And then all of a sudden, it will kick into gear and jerk a little when it does that. What is causing this? Fuel filter? Throttle body? Help please

when i'm driving at times and when at times when i back up

Wher in drive low gears regains power

my car has 99,000 miles.

Check light flashes and stabilitrak, traction control comes on too

key is stuck in ign. and will not turn all the way off,also stuck in park.no dome light.all started with a dead battery.traction control light keeps lighting up on the dash.what the heck?

Replaced battery but that did not help. Is it possible to disconnect the locks or pull the fuse!

everytime my car sits for a period of time it want start because the battery is completely drained

Transmission is slipping and not going into gear

Also now says power reduce

How long will the 07 impala ss run for

My car stalled on me and won't restart. It's flooded out. Didn't make any sounds, just stalled and floated to a stop. Repair shop is saying that there isn't any compression on three cylinders they checked.Back fired through the exhaust.
I trust the shop, but is there anything else that should be checked before moving to the used engine scenario?

I can crank my car let it run for a min cut if off get out then use the remote to crank it and it starts right up but if I just go out to it and try an remote start it the car never cranks lights just flash...what should I do ??

Battery : Good (replaced 2 days ago)
Alternator : Good
Starter: Good (replaced 3 weeks ago)

The car also slips 30mph-45 mph and the car does not move a inch even when in drive gear.

The parking brake on my car keeps coming on, even when I'm driving down the highway with the cruise on. The red BRAKE light will come on and won't turn off. I've used my parking brake once or twice. Brake fluid levels are fine, already checked.


it doesn't seem to have the power it had

I just bought this 08 impala ss, cause sounded simple fix. Oil high dirty but looks normal. Coolant low. 5.3 can get to barely crank with good jumper even on starter post. Then next time starter just engage and don't have enough power to turn engine over? Napa test starter good? Starter spins fine with no load on it. checked alternator is there anything else that could make engine so hard to crank? Few Plugs look nice tan. No codes in history? Maybe I should pull serpentine belt. Is there anything else to check before digging internally.