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Its not the pump, the rear line or front line. Could it be a clog In the injecters? Or is there another removeable part on the motor that makes this happen.
We were driving down the road and turned a corner and all of the sudden the car just died. we got the car over and it rolls over just will not start. all lights on the dash light up and seems to be fine just will not ...
Just got the hose to the transmission fixed new fluid in it now it shakes and act like it wants to stop
It will start sometimes but I took the positive terminal off the battery and the engine died. Is it my altinator
the assembly panel is not showing me the light that tells the direction of travel, instead it shows a light that says "compression calibrated" please help me!?
My Impala wont start sometimes it does not say anything.. I bought a new battery replaced the Stater and it still starts only sometimes. I see the security light only sometimes not all the time.. The lights come on a...
have schedule for diagnois and still under powertrain warrenty wondering what to expect from what ive read so far pcm is not covered under warrenty c can you make anything more clear and what kind of cost can i expect...
Heat needle is down the ground.engine is cold?, hoses are cold after 15 minutes drive even engine is cold u can eve touch it?
I found the thread discussing this issue... I know all about the wire breaking in the plug for the shift interlock.... Here's my problem, I purchased a new connector for the switch located in the center console just u...
It knocks faster when accelerating.
I went to a certified shop to get my car check i already know my car needs a thermostate replace but the shop it's possible that mt head gasket can blow i wanna find a way to prevent this happening
When car does start engine shacking car overheat red fuild leaks out car shut off.
Ive added stop leak and it began to hum some. Now fluid is just leaking fast.
Somehow I changed my display information
i changed the battery and nothing so checked fuses still nothing! Tried the 10 min trick i heard about it didn't work so i changed the ignition switch still nothing! My windows and hazard lights don't work and the tru...