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Towing a trailer about 6000 pounds at high way speeds
The dealer's service center recommended and changed our differential fluid for $95 and indicated that it should be serviced every 30,000 miles. I can't find anywhere where it says how ofter it should be changed.
My van started fine this cold day with in 5 min engine cutting in and out during warm up gages, lights flashed before stalled. tried to start engine cranked over and fired. Sat a few hours tried again in nuteral and r...
Doesn't happen all the time only after it sits overnight or a long period of time during the day.
At 40-50 MPH the steering wheel shakes bad and all steer linkage is tight
I have changed the bulbs in the rear driver side and also the top stop light above the cargo doors. when the car is in drive the driver side rear and front blinker flASH rapidly all appear to be working but the outsid...
drove the damn thing 3 days straight. and now it won t even make a clickin sound when i turn the key to get ignition. is this common???
it doesn t turn the starter at all. there s a light flashin in my dashboard and i believe that it has something to do with the vats system. it s a car with a keypadlock trough it i have no electronics or relearn stuf...
There is no heat and the fan doesn't work
PLEASE DONT ANSWER MY QUESTION WITH JUST A RECOMMENDATION,PLEASE LEAVE IT OPEN FOR SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE ABLE TO. I have codes p0453,p0340,and p1870,the fuel pump pressure is 60 psi with the motor running or just th...
At speeds of 10 to 20 miles an hour the motor surges up and down,I have codes p0340,p0453,and p1870,the fuel pump pressure is at 60psi when the motor is running or just with the key on,and stays ther when the key is t...
I use my van everyday for work with no issues. However this morning it snowed and I went out to let it warm-up. When I went down the road it was fine for about 3 miles when all of a sudden it lost power. The display ...
If I jump the starter solenoid with the ignition key in the on position it start up. After itnruns for a while it will crank with the ignition key, but if I let it set for a while I have to jump the starter solenoid a...
I also replaced the fuel filter,Ive had problems with burning up fuel pumps and stalling issues ,the stalling problem is ok now but i got the p0452 code ,any advice i have to have the van smogged soon?
Seemed to fixed problem but then started doing the same thing. Any ideas what to try next.
replaced ignition switch,electrical part
van looses power when is running hot meaning when u turn it off and stars againg
also does the same thing when backing in a steep drive way it happens intermittentley i can clear it out by revving the engine
Van jump when changing gear after being driven for a while an hot
Every time the van is started it revs really high and when it is put in gear it wants to take off without touching the the gas pedal.
The ingition module and coil has been replaced. The cycle is repeats, vehicle runs for 15 min then shut down. Need help and suggestions.
After sitting for an hour or two the van restarts, and the cycle is repeated; run for 15 min then sit for an hour or two then restarts. The ingnition module and the coil has been changed, and the problem is still occu...
it's a 2006 chevy express 2500 with a 4.8 liter it has ac
howling in the what sounds like rear end at lower speeds 35-55. If you let off the gas you don't here it. After you get up to 65 mph plus i don't hear it. Is this anything serious?
is it possiable to add a fuel gage in a 2000 2500 chev van?