Problem started in recent months, the loud growling sound while accelerating and matches the rpm frequency at all speeds...

Bought a 04 impala from a local dealer. Had for 2 weeks and its starting to shift a tad hard. Got oil changed and said tranny needs serviced. They suggest a flush but i did my research and it suggested that it was not good to flush the tranny. Should i get just a fluid change, filter and drop pan ? It has 139,459 miles on it.

When put into gear it dies out. Problem started one day while going up hill, started at 50 at bottom of hill, wasnt even at 10 mph at crest of hill

Check engine light on...giving a code PO300. Knocking sound worsens when accelerating

Lights come on got a new Battery. Took to Auto Zone they hooked it up didn't find any thing..So what's the problem yall need to do a recall cause iv seen a lot of the same problems that I'm talking about right now....We all need to get together an get a law suit started cause this doesn't make any sense. .

History ....I had the transmission replace about 6months ago. my 07 Chevy Impala is cutting off idling high when my car do shut off it starts back up there's no check engine light on or anything. Could the cold weather have something to do with this ? I took it to a mechanic they couldn't fine the issue it seem like when the car is warmed up there's no issues. Please help.

No obvious signs of leaks. Transmission pan gasket has been changed and checked.

Operating temperature It will not turn back on until engine cools down 10 minutes later. It does not have any check engine codes and I have replaced crank positioning sensor mass air flow coolant temperature control sensor and fuel pressure regulator with no help to problem

The mechanicchas changed switch and fuses but haven't found it. Bulbs are good have bypassed and the low beam came on but will not come on by switch

code alarm sounded on dash and service stabilitrak message displayed briefly on dash when shifting from drive to reverse with front wheels turned to right. Message cleared on dash before backing manuever

own a 2003 Chevy Impala 3.4L V6 & Check Engine Light came on & it was not blinking. Checked it myself & got,

"Code P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor
A Circuit
(Bank 1 Single Sensor)"
Told the mechanic & told him to scan it again. Called me later & car was all set $186.00 Drove it home & light goes off again so I bring it back. Found out he never re scanned the car & took my word for it. When he did he got the same code P0341, he kept the car and tells me later that the camshaft sensor is installed correctly so he just reset the CEL. Driving the car the next day and CEL goes off again and it is the same code. The mechanic is telling me now that he cant help me any longer, he did his job.
Anyone ever have a similar situation with the Check Engine Light / Camshaft Sensor ? I checked it myself 4 different times & the mechanic twice.The car was running fine before the check engine light and it still is. Thanks

I just had a Soleniod (81648 Vent Value) replaced 2 weeks ago and now my engine light is back on. I'm told i need a Valve soleniod (purge Valve)

Not the brakes, bearings or axles.... Did see the "Service Stabilitrak Soon" message on my dash, and my steering seems off kilter....

there is no noise coming from the engine. however my dashboard lights flash off and on saying "oil pressure low shut off enigine" it only happens when I hit a bump or increasing in speed. it only stays on for ten seconds and goes off then comes back on.

It is running like it has a miss also it's idling high then low