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Truck won't start won't even try to turn over I hear a clicking in the fuse box but fuses are fine any ideas???

And has a strong gas smell

It's hard to put into gear and grinds when you put it in reverse

In the gas.

I also replaced a corroded cable end and put in a new battery

Luega estarteo y prende y al rato vuelve a lo mismo

Ck spark plugs and vacuum leak

B4 I tear into intake after ckn for vacuum leak
Any input ?

With the truck not movies

this problem, and how much will it cost?

I need to tune up my Chevy s10 pick up truck I don't know what I need to purchase such as wires plugs cap rotor how many so on and so forth could you please tell me along with the estimate cost so I can get the parts and my mechanic can do the tune up for me:) thank you

Put a new motor and found out the pan was cracked

My Neice driving my 1992 S-10 2.5L engine ran it low on engine oil. The engine kind of bucked while at a stop light and when she put her foot on the gas the engine died. After putting oil in when I try to start the engine turns 1/4 turn then the starter motor stops. Each time I try to start it turns another 1/4 turn.

I have changed the fuel solenoid vent valve and it still kicks the pump off. The truck is giving codes of P0446, P0453 and P0304. The Idle Air Control Valve has been replaced and I have also changed the fuel pump and sending unit as well as checked the little spring and flapper at the entrance to the fuel tank. Any ideas?

Sounds like broke timing chain but everything is ok

I have ordered the parts from GM

The lower dash panels are removed

I noticed the turn signal blinkers don't blink anymore, nor do they light up. Can I fix this myself or is it a electrical problem? I don't want to be cheated like in the pass.

I have had to replace the rear U joint 4 times in the past 2 years & 2 of those times has been within the last 4 months. My title says its a 95 short bed S-14 but the parts are always for a S-10.

I had a man drive it but he said it may be several things but not the transmission !! What does this sound like ? Thanks and God bless !!

I was told where it was but not how to reset it

the check engine lights comes on for a crankshaft sensor but ive already replaced it 3 times now with new ones in the past week and the same problem occurs. im driving for about 10 minutes and the engine shuts off on me. i cant figure out what to do

Runs fine but has a rough, irregular idle. Sometimes subtle, sometimes really annouying. Thanks

Have replaced cap &rotter, main computer, fuel line,

Fire is going to the core fire going to distributor but it's not coming through the spark plugs.

Bf says the Rocker or Lifters are making noise. What does that mean and how do we fix it??

Dumping into the cylinders. I replaced map, pressure regulator, changed the injector.

Fluid is good..

I was thinking it was the fule pump.

how do you replace ac selector switch or disassemble

truck has run strong just this issue