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may happen once a day or once a month. runs great when running

Check engine light is on

My gear shift is stuck in park and the dealership says I need a new gear shift for a heavy price of course, is this necessary?

sometimes the keyless lock dosent work and the message center says security, highbeam out etc. whats going on. The battery is original could that be causing my problems.

Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on my 2006 chevy impala ls?

cruise control just stopped working. We checked the fuses, everything seems to be okay there. What else should we do now?

start failure (happens once every three months or more), no clicks,nothing. turning the steering wheel with some force eventually will allow normal starting

The car seems to stumble when making a hard left turn especially when A/C unit is on.

the tran. will be flushed.

when my car is cold the transmission slipps but when it warms up it stops then about a month ago while i was driving i notice the transmission slipping and my engine begin idleing rough, so i pulled over shut off the engine ana restarted the engine and all the problems stops the engine begin to idleing smoothly and the transmission stop slipply, the car was running smoothly for a while then recently the same thing happened so again i restarted the engine but this time the engine light came on and the engine ran rough and the transmission began to slipping between gears. I'am not sure if my transmission is going out or if i have some sort of sensor or electrical problem, has anybody else had this problem or advice about what the problem could be?

transmission was shifting hard and jurking when taking off at 45 it would clunk and then drive smooth.chech engine light came on code was 742,tarque converter curtic stuck on.replaced curtic ,and transmission stop working,put in new tarque converter and pump shaft.transmission will not go in any will not move at all.2001 chevy impala3.8 l was drivable before repaires.

when i turn my a/c on, the compressor kicks on but no cold air comes out? when i turn the speed between 1-4 nothing happens. when i get to 5 i here a lil clicking sound? wat could the problem be?

While driving, service traction control will come on along with the engine light, and they flicker on and off, and cause the car to jerk, the locks to relock, my fuel guage to go out of place, and sometimes cause the car to turn off. I have taken my car to an actual Chevrolet dealership, but they stated that there was nothing wrong with the car because they tried and no problems were diagnosed when they used the scan tool. I dont know what to do. Some people say that it may have something to do with my transmission; others say that it is something electrical; while others say that a wire is not connecting or is touching something. Its getting worse, and I need to get this fixed immediately.

after leaving dealership upon being told i needed new vent solenoid, the check engine was not on and has not appeared since [three days] if there was a real need to replace item, wouldn't the check engine light come on again.

low fluid light came on. checked car this morning and found small puddle of liquid apparently had been dripping over night.

If the car is moving over 45mph and the heater is on it will blow hot air. If the car comes to a stop the car will continue to blow air it just will not be hot.

During a recent rainstorm-after making a "flopping" like noise, the passenger side windshield wiper quit working. Major or minor job to repair? thanks.

check engine light came on, first time ever. engine seems to be running fine, no missing or stalling. dealer charged $86.00 to check and then said i need new vent cellenoid. must remove gas tank to repair.

I drove the car that morning no problems. That same afternoon I cranked it but the gear would not move
out of park. I did what the manual said, with the brakes
but it didn't work. This is the first time the problem has

I locked my keys in car, once retriving keys from car-it will not allow me to start the car. Keys will not even turn ? I need to know the security code so to reset, and how to reset. Thanks.

Where is the cam shaft sensor located on a 3.5L?

There is a ticking noise comming from behind the glove compartment when I start the car and then it goes. Any idea what this might be?

We have a 2003 Chevy Impala, which we love and has been very good to us. However, we have noticed when we accelarate we hear a whinning noise. We took it to the dealer and they said, we need a new Power Steering Pump. I am questioning this because there is no leak or any kind and the steering seems fine. It does whine when we slow down to turn, but also when we just accelarate. What I am wondering is, do we really need a new Power Steering Pump?

I have a 2008 Chevy impala. I accidentally turned the key off before putting the car in park. Now the key won't turn all the way to the off position. I had to take apart underneath the steering wheel so that I could get at the manual release on the ignition module where you insert the key. I can depress the plunger, turn the ignition off then pull the key out. The problem is that I have to do this every time to get the key out. I know I caused this when I turned the car off without it in park. Is there a reasonable fix for this?

How much will it cost to have passenger tie rod replaced

I need to replace the front bumper cover on my 03 chevy impala. How do I get the old one off?

help anybody .. 2003 impala feel like the spark plugs are out.. running slugish

What causes my steering wheel and front tires (mainly my passanger side) to shimmy or wobble the faster I go on the interstate? It seems to start at about 50-55 mph.

it was working good but just as soon as my husband wash the ingine it dont want to turn on anymore..!!!

my key wont release from ignition switch after i discovered and repaired some broken wires to the gear shifts lockout mechanism