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can wheel sensor be changed without changing the hub on 2006 HHR
Traction control light comes on sometimes. Turn the car off and restart and it goes off
On rough road it sounds like the whole front end is all loose and also like the exhaust is banging under car. Can't find the problem except someone said it could be the strut plates.
Flex pipe goes all the way to the catilatic converter
you have to start it up in gear , and you have to hold the brake for it will take off. Then it is back to normal shifting fine .
If I turn car off and back on the lite goes out and I have steering. I have an extended warranty would this be covered?
I have checked it several times at different times. How do I turn it off? Where do I turn it off?
My 08 chevy died it was.jump started & service engine light came on..along with reduced engine power...the car is now shakkie. Got told it may need battery or new throttle or both. Dont really like when service tech...
My CAR are vibate and long I put gas to it it run find soon I get off the gas I here a knocking sound to my car do I have enough oil in my car
When finally engaged 1min approx , shifts normal all gears after 20km. Will climb steep grade at 20km with no slip. Replaced both shift and pressure soleniods, filter and fluid 6 . Still- reverse engage and full torqu...
It seems to be a common problem for these cars. I know there is a recall for the 2009 model. I only have 39,400 miles on the car. Seems they should last longer than that.
If an hhr does not need a tune up only follow maintance why replace spark plugs. Isnt that included in a tune up
steering wheel vibrates when I hit the brakes, just had brakes replaced as mechanic claimed that was the reason for the vibration of the steering wheel.
Is there a diagnostic code that I can look at that would fix this problem?
The gauge works, then goes off, then comes back on intermittently.
does this need cleaned? The a/c does not work if the coolant temp gauge is not working.
Is this on the fender well or on the engine somewhere?
Power steering light goes on and power steering fails
Neither front nor rear window washers worked. Took it to mechanic and he fixed front (evidently forgot to check back) and said it simply needed plugged in. How do you "plug in" the rear window washer?
What's the fastest way to change the water pump
If it slipped is it cheaper? If it was thrown and caused other issues, what is the extreme high side of the repair.
it does it all the time starts @ 15 mph and gets louder as i go muffler is not loud at all i can reve the motor verry quit,i can put in neutral when driving fast and reve it and still quit,it does not get lo...
Also see intermittent check engine light with no symptoms, used OBD II and found code 0350. Any ideas?
check charging system light comes on when driving
Can I print out MyCar's Repair History?
DTC P0013 Exhaust Camshaft Position (CMP) Acuator Solenoid Control Circuit. 77,000 miles and t/c light keeps coming on but will go off in time. But continues to come back on.
light came on two days ago and still on steady is that a serious problem are will go out the car run find anybody had this problem before thanks