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hello just wondering if someone can tell me if 148000 miles is alot for that car and if anyone has had one with close to 200000 miles just want to make sure i get a good car.
4.3 TBI s10 runs very rich. Changed O2 fp-regulator and TPS. EGR is good. Ideas?
also drive somewhere turn engine off will not start again for 20 or 30 minutes. what could cause this to happen?
got 1993 chevy S10 blazer getting fuel to the vortex system but none to the spark plug what could be my problem and how do i fix it
I have a 1989 Chevy S10 blazer. When I turn on the A/C, no air blows out the passenger side vent and the right vent in the middle of the dash. Waht is causing this? Thanks.
I want to remove the drive shaft to the front differential to improve my gas mileage. Can I drive the vehicle without any damage to the transmission, transfer case or differential?
will it start out of time
no spark replaced coil,battery starter,wires cap and roder
I was driving my blazer one night and went to start it the next day and well it still sits where I parked it now a week ago. I get the engine to turn over and my husband checked the fuel lines and pump and all is cle...
what could cause the thorttle body to dump alot of gas into it ,when you run it for a few minutes an turn it off an then try to crank it an then it dump to much gas into thorttle body ?
heat core replaced, fan too, ran fine for 6 months, now I changed out my termastat still running hot, it was leaking a small amount, so I put some radator leak stop and drove it for 20 min., running nice and putting o...
i have a 4.3 liter,high idle when it first starts then after it calms down it idles rough just wonder what options could cause this
1991 chevy blazer s-10 4.3 v-6 truck was running prefectly well went home after a day of driving shut the truck off went bact to crank but will not start..vehicle is getting fire and gas but will not start
i need help to find cank shaft position sensor
i chainged plug wires and plugs but it still misses but not as bad when it idles no miss but when you put it in gear and drive it misses on my s10 blazer
i hit a drain pipe with the front passenger side wheele and now it sets back toward the door and its not centered in the wheele well could it be a bent tie rod? or is it something else?
could a bad coolant temp sensor, egr or map sensor cause lack of power, slow pickup of speed when I slowing let off on the pedal. I get a pop through the TBI when I gun it and want to stall. and also been wanting to ...
I bought a 93 chevy s10 blazer in the fall and it ran alright after i changed the plugs on it untill winter hit. now when the engine gets up to running temp. it just wants to die. The only way to keep it going is to p...
actually an 89 but that was to old for the selection list but anyway i just changed the front seal due to a fluid leak all went as well as that could but now it doesn't shift into overdrive with any regularity please ...
alway the same,popping through carburetor, lack of power on acceleration, slowly pickup speed if I let go of accelerator pedal out slowly. I get poor mpg about 10miles per gallon. are 4.3 bad on gas. thanks
engine is loaded up with fuel, i can bring the rpms up for a few seconds and the engine will run and idle normally, about half of the time,mostly during cold weather, this happens and will not clear up even after sev...
trying to remove this tranny and i'm seeking some helpful tips on how to get this out of the compact working space
fml!! lol so the wipers on my 1990 blazer stoped working and i tryed replacing the motor and fuses. i think it may be a short? any thoughts or maybe how much im looking at paying for it to be fixed? thanks in advace t...
fuel is not getting to the engine. the fuel pump was changed. but their is still no fuel getting to the engine. the car starts only briefly, then shuts down.where is the fuel relay switch? what could it be wrong now ?
How do I install a turn signal switch and is there a diagram showing the order in which to install
I'm trying to fix my fan switch. how do I break down the dash
After driving for 20 mins highway or 40 mins city, the temperature gauge on the dash is all the way up and blinking, however theres no steam and still heat inside the cab, hoping I dont have to replace the rad, temp g...
it has 244000 thousand on it. it was running fine now it has a hell of a a light it seems to run so rough the whole tuck shakes to know end and almost wants to stall out but it dosent new plugs,wires and new c...
i shift into 4 low easily, but i have to push the rocker button back and forth several times to lock in high. sometimes it will kick out of 4 wheel high after abs system has activated.
will a 1988 back window from a 2 door chevy fit on a 1994 chevy blazer