it is over heating is it hard to change my self? it there any thing that would make it hard?

Gas gauge is not working. How do I know if there is a problem with the gauge or with the sensor? Also, is there a fuse that could cause the gauge to malfunction.

Horn honks when the key is off on it's own.

I have a check engine light on. The code indicates secondary air device. This prevents the remote starter from working. The light came on after an oil change, and I was told that it may be on because the car was started before closing an air box. When the code is cleared, the light comes on within a day. The shop will not assume responsibility for the problem, and suggests replacing the part. I believe that there is nothing wrong with the part, and that the actions of the mechanic disrupted something in the computer that keeps the light coming back and the remote starter disabled. Ideas?

How do I install a Chevy 2010 headlight assembly 328C (Part number 25958360 ?)

While I am driving this light keeps coming on. Where can I take it to see what's going on?

So I got my 4 motor mounts replaced for 425 but my car is still making the same knocking/cracking sound everytime I brake accelerate change gears r hit a bump its so annoying why is it making tthat noise???

Based on your answer to my question, I need to have the Ignition Lock Cylinder or Passlock Sensor replaced on my 2004 Impala. I could not get a repair shop recommendatin from the system. Do you have a suggestion or is it mandatory that I go to a Chevy Dealer. Thank you....

Many time I go to start my car and nothing happens. All the internal lights come on and nothing else happens. It is as if a kill switch is on. I wait 15 to 20 minutes and the car starts with no issues. This happens only 2 or 3 times a year.

all lights on dashboard, instrument panel, radio, climate control panel. sometimes come on when I start my car, sometimes they do not. When they do not, I can usually get them to come on by rotating the dimmer switch, turning on the dome lights and than turning them back off. Last night they would not come back on at all. My lights for highbeam, and cruise control did still luminate, but nothing else. When I got home after turning the car off, I tried one more time with the dimmer switch and lo and behold they came back on. This is very frustrating to say the least, any ideas?

How do i remove the dash board to access this?

I've notice that there is some shaking coming from the rear of the car. Any ideas? I mainly notice this at slow speeds.

Ok, so I previously sent in a question about my husband's 2003 Chevy Impala. It has over 100,000 miles on it and it was previously only warming up when he was driving more than 55 mph. if he went under that speed, the air would get cold. if we were sitting at a light or in a parking light, the temperature gauge would go up high toward the red zone. So we went and got that fixed, but now the car smokes every time it runs and leaks green stuff! Any advice anyone? Also, the wheel is trying to lock up when making big turns. They did a power steering "flush" i guess it's called, but that didn't resolve the issue.

where is the fuse for the washer motor on impala ls 2006 have looked under hood an in kickpanel on passenger side nothing is label as washer motor or washer any where am i overlooking it i can not get it to work

how much to fix all four motor mounts??
my engine looks like its about to fly out when I accelerate and it makes a cracking/knocking sound when I sometimes change gears, accelerate or hit a bump.

My husband has a 2001 impala with about 80,000 miles on it. The heat will only work on the car when driven above 55 mph. When the car is in idle, the temperate gauge goes up to high, close to the red zone, then goes back down when you press on the gas. So it goes to the normal range while you're driving it. the minute you hit the brakes and get below 55 mph the heat starts blowing cold air. Do you know what this problem could be? Im just trying to get an idea so that i can get an estimate for my husband. Thanks!

What is the approximate cost to have the BCM replaced? I understand that the VIN has to be programmed in to the BCM. Is this something I can program myself with a laptop?

I got 2 used tires for the fron end. It vibrstes so bad like you are on a gravel roed. Steering wheel also vibrates. Smooth ride til you hit 60 mph or more. Do I need a front end alignment or 2 more tires? Plz help!!

After replacing the front drive axles, front wheel bearing packs, rotors and new pads, my ABS light keeps coming on and the warning message: Traction System needs servicing. After turning the motor off for a while and restarting i can drive for about 3 1/2 miles before the lights come back on. My husband has checked the fuses and made sure the transmission had correct amount of oil. What can be the problem.

A piece of the wiper hose broke off when i was trying to get the ice off my windshield wipers and i can't seem to get the broken pieces out of the fittings that feed from the reservoir and to the wiper arms

It happened once before, but I don't recall what the Quality Chevrolet said caused it. the heater works on high setting, but not on any of the lower blowing settings.

where is the engine coolant temp sensor located ?

At what mileage should I get a tune up?

I cant get my check engine light off, i had the hoses cleaned out, i have had a new egr valve put on and still check engine light will not go away. what else can i try now? the code says cange a sensor but i was told that the the sensors are in the egr valve. the only other thing i was told it may b is the 02 sensor. if thats true wouldnt a diff code pop up instead on the p0401 code?

we just got new tires and a balancing and there is a terridle vibration on the passengers side. dont do it all the time. it gets worse as you go faster.

My automatic starter works, but the heat does not come on unless the car is in drive. If I'm stop at a red light, then I get cold air coming in the car. Help. Thank you.

The heat and AC work from all vents except the defroster defogger main vent. The blower runs but nothing comes out of the main vent. Any repair suggestions?

2000 Chevy Impala LS. When I turn the ignition switch to crank, I hear some electrical device contact chattering, the engine does not crank and the electrical system immediately goes dead, no lights, horn, turn signals, not anything.

After a few minutes the electrical system revives fully until I try to crank the engine again and the same thing happens. Seems like a short circuit somewhere. The temperatures have been in the teens and 20s lately. Mabye temperature related? I checked all of the fuses under the hood, all OK.

I have the front up on blocks ready to drop the starter, but thought I should get some other opinions first.

I checked the battery and the alternator when I could still get it started. The battery is marginal, the alternator output is good, the battery terminals are clean.

I just went outside to try to start it one more time before sending this email. Guess what, it started 10 times in a row. I really need some help.

Please Help

What could this ticking posibly be? It ticks a little when I start the car and ticks louder and faster when i drive. What could be the price rang of repair. i got to different shops to check the problwm both with different problems and prices.

When I start my car I smell gasoline for awhile, then the smell goes away...Does the smell point to anything? I wondered about the fuel pump. Not overheating, and no antifreeze smell, or leaks on the front floor.