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Ive added stop leak and it began to hum some. Now fluid is just leaking fast.
Somehow I changed my display information
i changed the battery and nothing so checked fuses still nothing! Tried the 10 min trick i heard about it didn't work so i changed the ignition switch still nothing! My windows and hazard lights don't work and the tru...
And now it shifts hard exspecaily on take off
I used correct fluid and filter car has 170,000 miles on it.
I just had a battery replaced and the battery light stays on and the sensor says service charging system soon. This did not happen before I changed the battery.
When I turn the key the starter turns over and continues to turn over after I release the key. The car will not crank.
i hav replaced the pump twice it keeps being low on fluid and wineing and having hard spots in the steering
I've had it a little over a month and just very recently had the oil changed by Wal-Mart and only then did the oil pressure low light start coming on and wasn't very often but it's starting to come on repeatedly..
My car sounds like a really loud dying cat or an in-home fire alarm from time to time. I don't know what causes it. The best way for me to get the sound to stop is to cut my car completely off, but if I'm in the middl...
I have put anti-freeze in my 2000 Chevy Impala twice within the past two weeks. If I am not moving (even if I'm just temporarily at a stop at a traffic light), the hand on the meter starts swinging around to the hot s...
I have had this problem for a while, now. I just recently found out what the crazy noise was by a mechanic. If I could find a place that will give me a good price somewhere in Central Mississippi, that would be awesome!
Need to rev engine to get car to move/get into gear.
I smelled gas in the car, did not see any leakage. It happened once, but upon putting more gas in the car, I can actually hear the gas in liquid form. What could be the issue. Recently changed fuel pump, radiator pres...
is it a bad oil pump or could it be a bad oil sensor?
I haven't taken my car in for the recall & now it won't start & the check engine light comes on. Is this caused by the defect in the ignition?
I was driving and it randomly turned off. After cranking the engine a couple of times it started while driving it then started putting and once I came to a complete stop turned off again. Now it acts like it wants too...
Still have light after replacing hub and sensor harness.