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Wipers go slow no matter what speed they are set on. The wiper fluid does work
I replaces the batteries in both remote key fobs neither work. The system went out 3 months ago, I try it randomly, it worked once 2 weeks ago but not again. Can I reset it or what should I do.
the back up warning still works but the rear warning camera stopped working. The owners manual gives little advice. How do I reset the camera?
We have had the front end checked twice, and changes the wheel barrening. it still makes the noise
Installed radio and heater want blow hot air only cold at the windshield. Also dash lights went out too.
Out at the dfrost also panel lights out too what went wrong
4wd service lights stays on when vehicle is shifted in and out of 4wd. vehicle will not start once the fuel drops below 1/4 tank. tank is not empty.
already replaced front axle activator motor replaced 4wd switches still flashing and wont go into 4wd
I have had all diagnostics done--even replaced battery--now being told it is in the FOB for security system and inlocking doors. Where is the protect mode switch? Have paid close to $500--still doing the same thing-...
i can shift it manually underneath on the transmission but the shifter skips overdrive completely
fuel pump is kicking on and the filter is ok.It was runing the day before for an hour so i know its getting fuel.When it shuts off if i wait an hour and then try to start it does the same thing
what does code p0332 mean
When driving i hear a clicking that is in conjuction with the engine. if i accelerate it clicks faster. i can feel the vibration when im driving. it typicaly only dose it when the truck is cold or i am going slower sp...
After I had my flex fuel tahoe's injection system cleaned it started running sluggish until the speed accelerated over 50 miles per hour. MPG decreased. When I took it to a repairman they stated the fuel pump module...
Now that the weather is colder my truck is acting like it wants to cutt off after starting. it doesn't help that the battery died out because my gear shift is loose and if it is not pushed up correctly the battery is ...
one that fits NP8 or NP4 without taking it off and looking at it.
I've recently replaced the rear main seal on my 2001 Chevy Tahoe. After replacing the seal, I put everything back together. Cranked it up and saw that there was no more leaks. Threw it in neutral and pushed it off the...