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we have changed the module, fuel pump, distributor, computer, and dash panel it still starts for a second and shuts off now the gauges are not working what is my problem?
When i noticed it I changed plugs,wires,cap,button,and ignition coil and it still comes on after reseting the computer by unpluggin the batt for 30+ min Iam lost
leaks when I start the engine
I put synthetic oil, and that was the beinning with the problems
I had two lines bust on frame behind a-plate when stoping quickly while towing a trailer pedal went to the floor I changed the line and blead brakes now I got a hard pedal and no brakes can u tell me y
Is the problem in the switch,it starts working in sequence at first
Whenever I take the key out of the ignition the chimer keeps chiming until I close the door.
for 2 months now the engine would be running fine but I would notice the accelerator needle jumping to 20 or 30 as I was driving and the battery and seatbelt lights would come on then shut off. Yesterday I noticed th...
It idles fine but when I start going it chugs hard in second and third gear. If I let off gas and then push back down it helps, then at highway speed you can feel a very slight chug or miss, what can this be?
engine idles fair in neutral but in gear (auto trans.)the engine mis fires badly and stalls. Mostly happens when weather is wet and hasn't been driven for a few days. Could it be condensation inside the distributer ...
I replaced resistor,and relay. All fuses under dash are good. No power via test light to switch in dash. Blower works ran directly to battery.
The coolant goes into the recovery system tank. When it cools, the coolant goes back into the system. I have changed the water pump, thermostat, pressure cap and the radiator is only 2 years old. I have also change...
I recently bought this truck (PP) and it runs well but after about two weeks I noticed that the fuel gauge and thermometer and Odometer weren't working correctly and although I know what to do about the fuel gauge and...
I have a Chevy S-10 4.3 V6, and I have looked everywhere and cannot find a code list for the OBD system. This year specifically, has a unique system. It took me many hours and trial and error to even get the codes to ...
The head gasket was just changed and the head was checked. It was fine also the block deck was fine
The problem occurs within 20 minutes after clearing the code.