I just had a Soleniod (81648 Vent Value) replaced 2 weeks ago and now my engine light is back on. I'm told i need a Valve soleniod (purge Valve)

Not the brakes, bearings or axles.... Did see the "Service Stabilitrak Soon" message on my dash, and my steering seems off kilter....

there is no noise coming from the engine. however my dashboard lights flash off and on saying "oil pressure low shut off enigine" it only happens when I hit a bump or increasing in speed. it only stays on for ten seconds and goes off then comes back on.

It is running like it has a miss also it's idling high then low

The battery was completely dead super dead and now my car make a slight grind, a brief seconds and then cranks. Check engine light will not go off.

Why does it start then dies

after installing the cylinder and recoding,. the key is stuck once again and was told by dealership to change the shifter cable to the transmission and that will resolve my problem. but when I troubleshoot the why is key getting stuck i see that will not solve my problem . much appreciate any help in this matter!

How do you fix the noise

hear the noise upon leaving the garage over a very small decline in the pavement and also on uneven area in the roads. Took to 2 shops, put it up on rack and they can't find any reason for the noise.

front pass. studs keep snapping and lost tire while driving on 3 different occassions now. very scared to drive it.

Doesn't happen everyday but the dashboard lights flicker also.

shifting problem

With the shaking it makes a squeeking and grinding noise from the front right side I replaced the wheelie bearing the boots are all good cbc it's smooth riding when your foot is off the gas also it only woobles when you turn to the left nothing to the right

My blower motor jus went out. I jus got a new one but it's slightly different from my old one where as the old one did not have the rubber hose out the side like my new one. Any suggestions??