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Is there any way to tighten anything to make the lever lock the steering wheel (in the up or down position)??
are their inner tie rods,if so how do you replace them?
on a 2005 malibu maxx ls 3.5l where is the vent valve solenoid located a picture would be nice. auto zone and advance doesnt have them so no pic. code for this is P0449 thanks for any help
the engine want accelerate lack power
code for engine low power all the time
fan wont blow on speeds 1-3, fuses are alright, so what could be the problem
I use to get 30 miles per gallon on the highway. I'm lucky if I can get 21 now. I have maintained the vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule, but at a loss as to why it sucks now. Car sometimes has a "lag" and s...
Several tries needed to start car. Happens almost every day.
The temprature gauge stopped working and at the same time the cooling fan began runnung as soon as the car starts and does not shut off. The sensor has been replaced and the problem is still not resolved.
i am going to have a transmission flush. i am wondering if their is a filter.
the check engine soon light and the engine has went into a reduced power mode several times.
It is very strange that the driver side of airconditioning does not blow cool air, but the passenger side does. Two repair shops have not found the problem. Can you? Helen Dodson
power steering has a warning signal
where is the coolant level sensor located?
How do I remove/replace the moon roof shade? The shade will not roll back up.
how much would they charge me for the trasmision oil change
I have looked for it where the manual indicates and I see nothing.
while we are entering and exiting the vehicle. . I swear I have tried everything. Is there some sort of trick
It's been very cold here lately, I'm talking 20's and my car won't start in the morning. All the lights and radio come on and then rrrrrrrrr or click click click...NOTHING. So I went and got my neighbors ...
where is the wing nut located?
Power steering has stopped working
Driving under normal conditions - brakes will seize, either on front left or rear left. Have to remove wheel and apply C-clamp to caliper to release. This only works for a few days before happening again.
How much should it cost to replace one tire wheel bearing
Brake lights come on and off while driving the car and I don't have my foot on the brakes. I drive 59 miles to work and the people behind me have no idea what I am doing. I've had brake sensor, bcm and several other p...
my power steering pump is making a noise when i turn
two weeks ago it was muddy and I PUSHED the TC ON . nOW THE LIGHT STAYS ON AND i cant use cruise controll. I need to know if it will harm my car to drive it. Dont know if its just the light or if its staying kicked in.
how does this wheel bearing come apart from the vehicle and can i do it myself.
how do you check the fluid level in a 2005 chevy malibu max auto trans?
I have a strong odor of fresh gas in passenger compartment,no sign of gas in engine compartment or under car