The rear interior dome lights don't go off after 25 seconds like the front interior lights do. They time out after 10 minutes. Prior to today, they went off at the same time as the front interior lights.

how do you remove heater core in this car

I have to replace coolant overflow reservoir but dealer says $31.47 part or parts store has $15 for universal. Should I try my luck on universal & do myself or suck it up and pay dealer price & shop labor? Is this hard for home repair?

where is the heated sensor bank 1 sensor 1 located

got a new gas cap and the light still wont go away, WHY?

Tighten gas cap light comes on and then check engine light followed tha. I just got a new cap and it still does this. WHY?

My window has fallen off track and I need to remove the door panel.

My Impala has 76,000 miles, just finished paying it off. All of a sudden Chevy Dealer says it needs:Mass air flow sensor, due to the check engine light, noted that Master cylinder has a minor leak, Lower intake manifold gasket has minor leak and noted the steering shaft is loose and noisy. I just had the wiring replaces to the MAF....now all this....should I consider getting another car????

doggy engine performance when accelerating. High pitch "sucking" noise heard, then all of a sudden the "sucking" noise quits and the engine runs smoothly with lots of power and transmission down shifts into lower gear.

i just got an oil change and bought a new air filter-after one day of driving -my check engine light came on-i can be driving at a speed of 60mph and if i let my foot off the gas -when the car starts slowing down my car will fall dead.

when the cars running it has heat. after the car is off fans run?

what would make the cooling system to air lock? its a 2005 3.4 changed the water pump. i thought all the air was out of the system and now i can still smell coolent

need a diagramm of how to put it back together i have all the screws but dont know where they go!or how to put the pullies back on!diagram please!

check engine light will not reset. how do you reset?

My husband took the car to the shop because the car's transmission is kinda slipping, it's not shifting gears easily. It has 150k miles on it and the transmission has never been serviced.How much is it going to cost to get a transmission replaced, or rebuilt?

I've warped 3 sets of front rotors on my 03 impala. What would cause this? I don't ride the brake and have a highway commute to work.


I need the measurments to fix the vehicle myself

I need a printout on how to repair the intake manifold myself.

How do I remove dash to replace heatercore?

Had a clogged cat . Had it replaced, should I replace the O2 sensor too?

Just bought this car and its aboiut time to change spark plugs.

Front plugs are easy, REAR plugs look like a nightmare!

Whats the tip for changing REAR spark plugs?

Thanks for any advice! Rick

it is over heating is it hard to change my self? it there any thing that would make it hard?

Gas gauge is not working. How do I know if there is a problem with the gauge or with the sensor? Also, is there a fuse that could cause the gauge to malfunction.

Horn honks when the key is off on it's own.

I have a check engine light on. The code indicates secondary air device. This prevents the remote starter from working. The light came on after an oil change, and I was told that it may be on because the car was started before closing an air box. When the code is cleared, the light comes on within a day. The shop will not assume responsibility for the problem, and suggests replacing the part. I believe that there is nothing wrong with the part, and that the actions of the mechanic disrupted something in the computer that keeps the light coming back and the remote starter disabled. Ideas?

How do I install a Chevy 2010 headlight assembly 328C (Part number 25958360 ?)

While I am driving this light keeps coming on. Where can I take it to see what's going on?

So I got my 4 motor mounts replaced for 425 but my car is still making the same knocking/cracking sound everytime I brake accelerate change gears r hit a bump its so annoying why is it making tthat noise???

Based on your answer to my question, I need to have the Ignition Lock Cylinder or Passlock Sensor replaced on my 2004 Impala. I could not get a repair shop recommendatin from the system. Do you have a suggestion or is it mandatory that I go to a Chevy Dealer. Thank you....