zr2 truck not blazer. when i push the button the 4wd actuator clicks, the lights flash but but then goes back to 2wd. the vacuum part is working but the electrical box isn't. how can i test the parts i need and then how do we fix it?

my heater motor works fine on low speed and medium speed but no on high

My 1995 Chevy s10 is idoling really fast. I have replaced tps,fuel pump,fuel filter, have checked for vaccumm leaks, replaced two hoses that I thought were leaking. I can't smell gas or exhaust coming from anywhere. What is causing this problem?

I have checked for vaccumm leaks,replaced tps,fuel pump,fuel filter,even one of the fuel injectors. It does out while driving. Once warmed up, it still idols really fast. But while driving I lose power and speed. Then engine dies. It starts back up but idols real slow like it's starving for fuel. What can cause this problem.

Is there a filter on a 1999s-10 heater core that I can change to keep me from having to replace the whole heater core

When I start my truck it starts fogging up all my my Windows & I was told that my truck has a filter that I can change to keep me from having to pull my whole dash out. Is there a filter or am I going to have to replace the whole heater color. Please I need your help I don't want to have to take the whole dash out. Thanks

My motor is running on 4 cylinders after tuning up my 4.3L V6,i put new plugs, wires, and cap/rotor on the motor but it's still only running on 4 cylinders. What could be the problem?

Seperate and it looks like it should be the same basic quick release as a air hose hook up has.
It is a manual 4 cylinder engine.

This started a month ago and I replaced the clutch, pressure plate, and clutch slave cylinder, also had the flywheel resurfaced. When we removed the original the clutch plate had a broken compression spring and pilot bushing was gone. After replacing these parts the transmission whines/roars and shakes the shifter really bad when accelerating. The gears shift smoothly as well which is misleading. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate.?

I changed my battery and alternator in my 2004 s10 pickup and the battery light is still on how do i turn it off

falls on face when I try to accelerate

The drivers side of my windshield has a bow in it. I have replaced the wipers 6 times thinking that was the problem but that hasn't worked. The wiper touches only about 3 inches at the bottom and no where else.

Is there an o ring that goes on hydraulic line connector that slips over nipple connection on the bottom of the clutch master cylinder then is held together using a retaining pin? I know there is one on the end of the line that connects the line to the slave cylinder, but not one seen for master cylinder.

When I start my truck an its idling in park I can hear it only, once I drive it the sound goes away ?

After 30 mins or longer it will start, normally runs the battery down and have to get a jump. Replaced the starter twice, new fuel filter, new plugs and wires, rotor button and cap. Still does the same thing when it rains or there is moisture in the air.

with the key on engine off.where do I go from here

with the key on engine off

Every thing seem to work except the heat control.