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Replaced fuel filter,MAF sensor,plugs and wires,EGR,O2 sensor
Several months ago my abs and traction lights came on. Now while driving my car jerks so hard like being rear ended. It happens every 2 minutes. While driving around 25-35 mph I will see the warning light saying low f...
I had my rear pads and rotors changed 2 days ago. They said I need a new E-brake but would be fine w/o it for a bit. I drove it home from work and everything seemed fine?
I have an 2006 Impala. My doors wont lock or unlock with remote or door switch. The trunk wont pop. When i put the key in the ignition i get power in the aux position, but the engine wont crank. The shifter moves up a...
I switch the pasenger bulb with the driver bulb and driver side did not go on
Took the car in they ran diagnostic test everything checked out. I turn everything off when I turn the motor off. Something is pulling the battery down.
I bought impala 3 years ago. About 6 months after having it when I cut the car off it will not restart. I purchased a fuel pump as recommended by a mechanic at a auto shop and 3 days later the car did not start and I ...
Going down the road come to a stop and wouldn't pull off
just rebuilt motor from heads up and was driving the car it felt like it was running funny shaky at cruising speed what thought was a misfire now i know it was my transmission slipping from one gear to another like i ...
Running alone come to a stop and wouldn't pull off
The noise gets louder when I push on the gas pedal. How much would it cost roughly to have this service fixed? Also, I had an alignment done recently after getting tires done and now the car feels as though it is no l...
i have notice there is still a draw when i put neg to battery does this have to do with recall on impala ignition switch again the key is off or out of the ignition and if battery is connected smog pump is on
I have changed the Battery, starter, and ignition module. What else could it be? Please advise. Thanks in advance
Already replaced coil packs fuel pump& filter computer and mapping sensor
The low oil pressure warning only turns on every time I stop while driving(stop signs or stopped in traffic) Also while driving the car jerks. Is this a transmission or engine malfunction?
but I checked and oil level is fine what could this be??? Went to AutoZone used there diagnostic and it saying 25 code issues
Now, My Car has this problem for awhile! What can I do??