Seperate and it looks like it should be the same basic quick release as a air hose hook up has.
It is a manual 4 cylinder engine.

This started a month ago and I replaced the clutch, pressure plate, and clutch slave cylinder, also had the flywheel resurfaced. When we removed the original the clutch plate had a broken compression spring and pilot bushing was gone. After replacing these parts the transmission whines/roars and shakes the shifter really bad when accelerating. The gears shift smoothly as well which is misleading. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.?

I changed my battery and alternator in my 2004 s10 pickup and the battery light is still on how do i turn it off

falls on face when I try to accelerate

The drivers side of my windshield has a bow in it. I have replaced the wipers 6 times thinking that was the problem but that hasn't worked. The wiper touches only about 3 inches at the bottom and no where else.

Is there an o ring that goes on hydraulic line connector that slips over nipple connection on the bottom of the clutch master cylinder then is held together using a retaining pin? I know there is one on the end of the line that connects the line to the slave cylinder, but not one seen for master cylinder.

When I start my truck an its idling in park I can hear it only, once I drive it the sound goes away ?

After 30 mins or longer it will start, normally runs the battery down and have to get a jump. Replaced the starter twice, new fuel filter, new plugs and wires, rotor button and cap. Still does the same thing when it rains or there is moisture in the air.

with the key on engine off.where do I go from here

with the key on engine off

Every thing seem to work except the heat control.

when the issue first occurred, tapping the brake pedal would make them go off, and replacing the brake light switch did the trick, but now they won't go off at all without pulling the fuse. Only the two rear brake lights stay on. the third light over the rear window does not stay on.

ok after replacing distributor, cap and rotor on my 4.3 liter s10 zr2, the truck ran great. suddenly one day after getting off the highway and stopped at a red light, the light turned green and i blew out a large cloud of white smoke. this only happened once bc i was city driving. on the way home again after getting off highway, same white cloud of smoke poured out of my exhaust. again it did not happen again. blown head gasket i imagined??? so i took the liberty of doing a complete coolant flush and put in blue devil head gasket sealer accordingly. i have not blown any white smoke since, however, i started throwing code p0302 cylinder 2 misfire and the check engine light FLASHES, replaced the spark plug and wire and again still throwing the same code. not to mention the truck runs horrible. best way to describe it is the rpms get extremely high and the truck does not accelerate like it should at those high numbers. also feels like transmission or cataylytic converter may be clogged(but it only runs awful after a few minutes of driving and mainly on highway). check engine light still flashes. a compression test was done and i have great compression on cylinder number 2. i am at a loss on what could be wrong. any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. thank you

When turning on manual 4 wheel drive it does not work

The hazards, reverse lights, A/C, radio, emergency brake, and key have all died in the period of about one year. On top of that, the door leaks, and the steering wheel points about 45° left of centre when driving straight. I'm tempted to drive this stupid thing off a cliff... What's wrong specifically with the reverse lights and hazards (given they broke months apart) because those are a real danger to other road users...

Trans fluid ran beyond low. Began slipping at shifts.Added fluid.Did smell burnt. It continued to only respond to 1st and 2nd gear.Code shows B solenoid stuck in off position. (Inducing limp mode) I am becoming a DIY'er tomorrow via YouTube and Google.Can it be 'reset' to ON position? Would fluid-filter change possibly be the issue? Am I doomed? Thanks so much!

I've checked my fuses.I should also say my heater an stereo won't work also