Also I can be in the car alone the Passenger seat belt constantly chimes and air bag notification comes on?

It might be battery. When i turn on hi beams radio dies

Left lights on car dead so jumped started . Car started but power steering light and check engine light came on , speedometer not working and car wont shift out of 2nd gear ! Parked it and left it for bout 2 hrs and came back to try again and once again its dead and wont release key or even allow to turn key off !

also, the stereo won't come on and the key fob doesn't work .

It's under warranty should I just bring it to a Chevy dealer and let them handle it?

when starting engine when after sitting for a long pereiod of time engine start just fine, but after engine has beens shut down after becoming warmed up it only seems to be running on only two cylinders when restarted. it has a 2.2 engine.

Driver door lock does not disengage, when i put it in drive it will engage .

It doesn't happen every time. The shifter button only goes in half way. I need to know if it could be the brake pedal sensor or the shifter itself.
Happens more often when the weather is cooler. I think this has nothing to do with it, but my daughter insisted that I mention it.
Your opinion or recommendation will be much appreciated.

Bought the car from my dad and this happened to him also. He took it in and they couldn't find a solution.
The rear tail lights will come on without pushing on the brakes and then when I do press lightly on the breaks they won't come on. If I apply the brakes hard the break light will come on. Often when this occurs the traction control light comes on also. This is a random problem and it's been difficult for the mechanics to find the problem. Is this a short in the wiring? And if the mechanics can't fix it am I still responsible a bill???

this car 2007 chevy hhr has had a bump the light was on when i got the car 'i was told to unplug the module a few time's and the light would go off is this safe to do?

Under the gear shift sounds like a hole in the Muffler, is that where the catalytic converter is? Or is this a Muffler issue?

Go to put in gear and tc light comes on shift hard what could be the problem?

lately I use a little more gas,Autozone said it is the crankshaft position sensor, the shop told me it is the crankshaft itself and they are still looking, so far my bill will be $1000 do they take advantage of an grandmother?

It only does it once in a while but even when I'm sitting at an incline it won't move. It only does it in reverse not drive. When it does finally back up it jumps really bad but then it's fine.

Can the power steering crack the panel box.

Electronic Stability Control

Should I buy or walk away?

Since the check air bag is on, I cannot the mileage, other features the car has? I just brought the car yesterday and the check air bag light will not go off. How do I correct this?

My hhr while driving put engine shutting down and turned off what couses this

I was in a head on collision at a decent speed, the front of my car was absolutely crushed but the rest of the car was fine, I only walked away with cuts and bruises. After I calmed down I looked to the back seat an noticed the folding seat that my sons car seat was strapped into was folded down like the latch had been pulled up. Upon further inspection I noticed that the latch had apparently broken during impact! This is a great cause for alarm for anyone driving with kids in the car. I was wondering if this has been reported before or what I can do to keep this from seriously hurting someone's child.

What could it be please someone help me

The problem started today

This car will start when and wire is ran from the starter wire but it will not start from the ignition. I checked all
fuses they were good, checked the starter relay it was good
what else could be the problem ?