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I programed a new key fob earlier in the day and when I went back out to go to the store, about 4 hours later, I had no coolant temp, no cruise control and now I have a P0700 tranny error. I do think the coolant temp ...
We got a code P0606, P0336, P2356 and could not reset the codes .... eventually the truck started losing power and then engine failed. Is this the crank shaft sensor or the PCM?
truck was running and daytime running lights were on except for the passenger side which had burned out. When I changed the bulb ( truck still running) the cdaytime running lights stopped working. I have checked th...
replaced control head need to reprogram system
The blower works but no warm air. Checked the coolant and is ok. Passenger side always had problems with warm air blowing when AC on. What could my problem be? Maybe the thermostat? How can the thermostat be checked...
driving fine then lost acceleration and starting making a cracking sound
Terminals clean. Twice the security alarm has went off at 2am. Vehicle was unlocked. Bottom seat heaters have quit. All problems about 6 months ago.
truck throwing a code that its a pressure switch and do no where it is
Not sure if these are all related the heated seats light up when you push the button for one second then go out immediately
You Tube has a few samples of the problem , but no answers!!!
My low fuel light is on. I have replaced the fuel pump in the front tank. I have a full tank in the rear tank and 1/2 full in the front tank. When I first start the cold engine the Gage goes up then down to E and the...
Interior 2x4 switch will not work. Works on 4x4 low and high. also Check engine light is on.
Driver side door Heat switch, comes on & off all by it's self! I use the switch to try and turn off then it comes right back on and continues. Any ideas appreciated.I have taken the fuse out but that kills my seat adj...
Ujoints are good . Play seems to be in one end or other
would like a diagram of what it looks like
at first, you could bump the door and they would work. One time when I was opening the door they came on. more recently, the door ajar alarm has come on
I need to know how many quarts of transmission fluid is needed on my 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Diesel Duramax 6.6L V8 Diesel Turbo Dually?
I had just filled the gas tank to the top after gas pump shut off automaticly.
My ac works great always until the temp gets to 100 or more .I thought might be iceing up but there is still airflow through vents. After stopping for a time ac will work again for a while.I can not make this happen u...
Went to the auto Parts store to get both front sensors and they advised must go to dealership ???
I have a 2002 Silverado 3500 that has a blinking SECURITY light that comes on in the MESSAGE CENTER when I turn off the vehicle and open the door. Yesterday I tried buying a pair of OEM key FOBs, as mine didn't have ...