Im worried about my car it just started doing this it will start fine as im driving then as i try to accelerate it gets kind of lazy on me and almost feels as if its going to die out on me. some what of a jerking feeling but not hard its very soft. my friend told me it probably is the alternator? does someone know maybe im going to take it in but i cant take it until next week so im trying to figure out what i can now so i have an idea.

Car goes completely dead about once every 2or 3 months
if i bang around the engine a few times it will start
then my clock will change times.

my transmission won't change into over drive i was told that its a sinsor but the trasmission has about 15 sinsor on it how do i know it could be something else

i'm having problem with my gas tank sometimes when i put gas in my car it will not take gas. it won't take it like car is full but its not. i have to wait til my car can take the gas before i put some in it what could it be

For several months my car has had a fairly rough vibration while turning right, and only while accelerating. (only felt on highway on-ramps, really) Often my ABS/Traction control lights come on, seemingly out of nowhere.
Last night I was driving home on the highway, and I noticed an unusual vibration while going straight. As I was pulling into my parking lot it started making a loud clunking noise. This loud noise persisted both while going straight and turning, but it seemed to fade when I let off the accelerator. I haven't driven it any faster than 10-15 mph since hearing this.
Initially I was suspecting the CV axle, but today I jacked up the car and it feels like the bearing has a lot of play.


My 2002 Impala has 50,000 miles, when should the serpentine bellt be replaced???

When I turn I hear and feel a loud pop/clunk noise coming from the floor panel/steering gear. I have replaced the follwing: power steering pump, rack & pining, one strut bearing, one ball joint, inner tie rods and I'm steel hearing the pop noise. I even started to feel it more after I replace the rack and pinion.

I'm thinking on replacing the other strut bearing, both outter tie rods and last will be to drop the subframe and check it for cracks.

Any help will be appreciated.

cost of radiator flushing

how to replace a front water seal

For some time I noticed water accumulating on the floor of the rear passenger floor carpet and a corner of the front passenger floor carpet. This is a lot of water so that when the floor mat in the rear is removed it is dripping water. I can't figure out what is causing this. Would anyone happen to know the cause?

where is the egr valve on this vehicle?

The motor works on heater but no air comes out of vents at all what could it be.


The rear interior dome lights don't go off after 25 seconds like the front interior lights do. They time out after 10 minutes. Prior to today, they went off at the same time as the front interior lights.

how do you remove heater core in this car

I have to replace coolant overflow reservoir but dealer says $31.47 part or parts store has $15 for universal. Should I try my luck on universal & do myself or suck it up and pay dealer price & shop labor? Is this hard for home repair?

where is the heated sensor bank 1 sensor 1 located

got a new gas cap and the light still wont go away, WHY?

Tighten gas cap light comes on and then check engine light followed tha. I just got a new cap and it still does this. WHY?

My window has fallen off track and I need to remove the door panel.

My Impala has 76,000 miles, just finished paying it off. All of a sudden Chevy Dealer says it needs:Mass air flow sensor, due to the check engine light, noted that Master cylinder has a minor leak, Lower intake manifold gasket has minor leak and noted the steering shaft is loose and noisy. I just had the wiring replaces to the all this....should I consider getting another car????

doggy engine performance when accelerating. High pitch "sucking" noise heard, then all of a sudden the "sucking" noise quits and the engine runs smoothly with lots of power and transmission down shifts into lower gear.

i just got an oil change and bought a new air filter-after one day of driving -my check engine light came on-i can be driving at a speed of 60mph and if i let my foot off the gas -when the car starts slowing down my car will fall dead.

when the cars running it has heat. after the car is off fans run?

what would make the cooling system to air lock? its a 2005 3.4 changed the water pump. i thought all the air was out of the system and now i can still smell coolent

need a diagramm of how to put it back together i have all the screws but dont know where they go!or how to put the pullies back on!diagram please!

check engine light will not reset. how do you reset?

My husband took the car to the shop because the car's transmission is kinda slipping, it's not shifting gears easily. It has 150k miles on it and the transmission has never been serviced.How much is it going to cost to get a transmission replaced, or rebuilt?

I've warped 3 sets of front rotors on my 03 impala. What would cause this? I don't ride the brake and have a highway commute to work.