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i need to no what type of tool i need to remove lock nut from cv axle on passengers side.
I;ve repaired it once prior, can I( just take it out of the system?
does the drl control the taillites as well as front lights?
blower fuse keeps blowing,blower been changed fuse still blowing when running air or heat.What could be the problem
i made the mistake of pumping the brake pedal with the drum off ,now i cant get the drum back on.
I have a leak in my air condition, have put freon in in about one week it was working and then it got warm did not hold the freon. but i really want to know where is the evaporator located at.
can the oil dip stick be removed by way of the oil pan
ive changed spark plugs coil packs and the fuel filter...I've had a cpl garages look at it and they say that the car is misfiring on all 4 cylinders randomly I'm pullin out what's left of my hair any ideas
I recently bought a 2002 Chevy Tracker LT and it has the original wheels with out the center caps and I was wondering 2 things. First, where can I buy center caps to fit these wheels? And the other is can I buy 15" ...
reset obd for evap monitor
it had drum brakes, and the bearing is whinning when I am driving.
This only occurs when I stop at a red light or a stop sign. It does not do it when I am driving.
is there something i am missing in repairing this, as i purchased another and it is locked before i install it
I replaced the switch at the overhead console and it still wont work, checked the fuse and its good.I checked to see if i was geeting volts at the plug to the motor and im not, any ideas both windows worked fine never...
where is the blower motor located in this vehicle
The rear brakse on my 1999 chevy tracker have like a large flange or disc covering most of the braks parts. Can this be removed, or is there a trick to doing it? Does anyone have a brake diagram for this year? Than...
the fuse box for my headlight is under the hood what could be the problem for the fuse to keep on poping the min it goes in?
are they all different or does one fit all?
cannot figure how to get 2 lenses off of lamps (2)
service light comes on in cool weather but not in warmer weather
car makes a rattling noise like something is loose when you start the car and at times while you drive
The car has 230,000 miles on it. I want to sell it soon but a valve is ticking on it and I dont want to sell it that way. I can acquire a good used head for 150 but I need to know how long it would take to replace the...
engine torque spec, main bearing an rod bearing