my tracker now will not shift past 1st gear when cold. I have to wait till hot.. checked AFT, was down, added more till full.. once hot , will shift fine. no leaks or puddles under it. but ATF looks like keeps going down, having to add everyday , also causing my check engine light to come on. able to shift manually on lever

min. prior to moving. Hard to start, recent new used engine installed, friend I think!!

seen oil on axle ,none in diff when axle can move around it must need bearing and seal ?Or maybe a used transaxle with no slop and has oil would be best?

Replaced bulb, but still very dim

This is the 2nd Tracker I've owned and both had the same squeak. Its more noticeable on bumpy roads. I thought it may be the steering wheel column, but I greased that and still hear it. I thought maybe its a common problem since its happened on both my cars. I can fix it if I know where its coming from. Middle console/dashboard area?

It doesn't do this every time. It's just does it out of the blue for no reason that we can find.

shop replaced master cyl, brake booster, distribution block, proportioning valve, etc. the brake pedal has very little give when key is off and when key is on it goes to the floor. can someone help me?

Replaced the stud on right front wheel then put everything back on now my ABS light is on when I drive it is not on right away after i brake for the first time i hear the abs noise and the light comes on and stays on after that no noise and the tracker is braking fine

Light comes on and stays on until I stop turn off ignition and restart engine, it remains off until the next time I reach 60MPH. No brake problems noted and vehicle runs fine. Under 60mph everything works just fine. What would trigger this light. I have driven 5000- 10000miles with this problem and have run my own scan with OBD but it does not give me any problem with my brakes.

But once in gear runs fine. Do I need to take in for repair?

oil in radiator over flow reserve but no coolant in oil

I replaced lower control arm, both wheel bearing, cv halfshat(both sides), both inner tie rods,

URGENT, I am stuck at a friends house.

It seems to be hesitating before it goes into grars.

Will not allow oil to flow. It has also been in the shop 3 times and has had over 5 engine flushes. Unsure if it was pressure tested. Any suggestions?

Help. I am out of ideas. The pulsing did not start until I changed the pads. No ABS.I also change the rear brake shoes when I first change the pads. Thinking rear brakes may nor be adjusted. I bought the necessary "caliper tool" ad adjusted the rear brake accordingly.

Front brakes are still pulisng afte new rotors and new pads. I am out of ideas.