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When it warms up it drives perfect. Service engine light is on
I had a smoke test done, they found evap canister, purge valve and O2 sensor problems, had repaired, but light back on @ 130 mi. I reset codes, another 130 mi. back on, any ideas?
I have change out the entire system, master cycl, slave cyl.,and pressure hose. I tried to bench bleed the entire system. cup, hose, master, pressure line, slave. I got a lot of bubbles out of it, when I was bleeding ...
1991 chevorlette s10 new fuel pump and relay but no power to fuel pump
I have a question, I have 2000 s-10 base model 4.3 W code, I have replaced plugs, wires, cap rotor crank sensor cam sensor and checked fuel pressure and drop. My issue is if engine starts it may or may not run perfec...
ive replaced the bulbs,fuse,and brake plug. I have tail lights but no brake light
Trying to determine if this is an intake manifold issue or head gasket issue. The oil in the oil pan is fine with no coolant contamination but the the radiator has coolant in it.
charging 14volts shows volts between pos cable and battery lost
it has good torque in rev a Lil sluggish in 1st changes to 2nd no 3rd or 4th and it has no smell of burnt fluid
I'm the oil pressure runs fine until it gets up to temperature then it drops a little and the ticking is faint but it gets louder as you go up in rpm
differential leaking fluid into rear brakes (it's an 1983)
Do I have to remove cylinder head to replace the noisy lifter
stead of running compressor. i noticed compressor slightly overfilled when i charged it. can this cause the shaft not to turn. compressor is not locked up.
I suspect ignition switch. wires to battery and starter and alternator seem fine. Disconnected battery and when re-hooked it sparked like a short somewhere but no smoke or melted wires.
have spring pressure now. i guess rewind spring....How. Thanks
I have a PO171 and PO174 HO2's are working correctly, Sometimes it fires right up some times cranks forever. this is always on cold start first start of the day. Can a crank sensor also cause this? It seems strange a ...
switch, nothing. skunked.......... everything good, clutch just will not engage unless jumped at clutch terminal.. thanks..harrison.
The trans slips when in drive when the head lights are on. It does not slip in 1st, 2nd, or when the lights are off. I have changed the fluid and filter, but it has not helped.
runs rough @ idle, LACKS POWER,STARTS NORMAL . fault code PO300-01/02 & 02/02 . PO300=MISFIRE WHAT DOES 01/02 & 02/02 MEAN?
When I start and drive it from a "cold" start, the alternator charges as expected; the voltage gage shows in the 14.5v range. When I shut it off and start it back up while still warm (like at a gas station) the volt m...
ive pulled codes c1264,c1265,c1267,c1268,c1269 what to do now