor, slow build up ,low RPM, then corrects itself.