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The car will only start again after the gauge reaches 140 degrees or cooler. In the process of cooling down from normal operating temp the car will turn over fine but make no attempt to start until cooled
I replaced the turn signal lever, but didn't help
when i turn the control button it starts clicking near the glove box.
is clicking when turned to a differnet area
Tryed both inside and out
Alarm is set when you hit the lock button because the alarm goes off if you open the door before you hit unlock.
Disconnect the battery.I want to change the starter in my car.
It was hesitate to start but now it won't crank @ all. It even wasn't fully sounding the same after I got new battery installed.
I bought the car new in'07. New tires in 2010. Since 2011 we continue to have to add air in the tires. First it was once a week, and now it is every 2-3days, the dealership has resealed the tires. I just don't know ...
.the throttle body is ok but I found there is no power voltage in the injector connections.. is this related with the VATS when I did scanning I get P0650 OBD CODE can you tell me how it run and then stop running ples...
Which there are wires that have 2 of same color orange, gray, black, and dark blue wanting to know which wires are which.
after going through deep wate, the car starts but runs rough and stalls, untill warmed up.
no engine or running problem. tires ok. car can be moving or not. computer diagnostics no help. speeds don't matter. heater, AC, fan, and wipers no matter.
Replaced the plug with new pigtail i bought from the dealer. The shifter not moving was the first problem we had that is fixed now but the key staying the ignition still happens. I double checked all the connection i ...
When I put it in drive and reverse it car moves a little then stops when you accelerate it pops and moves.I put car in neutral and same problem what could it be?
I've had this problem ever since I had the car. Bought it used and got everything fixed from the problems they said. Throttle body, serpentine belt, tune up, fuel filter, and still ended up with he same problem. Idles...
I replaced the sensor it worked but 30 miles later it started again