I changed the throttle bottle and drove around a few days and my dashboard light came on again saying engine power reduced. Is my fuel system failing

We replaced a leaky water pump and followed belt replacement diagram, but when it was driven it overheated and the belt slipped off.

Sometimes I have to turn the car off and cranks back up for it to go in drive

My low engine oil light came on. Went to check my oil and it appears there is coolant in the oil.

The evap solenoid on the engine has a rubber insulator.
The new one did not come with the rubber insulator but, has a grey plastic bottom.
Since the bottom is plastic, do I need the rubber insulator?
Thanks a lot.

This is for a Chevy Impala LTZ 2009. I was told at the dealership that I need to replace the module for the airbag that's under the driver's seat because the airbag won't deploy.

i replaced o2 msensor on both , sp[ark plugs, new tires and air filter but check engine lights still on.

After i have drove the car a few minutes the Security light comes on and stays on until I reach destination. The car starts o.k. the next time. Sometimes Security light comes on again, sometimes it doesn't. I need to know why this is happening. Thanks

Told by dealer that AV clutch has failed Wondering if this is common problem.

When we replaced them.

I was wondering what is going on with my car its a 2011 Chevy impala lt it starts up fine and all it just don't want to go when I put it in gear it makes like a loud grinding noise what could this be is it worth fixing could it be the transmission ???thank you

will not reset

Jiffy lube did an oil change on my 2006 Chevy impala police. And installed the wrong oil filter. Now my car is broke down. What can I do

Is ignition bad or what changed starter everything turn key on got lights and all then when you turn it over it shuts it all off

Car won't start, battery is good starter is good

By turning off the ignition and restarting the engine, the car will move again, but only for a short distance.

It will not crank. What can be the problem

My car clicks and ticks, loudly, in the passenger air bag area once I turn off my a/c. #Chevy #Impala #2008 #LS

I bought a factory cap the light stayed off for about 100 miles then came back had it tested again said replace the gas cap what should I do

Rear defrost did not work. Replaced the fuse, but this didnt fix the problem. Brought it to a Chevrolet dealer shop and they had to replace some wiring to fix it. Since then, (1 year ago), the battery light has come on the dashboard 4 times. Have replaced battery, alternator, and most recently the generator and transmission cooling valve, and the evap valve. This cost me over $1000! Has anybody experienced any of these related issues and what have you done to fix it?

Heated catalyst and AC refrigerant not supported

GM says I need a new windshield.
Can it be glued back on instead of replacing the windshield?

My car vibrates going down the road at all speeds. I have balanced the tires twice. I got an allignment. And I still have a very noticeable rumble. Its very uncomfortable. I've heard things about the subframe. I don't know where to start with that. Any suggestions?

Started recently blower would occasionally turn off while it was on then the other day it stopped working all together, what would be the problem and/or best place to start?

it just happened bout a few days ago it turned off but didn't want to start anymore.

The part # is VC4127 and it's a plastic tank containing sm pcs of charcoal w/fuel and vacuum hoses! Is it near the purge valve?

Only when starting the car,it jerks and i can't find the problem. After it starts and i run ot is ok

Every once in a while it makes a rubbing sound the light goes off. If i pull out my drive way it will make the rubbing sound or if I'm driving. Sound metal ia hitting together

to keep coming on. Need help

3.5l california emmisions, is there a way to change to a fed emmisions set up